Saturday, 14 November 2009

Bread Is Dangerous

   1.  More than 98 percent of convicted felons are bread users.
   2. Fully HALF of all children who grow up in bread-consuming households score below average on standardized tests.
   3. In the 18th century, when virtually all bread was baked in the home, the average life expectancy was less than 50 years; infant mortality rates were unacceptably high; many women died in childbirth; and diseases such as typhoid, yellow fever, and influenza ravaged whole nations
   4. More than 90 percent of violent crimes are committed within 24 hours of eating bread.
   5. Bread is made from a substance called "dough." It has been proven that as little as one pound of dough can be used to suffocate a mouse. The average North American eats more bread than that in one month!
   6. Primitive tribal societies that have no bread exhibit a low incidence of cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's disease, and osteoporosis.
   7. Bread has been proven to be addictive. Subjects deprived of bread and given only water to eat begged for bread after as little as two days.
   8. Bread is often a "gateway" food item, leading the user to "harder" items such as butter, jelly, peanut butter, and even cold cuts.
   9. Bread has been proven to absorb water. Since the human body is more than 90 percent water, it follows that eating bread could lead to your body being taken over by this absorptive food product, turning you into a soggy, gooey bread-pudding person.
  10. Newborn babies can choke on bread.
  11. Bread is baked at temperatures as high as 240 degrees Celsius! That kind of heat can kill an adult in less than one minute.
  12. Most bread eaters are utterly unable to distinguish between significant scientific fact and meaningless statistical babbling.

Universal Truths

Universal truths

1) Triangular sandwiches taste better than square ones.
2) At the end of every party there is always a girl crying.
3) One of the most awkward things that can happen in a pub is when your pint-to-toilet cycle gets synchronised with a complete stranger.
4) You've never quite sure whether it's ok to eat green crisps.
5) Everyone who grew up in the 80's has entered the digits 55378008 into a calculator.
6) Reading when you're drunk is horrible.
7) Sharpening a pencil with a knife makes you feel really manly.
8) You're never quite sure whether it's against the law or not to have a fire in your back garden.
10) Nobody ever dares make cup-a-soup in a bowl.
11) You never know where to look when eating a banana.
12) Its impossible to describe the smell of a wet cat.
13) Prodding a fire with a stick makes you feel manly.
14) Rummaging in an overgrown garden will always turn up a bouncy ball.
15) You always feel a bit scared when stroking horses.
16) Everyone always remembers the day a dog ran into your school.
17) The most embarrassing thing you can do as schoolchild is to call your teacher mum or dad.
18) The smaller the monkey the more it looks like it would kill you at the
first given opportunity.
19) Some days you see lots of people on crutches.
20) Every bloke has at some stage while taking a pee flushed half way through and then raced against the flush.
21) Old women with mobile phones look wrong!
22) Its impossible to look cool whilst picking up a Frisbee.
23) Driving through a tunnel makes you feel excited.
24) You never ever run out of salt.
25) Old ladies can eat more than you think.
26) You can't respect a man who carries a dog.
27) There's no panic like the panic you momentarily feel when you've got your hand or head stuck in something.
28) No one knows the origins of their metal coat hangers.
29) Despite constant warning, you have never met anybody who has had their arm broken by a swan.
30) The most painful household incident is wearing socks and stepping on an upturned plug.
31) People who don't drive slam car doors too hard
32) You've turned into your dad the day you put aside a thin piece of wood
specifically to stir paint with.
33) Everyone had an uncle who tried to steal their nose.
34) Bricks are horrible to carry.
35) In every plate of chips there is a bad chip.

Steven Wright.........

    * "Did you sleep good?" "No, I made a couple of mistakes."
    * "So, do you live around here often?"
    * A cop stopped me for speeding. He said, "Why were you going so fast?" I said, "See this thing my foot is on? It's called an accelerator. When you push down on it, it sends more gas to the engine. The whole car just takes right off. And see this thing? This steers it."
    * A fool and his money are soon partying.
    * A friend of mine once sent me a post card with a picture of the entire planet Earth taken from space. On the back it said, "Wish you were here."
    * A while ago, I left my apartment building and walked my dog... on the ledge. A lot of people are afraid of heights. Not me, I'm afraid of widths.
    * About a year ago, my girlfriend was on the pill, wearing a diaphragm, and an IUD all at once. Recently, she had a baby; baby was born wearing armor.
    * After they make styrofoam, what do they ship it in?
    * All of the people in my building are insane. The guy above me designs synthetic hairballs for ceramic cats. The lady across the hall tried to rob a department store...with a pricing gun. She said, "Give me all of the money in the vault, or I'm marking down everything in the store."
    * All the plants in my house are dead---I shot them last night. I was teasing them by watering them with ice cubes.
    * Bills travel through the mail at twice the speed of checks.
    * Boycott shampoo! Demand the REAL poo!
    * Cross country skiing is great if you live in a small country.
    * Curiosity killed the cat, but for a while I was a suspect.
    * Do you think when they asked George Washington for his ID, he just pulled out a quarter?
    * Doing a little work around the house. I put fake brick wallpaper over a real brick wall, just so I'd be the only one who knew. People come over and I'm gonna say, "Go ahead, touch feels real."
    * For a while I didn't have a car...I had a place to park it, so I just tied it to a lamp post and left it running...[slow glance upward]
    * For my birthday I got a humidifier and a de-humidifier...I put them in the same room and let them fight it out...then I put wax in the my room's all shiny.
    * George is a radio announcer, and when he walks under a bridge you can't hear him talk.
    * I bought a dog the other day...I named him Stay. It's fun to call him... "Come here, Stay! Come here, Stay!" He's much smarter now... Now when I call him he just ignores me and keeps on typing.
    * I bought a house, on a one-way dead-end road; I don't know how I got there, but I can't leave.
    * I bought a self-learning record to learn Spanish. I turned it on and went to sleep; the record had a skip. The next day I could only stutter in Spanish.
    * I bought my brother some gift-wrap for Christmas. I took it to the Gift Wrap department and told them to wrap it, but in a different print so he would know when to stop unwrapping.
    * I bought one of those little glass ball things with the snow in it... Mine's a bit different, though. Mine has a little plow that comes out and does the roads.
    * (a few minutes later) I bought one of those little glass ball things with the snow in it... Just checking.
    * I broke a mirror in my house. I'm supposed to get seven years of bad luck, but my lawyer thinks he can get me five.
    * I broke my arm trying to fold a bed. It wasn't the kind that folds.
    * I can levitate birds. No one cares.
    * I can remember the first time I had to go to sleep. Mom said, "Steven, time to go to sleep." I said, "But I don't know how." She said, "It's real easy. Just go down to the end of tired and hang a right." So I went down to the end of tired, and just out of curiosity I hung a left. My mother was there, and she said "I thought I told you to go to sleep."
    * I didn't get a toy train like the other kids. I got a toy subway instead. You couldn't see anything, but every now and then you'd hear this rumbling noise go by.
    * I don't have to walk my dog anymore. I walked him all at once.
    * I don't like the sound of my phone ringing so I put my phone inside my fish tank. I can't hear it, but every time I get a call I see the fish go like this <<<>>><<>><<<<. I go down to the pet store -- "Gimme another ten guppies, I got a lotta calls yesterday."
    * I feel like I'm diagonally parked in a parallel universe.
    * I got a new shadow. I had to get rid of the other one—it wasn't doing what I was doing.
    * I got food poisoning today. I don't know when I'll use it.
    * I got my driver's license photo taken out of focus on purpose. Now when I get pulled over the cop looks at it (moving it nearer and farther, trying to see it clearly)...and says, "Here, you can go."
    * I got up one morning, couldn't find my socks, so I called Information. She said, "Hello, Information." I said, "I can't find my socks." She said, "They're behind the couch." And they were!
    * I had a friend who was a clown. When he died, all his friends went to the funeral in one car.
    * I had some eyeglasses. I was walking down the street when suddenly the prescription ran out.
    * I had to stop driving my car for a while. The tires got dizzy.
    * I hate when my foot falls asleep during the day because that means it's going to be up all night.
    * I have a box of powdered water. I never know what to add.
    * I have a decaffeinated coffee table. You'd never know it to look at it.
    * I have an answering machine in my car. It says, "I'm home now. But leave a message and I'll call when I'm out."
    * I have the oldest typewriter in the world. It types in pencil.
    * I have two very rare photographs. One is a picture of Houdini locking his keys in his car. The other is a rare photograph of Norman Rockwell beating up a child.
    * I hooked up my accelerator pedal in my car to my brake lights. I hit the gas, people behind me stop, and I'm gone.
    * I installed a skylight in my apartment. The people who live above me are furious!
    * I invented the cordless extension cord.
    * I just lost a buttonhole. [while looking at stage floor]
    * I know a man who is a midget dwarf, he's this tall. [holding his thumb and forefinger three inches apart] He poses for trophies.
    * I like candy canes; they're my favorite candy. But I only like the white part.
    * I like to go to art museums and name the untitled paintings...Boy With Pail... Kitten On Fire.
    * I like to reminisce with people I don't know.
    * I like to skate on the other side of the ice.
    * I locked my keys in the car the other day. But it was alright; I was still inside.
    * I met this wonderful girl at Macy's. She was buying clothes and I was putting Slinkies on the escalator.
    * I mix my water myself—two parts H and one part O.
    * I once locked my keys out of my car. I had to break out of my car with a coat hanger.
    * I play the harmonica. The only way I can play is if I get my car going really fast, and stick it out the window. I put a new engine in my car, but forgot to take the old one out. Now my car goes 500 miles per hour. The harmonica sounds *amazing*.
    * I plugged my phone in where the blender used to be. I called someone. They went "Aaaaahhhh..."
    * I put contact lenses in my dog's eyes. They had little pictures of cats on them. Then I took one out and he ran around in circles.
    * I put hardwood floors on top of wall-to-wall carpet.
    * I put my air conditioner in backwards. It got cold outside. The weatherman on TV was confused. "It was supposed to be hot today."
    * I recently got a new camera. It's so advanced, you don't even need it.
    * I replaced the headlights in my car with strobe lights, so it looks like I'm the only one moving.
    * I saw a bank that said "24 Hour Banking", but I don't have that much time.
    * I saw a friend recently. He asked why I hadn't called him. I told him I can't call everyone I want because my new phone has no 5 on it. He asked me how long I had had the phone, but I couldn't tell him because my calendar has no sevens on it.
    * I saw a man with a wooden leg, and a real foot.
    * I saw a sign: "Rest Area 25 Miles". That's pretty big. Some people must be really tired.
    * I saw a small bottle of cologne and asked if it was for sale. She said, "It's free with purchase." I asked her if anyone bought anything today.
    * I spilled spot remover on my dog. Now he's gone.
    * I stayed up all night playing poker with Tarot cards. I got a full house and seven people died.
    * I tried to hang myself with bungee cord. I kept almost dying.
    * I used to work at a factory where they made hydrants; but you couldn't park anywhere near the place.
    * I want to get a full body tattoo of myself, only bigger.
    * I was arrested for lip-syncing karaoke.
    * I was arrested for selling illegal-sized paper.
    * I was born by Caesarean section, but you really can't tell... except that when I leave my house, I always go out the window...
    * I was cleaning out my closet and I found this old bathing suit I'd made out of sponges. I remember when I wore it to the pool. Then I left, and no one could go swimming until I came back.
    * I was going 70 miles an hour and got stopped by a cop who said, "Do you know the speed limit is 55 miles per hour?" "Yes, officer, but I wasn't going to be out that long..."
    * I was going to tape some records onto a cassette, but I got the wires backwards. I erased all of the records. When I returned them to my friend, he said, "Hey, these records are all blank."
    * I was in a job interview and I opened a book and started reading. Then I said to the guy, "Let me ask you a question. If you are in a car that is traveling at the speed of light, and you turn on the headlights, does anything happen?" He said, "I don't know." I said, "I don't think I want to work for you."
    * I was in the first submarine. Instead of a periscope, they had a kaleidoscope. "We're surrounded."
    * I was once arrested for walking in someone else's sleep.
    * I was reading the dictionary; I thought it was a poem about everything.
    * I was sad because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet. So I said, "Got any shoes you're not using?"
    * I was trying to daydream, but my mind kept wandering.
    * I watched the Indy 500, and I was thinking that if they left earlier they wouldn't have to go so fast.
    * I went camping and borrowed a circus tent by mistake. I didn't notice until I got it set up. People complained because they couldn't see the lake.
    * I went into this bar and sat down next to a pretty girl. She looked at me and said, "Hey, you have two different colored socks on." I said, "Yeah, I know, but to me they're the same because I go by thickness."
    * I went to a garage sale. "How much for the garage?" "It's not for sale."
    * I went to a general store, but they wouldn't let me buy anything specific.
    * I went to a restaurant that serves "breakfast at any time." So I ordered French Toast during the Renaissance.
    * I went to court for a parking ticket. I pleaded insanity. I said, "Your honor, why would anyone in their right mind park in the passing lane?"
    * I went to the museum where they had all the heads and arms from the statues that are in all the other museums.
    * I went to this restaurant last night that was set up like a big buffet in the shape of an Ouija board. You'd think about what kind of food you want, and the table would move across the floor to it.
    * I wish, when I was born, the first thing I said was "Quote" so the last thing I said before I died would be "Unquote."
    * I woke up one day and everything in the apartment had been stolen and replaced with an exact replica. I said to my roommate "Can you believe this? Everything in the apartment has been stolen and replaced with an exact replica." He said, "Do I know you?"
    * I worked as a parking attendant at Logan Airport, I parked jets. They had to let me go though because I kept locking the keys in them. One day I was on an 86 foot stepladder trying to get in the window with a coat hanger.
    * I worked in a health food store once. A guy came in and asked me, "If I melt dry ice, can I take a bath without getting wet?"
    * I wrote a few children's books...not on purpose.
    * I wrote a song, but I can't read music so I don't know what it is. Every once in a while I'll be listening to the radio and I say, "I think I might have written that."
    * I'm a very difficult size to shop for; I'm an extra-medium.
    * I'm going to court next week. I've been selected for jury duty. It's kind of an insane case -- 6000 ants dressed up as rice and robbed a Chinese restaurant. I don't think they did it.
    * I'm moving to Mars next week, so if you have any boxes...
    * I'm writing a book. I've got the page numbers done, so now I just have to fill in the rest.
    * I'm writing an unauthorized autobiography. When it's finished I'm going to sue myself.
    * Imagine how deep the sea would be if there weren't any sponges.
    * In my new house there's a switch on the wall that doesn't do anything, so for fun I'd just flick it up and down, over and over. Then one day I got a letter from a woman in Germany. It just said, "Cut it out."
    * I've been doing a lot of abstract painting lately, extremely abstract. No brush, no paint, no canvas. I just think about it.
    * I've been getting into astronomy, so I installed a skylight. The people that live above me are furious.
    * It's a small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it...
    * Last year I went fishing with Salvador Dali. He was using a dotted line. He caught every other fish.
    * Last year me and my friend George drove across the country. We switched every half mile. We only had one cassette tape to listen to on the entire trip...I can't remember what it was.
    * Lots of comedians have people they try to mimic. I mimic my shadow.
    * Many people quit looking for work when they find a job.
    * I like my dental hygienist. I think she's very pretty. So when I'm waiting in her office I eat an entire bag of Oreo cookies. Sometimes she has to cancel all her other appointments.
    * My father was never proud of me. One day he asked me, "How old are you?" I said, "I'm five." He said, "When I was your age, I was six."
    * My friend has a baby. I'm writing down all the noises he makes so later I can ask him what he meant.
    * My girlfriend does her nails with white-out. When she's asleep, I go over there and write misspelled words on them.
    * My grandfather gave me a watch. It doesn't have any hands or numbers. He says it's very accurate. I asked him what time it was. You can guess what he told me.
    * My house is made out of balsa wood. When no one is home across the street, except the little kids, I go out and lift my house up over my head. I tell them to stay out of my yard or I'll throw it at them.
    * My house is on the median strip of a highway. You don't really notice, except I have to leave the driveway doing 60 MPH.
    * My uncle was a clown for Ringling Bros. Circus, and when he died, all his friends came in one car.
    * My VCR flashes 01:35, 01:35, 01:35, ...
    * Next week I'm going to have an MRI to find out if I have claustrophobia.
    * OK, so what's the speed of dark?
    * On the other hand, you have different fingers.
    * One day I put instant coffee in my microwave oven and almost went back in time.
    * One time a cop pulled me over for running a stop sign. He said, "Didn't you see the stop sign?" I said, "Yeah, but I don't believe everything I read."
    * One time I woke up in the middle of the night and I was hungry. I went to the convenience store and noticed it was closed. The sign said "Open 24 hours" and there was a guy locking the door. I said "Hey, your sign says you're open 24 hours." He said, "Not in a row!"
    * One time the power went out in my house and I had to use the flash on my camera to see my way around. I made a sandwich and took fifty pictures of my face. My neighbors called the police. They thought there was lightning in my house.
    * Right now I'm having amnesia and déjà vu at the same time. I think I've forgotten this before.
    * The ice cream truck in my neighborhood plays Helter Skelter
    * The other day I bought a decaffeinated coffee table.
    * The other day I was arrested for scalping low numbers at the deli.
    * The other day when I was walking through the woods, I saw a rabbit standing in front of a candle making shadows of people on a tree.
    * The other day, I was walking my dog around my building...on the ledge.
    * The other night I came home late, and tried to unlock my apartment door with my car keys. So the building started up... So, I drove it around for a while. I guess I was speeding, and a cop pulled me over. He asked me where I lived. I said, "right here, officer." Later, I parked it on the freeway, got out, and yelled at all the cars, "Get out of my driveway!"
    * The severity of the itch is proportional to the reach.
    * There was a power outage at a department store yesterday. Twenty people were trapped on the escalators.
    * There's a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore looking like an idiot.
    * There's a pizza place near where I live that sells only slices. In the back you can see a guy tossing a triangle in the air.
    * They say we're 98% water. We're that close to drowning...[picks up his glass of water from the stool]...I like to live on the edge...
    * This isn't all true.
    * Tinsel is really snake mirrors.
    * Today I dialed a wrong number... The other person said, "Hello?" and I said, "Hello, could I speak to Joey?"... They said, "Uh... I don't think so...he's only 2 months old." I said, "I'll wait."
    * Today I met with a subliminal advertising executive for just a second.
    * Two babies were born on the same day at the same hospital. They lay there and looked at each other. Their families came and took them away. Eighty years later, by a bizarre coincidence, they lay in the same hospital, on their deathbeds, next to each other. One of them looked at the other and said, "So. What did you think?"
    * When I get real bored, I like to drive downtown and get a great parking spot, then sit in my car and count how many people ask me if I'm leaving.
    * When I turned two I was really anxious, because I'd doubled my age in a year. I thought, if this keeps up, by the time I'm six I'll be ninety.
    * When I was a fetus, I used to sneak out at night when my mother was sleeping. I figured I should start stealing stuff while I still had no fingerprints.
    * When I was a little kid we had a sand box. It was a quicksand box. I was an only child... eventually.
    * When I was crossing the border into Canada, they asked if I had any firearms with me. I said, "Well, what do you need?"
    * When I was in school the teachers told me practice makes perfect; then they told me nobody's perfect so I stopped practicing.
    * Winnie and I lived in a house that ran on static electricity...If you wanted to run the blender, you had to rub balloons on your head. If you wanted to cook, you had to pull off a sweater real quick.
    * Yesterday I parked my car in a tow-away zone...when I came back the entire area was missing.
    * You know how it is when you're walking up the stairs, and you get to the top, and you think there's one more step? I'm like that all the time.
    * You know that feeling when you're leaning back in a chair, and then you lean back too far and start to fall and just at the last second you catch yourself? I feel like that all the time.
    * You never really learn to swear until you learn to drive.
    * (In his usual dry, monotone voice) "Thanks."
    * The Bermuda Triangle got tired of warm weather. It moved to Alaska. Now Santa Claus is missing.
    * If you're going to shoot a mime, do you use a silencer?
    * My friend Sally is a nudist. I went over to her house. There were no doors on the closets. The walls were covered with see-through wallpaper.
    * Sally plays strip-poker. Every time she loses she has to put on a piece of clothing.

Sarcastic Quotes For Everyday Use

1. I can see your point, but I still think you’re full of shit.
2. I don’t know what your problem is, but I’ll bet it’s hard to pronounce.
3. How about never? Is never good for you?
4. I see you’ve set aside this special time to humiliate yourself in public.
5. I’m really easy to get along with once you people learn to see it my way.
6. I’ll try being nicer if you’ll try being smarter.
7. I’m out of my mind, but feel free to leave a message.
8. I don’t work here. I’m a consultant.
9. It sounds like English, but I can’t understand a damn word you’re saying.
10. Ahhhh .. I see the screw-up fairy has visited us again.
11. I like you. You remind me of myself when I was young and stupid.
12. You are validating my inherent mistrust of strangers.
13. I have plenty of talent and vision; I just don’t give a damn.
14. I’m already visualizing the duct tape over your mouth.
15. I will always cherish the initial misconceptions I had about you.
16. Thank you. We’re all refreshed and challenged by your unique point of view.
17. The fact that no one understands you doesn’t mean you’re an artist.
18. Any connections between your reality and mine is purely coincidental.
19. What am I? Flypaper for freaks?!
20. I’m not being rude. You’re just insignificant.
21. It’s a thankless job, but I’ve got a lot of Karma to burn off
22. Yes, I am an agent of Satan, but my duties are largely ceremonial.
23. And your crybaby whiny-assed opinion would be?
24. Do I look like a people person?
25. This isn’t an office. It’s Hell with fluorescent lighting.
26. I started out with nothing and I still have most of it left.
27. Sarcasm is just one service we offer.
28. If I throw a stick, will you leave?
29. Errors have been made. Others will be blamed.
30. Whatever kind of look you were going for, you missed.
31. I’m trying to imagine you with a personality.
32. A cubicle is just a padded cell without a door.
33. Can I trade this job for what’s behind door #1?
34. Too many freaks, not enough circuses.
35. Nice perfume. Must you marinate in it?
36. Chaos, panic and disorder…my work here is done.
37. How do I set a laser printer to stun?
38. I thought I wanted a career; turns out I just wanted a salary.
39. Who lit the fuse on your tampon?
40. Oh, I get it…like humor…but different.

Sound Familiar ?

Jesus / Horus

1. Both were conceived of a virgin.

2. Both were the "only begotten son" of a god (either Osiris or Yahweh)

3. Horus's mother was Meri, Jesus's mother was Mary.

4. Horus's foster father was called Jo-Seph, and Jesus's foster father was Joseph.

5. Both foster fathers were of royal descent.

6. Both were born in a cave (although sometimes Jesus is said to have been born in a stable).

7. Both had their coming announced to their mother by an angel.

8. Horus; birth was heralded by the star Sirius (the morning star). Jesus had his birth heralded by a star in the East (the sun rises in the East).

9. Ancient Egyptians celebrated the birth of Horus on December 21 (the Winter Solstice). Modern Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus on December 25.

10. Both births were announced by angels (this si nto the same as number 7).

11. Both had shepherds witnessing the birth.

12. Horus was visited at birth by "three solar deities" and Jesus was visited by "three wise men".

13. After the birth of Horus, Herut tried to have Horus murdered. After the birth of Jesus, Herod tried to have Jesus murdered.

14. To hide from Herut, the god That tells Isis, "Come, thou goddess Isis, hide thyself with thy child." To hide from Herod, an angel tells Joseph to "arise and take the young child and his mother and flee into Egypt."

15. When Horus came of age, he had a special ritual where hsi eye was restored. When Jesus (and other Jews) come of age, they have a special ritual called a Bar Mitzvah.

16. Both Horus and Jesus were 12 at this coming-of-age ritual.

17. Neither have any official recorded life histories between the ages of 12 and 30.

18. Horus was baptized in the river Eridanus. Jesus was baptized in the river Jordan.

19. Both were baptized at age 30.

20. Horus was baptized by Anup the Baptizer. Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist.

21. Both Anup and John were later beheaded.

22. Horus was taken from the desert of Amenta up a high mountain to be tempted by his arch-rival Set. Jesus was taken from the desert in Palestine up a high mountain to be tempted by his arch-rival Satan.

23. Both Horus and Jesus successfully resist this temptation.

24. Both have 12 disciples.

25. Both walked on water, cast out demons, healed the sick, and restored sight to the blind.

26. Horus "stilled the sea by his power." Jesus commanded the sea to be still by saying, "Peace, be still."

27. Horus raised his dead father (Osiris) from the grave. Jesus raised Lazarus from the grave. (Note the similarity in names when you say them out loud. Further, Osiris was also known as Asar, which is El-Asar in Hebrew, which is El-Asarus in Latin.)

28. Osiris was raised in the town of Anu. Lazarus was raised in Bethanu (literally, "house of Anu").

29. Both gods delivered a Sermon on the Mount.

30. Both were crucified.

31. Both were crucified next to two thieves.

32. Both were buried in a tomb.

33. Horus was sent to Hell and resurrected in 3 days. Jesus was sent to Hell and came back "three days" later (although Friday night to Sunday morning is hardly three days).

34. Both had their resurrection announced by women.

35. Both are supposed to return for a 1000-year reign.

36. Horus is known as KRST, the anointed one. Jesus was known as the Christ (which means "anointed one").

37. Both Jesus and Horus have been called the good shepherd, the lamb of God, the bread of life, the son of man, the Word, the fisher, and the winnower.

38. Both are associated with the zodiac sign of Pisces (the fish).

39. Both are associated with the symbols of the fish, the beetle, the vine, and the shepherd's crook.

40. Horus was born in Anu ("the place of bread") and Jesus was born in Bethlehem ("the house of bread").

41. "The infant Horus was carried out of Egypt to escape the wrath of Typhon. The infant Jesus was carried into Egypt to escape the wrath of Herod. Concerning the infant Jesus, the New Testament states the following prophecy: 'Out of Egypt have I called my son.'" (See Point 13)

42. Both were transfigured on the mount.

43. The catacombs of Rome have pictures of the infant Horus being held by his mother, not unlike the modern-day images of "Madonna and Child."

44. Noted English author C. W. King says that both Isis and Mary are called "Immaculate".

45. Horus says: "Osiris, I am your son, come to glorify your soul, and to give you even more power." And Jesus says: "Now is the Son of Man glorified and God is glorified in him. If God is glorified in him, God will glorify the Son in himself, and will glorify him at once."

46. Horus was identified with the Tau (cross).

How Many Gods Does It Take.........

A, Goddess of the moon Babylon/Chaldea
A'as, God of wisdom Babylon/Hittite/Hurrian
A'ra, Local god Arabic
A-a, Goddess of the sun Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Semitic
Aa Maakhuer, Lion god of truthful speech Egypt
Aabit, Goddess of song Egypt
Aaghu Gugu, Goddess of the of the dawn Cherokee
Aah, God of the moon of Memphis. Egypt
Aahmes Nefertari, Protector/punisher of humans elevated to goddesshood Egypt
Aakuluujjusi, Creator mother Inuit
Aasith, Goddess of the hunt, war, and the desert Egypt/Syria
Aataentsic, Goddess Iroquois
Aatxe, Evil spirit capable of assuming human form Basque
Ab Kin Xoc, God of war Mayan
Aba khatun Baikal, Goddess of the sea Siberia
Abaangui, God whose huge nose became the moon Guarani
Abaasy, Netherworld beings Yakut
Abaddon, Chief of the demons of the 7th hierarchy Hebrew/Christian
Abandinus, God known only by inscription Roman/Celtic/British
Abarta, God of the Tuatha De Danann Ireland
Abassi, Creator of the world Efik
Abat[t]ur, It weighs souls and/or their deeds Mandaean
Abeguwo, Rain goddess Melanesia/New Guinea
Abellio See Abello
Abello, God of apple trees Gaul
Abeona, Guardian goddess of children leaving home to go on their own Roman
Abere, Goddess of evil Melanesia
Abgal, Desert and tutelary god of the Bedouins Arabic
Abgal, Seven spirits who derived from the the Abzu Sumeria
Abhijit, Benevolent astral deity and goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic
Abhijnaraja, Physician god and medicine Buddha Buddhist/Tibet
Abhiyoga, Generic name of the servile gods Jain
Abira, Creator Antioquia
Abnona, Goddess of the Black Forest Gaul
Abondia See Habondia
Abora, Supreme Being who sat in heaven and caused the stars to move Palma Is./Canary Is.
Abowie, Goddess of healing and sterility Ghana
Abraxas, Occult theonym; this god has the torso and arms of a man, head of a rooster and serpent legs Greek/Oriental
Abraxis See Abraxas
Abrsax See Abraxas
Abu, God of vegetation Sumeria
Abuk, Patron goddess of women and gardens Dinka
Abunciada See Habondia
Abundantia, Goddess of agriculture and abundance Roman
Abundita See Abundantia
Abziu, Primordial deity of underground water Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Acala, Protector of of teaching and defender of temples Buddhist/India
Acat, God of tattooists Mayan
Acatl See Omacatl
Acaum See Ah Can Cum
Acaviser, Goddess, one of the fates Etruscan
Acca, Goddess associated with Hercules Roman
Acca Larentia, Goddess of the earth and goddess of winter Roman/Etruscan
Accasbel, Most likely was an early god of wine or mead Ireland
Acchupta, Goddess of learning Jain
Acco, Goddess of evil Greek
Achelois, Goddess of the moon Greek
Achelous See Achlae
Achiyalatopa, Celestial giant monster with feathers of flint knives Zuni
Achlae, God of rivers of some standing in the community Greek
Achtland, Goddess of sex and magic Celtic
Acleloos See Achlae
Aclelous See Achlae
Aclla, Goddesses of war and virgins Inca/Quechua
Acna, Mother goddess Mayan
Acolmiztli, Minor chthonic underworld god Aztec
Acolnahuacatl, Minor chthonic underworld god Aztec
Acoran Gran Canary, Supreme Being who really really likes milk Canary Is.
Adad, God of wind, storm, flood and rain Mesopotamia/Babylonn
Adamanthea, Goddess of midwives Greek
Adamisil Wedo, Goddess of water Haiti
Adam[m]as, Parental godhead of the gnostic movement Nassenes
Adaro, God of the sea Melanesia/Polynesia
Addanc, Primordial giant/god Welsh
Adekagagwaa, Spirit of summer who rests during the winter in the south Iroquois
Adeona, Goddess of school children Roman
Adeos, Goddess of modesty Roman
Adhimukticarya, Minor goddess and deified Bhumis Buddhist/Vajrayana
Adibuddha, Primeval Buddha Buddhist
Adidharma, Primordial goddess Buddhist
Adikia, Goddess of injustice who is rather hard on the eyes Greek
Adimurti, Avatar of Vishnu Hindu
Aditi, Supreme creator of all that has been created Hindu
Adityas, Divine sons of Aditi, Varuna Aditya, Indra, Mitra, Rudra, Tvashtar and Vishnu Hindu
Adonis, God of nature Greek
Adonis, Dying and resurrected god who embodies vegetation scorched by the heat of the summer sunshine Syria/Phoenicia
Adrammelech, God to whom infants were burnt in sacrifice [only reference to the practice in the christian OT] Middle east
Adrastea, Goddess of war British
Adrasteia, Goddess of mountains who is the guardian of righteousness and avenges all wrongs Greek/Thrace/Trojan/Phrygian
Adro, Earthly god of grass fires Lugbara
Adroa, God who is an early version of Adro Africa
Adsullata, Goddess of hot springs British
Aea, Goddess of hunting Greek
Aeacoc, Chthonic underworld god and one of the 3 gods of Hades Roman/Greek
Aebhel, Goddess who is a faery [interesting story] Ireland
Aebhel Afekan, Creator goddess Melanesia/Guinea
Aed, Underworld god known only from inscription Celtic/Ireland
Aedos, Goddess of modesty Roman
Aega, Goddess of war Greek
Aegeria, Goddess of prophecy invoked by pregnant women Roman
Aegir, God of the ocean germanic
Aelus See Aiolos
Aengus, God of love, worshipped from about 500 BC/400 AD Celtic/Ireland
Aeolos, Custodian of the four winds Greek
Aequitas, Minor spirit of fair dealing from 300 BCE Roman
Aerfen See Aerten
Aericura, Underworld god known only from inscription Roman/Celtic
Aeron See Aerten
Aerten, Goddess of fate Welsh/Cornish
Aesculapius, God of healing and of medicine Roman/Greek
Aesculapius See Ascelpius
Aesir, Pantheon of the gods norse/germanic
Aesma Daeva, Demon of lust and anger who is ticked at the cow Persia
Aestas, Goddess of summer usually portrayed nude and adorned with garlands of grain Roman
Aesun, God whose name means to be Ireland
Aether, God representing pure air and light Greek
Aetna, Goddess of mountains Roman
Aeval See Aebhel
Aeval, Goddess of sexual relations and small size Celtic
Afekan, Creator goddess Melanesia/New Guinea
Afi, God of rain and thunderstorms who does not tolerate women using his name Abkhaz
Afreet, Unclean spirits Arabic
Ag'o, Worshipped by hunters Dahomean
Agaman Nibo, Goddess of the dead Haiti
Agamede, Goddess of healing Greek
Agas, Demon of illness, especially the eyes Iran
Agasaya, Goddess of war Semitic
Agathos Daimon, Good genius/guardian spirit Greek
Agbe See Aylekete
Age Fon, God of animals; revered by hunters Benin/Africa(west)
Agischanak, Goddess of the earth Tlingit/Alaska
Aglaia, Youngest of the three graces Greek
Aglibol, God of the moon Roman/Syria/Greek/Palmaryia
Agni, God of lightning, fire, and the sun and who also mediates between the gods and humans India
Agni Hindu, God of fire and guardian of homes Vedic
Agnikumara, Youthful appearing gods associated with rain and thunder Jain
Agnostos Theos, Unknown gods who were always worshipped as a group Greek
Agrona, Goddess of slaughter Welsh
Agrotera, Goddess of good health and hunting Greek
Agu'gux, Creator god who was claimed to be the Christian god under Russia Orthodox priests Aleut
Aguara, Fox god who gave the carob tree to the people Tunpa/Chiriguano
Agwe, Mother of the sea Benin
Agwe, Goddess manifestation of Yemanja Haiti/Vodun
Agwe, God of the ocean Vodun
Agweta, Goddess of the sea Haiti
Ah Bolom Tzacab, Agriculture god who controlled rain and thunder Mayan
Ah Bolon Dz'acab, Fertility god associated with rain and thunder Mayan
Ah Can Cum, Hunter god; protector of the animals Mayan
Ah Chun Caan, Deity of the city of Merida Mexico
Ah Chuy Kak, God of war Mayan
Ah Ciliz, God of solar eclipses Mayan
Ah Cun Can, God of war Mayan
Ah Hulneb, God of war Mayan
Ah Kin, God of the sun, who brings drought but protects man from the powers of evil associated with darkness Mayan
Ah Kin Xoc, God of poetry, a singer and musician Mayan
Ah Kinchil, God of war and the sun Mayan
Ah Kumix Unicob, Small attendant water gods Mayan
Ah Mun, God responsible for protecting the green maize Mayan
Ah Muzecab, Bee gods Mayan
Ah Patnar Uinicob, Large water gods Mayan
Ah Peku, Thunder god who lives on the tops of hills Mayan
Ah Puch, God of death Mayan
Ah Tabai, God of hunting Mayan
Ah Uaynih, Goddess of sleep, specifically males Guatemala
Ah Unicir Dz'acab, God of healing Mayan
Ah Uuc Ticab, Minor vegetation and fertility god Mayan
Ah Wink ir Masa, Nature goddess Guatemala
Aha, Female river spirit Yakut
Ahat, Cow goddess Egypt
Ahau Chamahez, One of two gods of medicine Mayan
Ahau Kin, Goddess of war Mayan
Ahemait, Underworld goddess who eats the souls of the unworthy Egypt
Aheramenmthoou, God of thunder, night, storms, wind, landslides and tidal waves Egypt
Ahladini-Sadini See Parvati
Ahmakiq, Agriculture god Mayan
Ahnt Alis Pok', Very small goddess, only 2 feet high Mexico
Ahnt kai, Goddess of women and children Mexico
Ahone, Supreme deity who was indifferent to worship Virginia
Ahriman, Supreme evil spirit and lord of the darkness and death Zoroastrian
Ahsonnutli, Chief god Navaho
Ahti, Goddess of evil Egypt
Ahuic, Goddess of all running water Aztec
Ahulane, God of war Mayan
Ahura Mazda, Supreme god Persia
Ahurani, Goddess of rain and water Persia
Ai Ada, God of the moon Turkey
Ai Apec Mochica, Supreme god who rules the destinies of the world Peru
Ai Tojon, God who created all light Yakut
Ai Tupua'i, Goddess of healing and of war Polynesia
Aiakos, God of the underworld Greek
Aialila'axa, Goddess of the moon Mexico
Aiaru, Goddess who predicts death Polynesia
Aibell, Goddess of Munster Ireland
Aibheaeg, Goddess of fire and toothaches Ireland
Aida Wedo, Goddess of the rainbow and fresh water Benin/Haiti
Aidin, Goddess of love and sexuality Celtic
Aido Wedo, Goddess of fire Haiti
Aife, Goddess and queen of the Isle of shadow Ireland/Scotland
Aige, Goddess of water and bays Ireland
Aijo, Goddess of evil Estonia
Ailsie, Goddess of water and pools Cherokee
Aimend, Goddess of the sun Ireland/Scotland
Ain, Goddess of war, fertility, love and Midsummer Lair Derg Ireland
Aine See Ain
Aine of Knockaine, Goddess of the moon who was connected with the Summer Solstice Ireland
Aino, Goddess of justice Finnish
Aiolos, Ruler of the winds Greek
Airmid, Goddess of all healing arts and witchcraft Ireland
Airsekui, Great spirit Huron
Airyaman, God of social bonds, contracts, and marriage who at the end of time will fish souls of the the temporarily damned called a Hell by using a net Persia
Aisha, Goddess of water Arabic
Aisha Qandisha, Goddess of sexual activity Morocco
Aittsamka Bella, Goddess of teaching Coola
Aitu, Lower order of the gods Samoa
Aitvaras, Brave and loving demon who will bring good fortune to your home when well fed and treated kindly Prussia
Aius Locutius, God supposed to have given warning of the approach of the Gauls 391 B.C. Roman
Aizen-Myoo, Deity who is full of compassion for mankind Buddhist
Aizen-Myoo, God of tavern keepers, musicians, singers, prostitutes and love Japan
Aja, Dawn goddess Babylon
Aja, Goddess of healing, herbs and of knowledge Yoruba
Ajalamo Yoruba, God of fetuses Africa(west)/Nigeria
Ajatar, Goddess of evil Finnish
Ajaya, Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Ajbit, God who helped create people [13 were involved] Mayan
Aje, Goddess of wealth in all its forms Yoruba
Aji Suki Taka Hi Kone, God of thunder Japan
Ajok, Chief god Louko
Ajtzak, God who helped create people Mayan
Ajysyt Yakut, Goddess of healing and birth Siberia
Aka, Mother goddess Turkey
Akasagarbha, Bodhisattva and the personification of supreme knowledge of the absolute void Buddhist/India
Akelos, God of rivers Greek
Aken, Underworld god and keeper of the underworld ferryboat Egypt
Aker, God of the earth who guards in the entrance to the underworld Egypt
Akerbeltz, Avatar of the god Mari Basque
Akert khentet auset[s], Book of the dead deity Egypt
Akeru, Pluralistic earth gods Egypt
Akewa, Sun and war goddess Toba
Akhushtal, Goddess of childbirth Mayan
Akkadia See Isara Mesopotamia
Akkadia See Sulman[u] Mesopotamia
Akna See Acna
Akonadi, Oracle goddess of justice Ghana
Akongo, Supreme and creator god Ngombe
Akras Karelian See Egres
Aksayajnana-Karmanda, One of the 12 Dharnis and the deification of literature Buddhist
Aksobhya, Dhyani-Buddha Buddhist
Aktunowihio, Soul of the earth and a subterranean spirit. Cheyenne
Akuj Akuj, Chief deity Africa
Akusaa, Goddess of war and sunset Egypt
Akycha, Goddess of war Alaska
Akycha, God of the sun Inuit
Al Kahdir N. See Kahdir
Al Lat, Goddess of fertility, procreation and the earth Arabic
Al Shua, Goddess of Ursa Major India
Al Uzza, Goddess of the dawn Arabic
Ala, Goddess of fertility, morality and of justice Nigeria
Ala Ibo, Goddess of the earth in its dual aspect of fertility and death Nigeria
Ala Muki, Goddess of rivers who takes the form of a dragon Polynesia
Alaaye See Olodumare
Alaghom Naom Tzentel, Goddess of thought and intellect Mayan
Alaisiagae, Minor goddess Roman/Celtic/British
Alako, Sent to the earth as a human to reveal the secret laws and a band of lore of the the gypsies, he stayed over in a the moon Norway/Gypsy
Alalahe, Goddess of love Polynesia
Alalu Ossetian, Spirit of smallpox and protects women Caucasus
Alalus, First heavenly King who lasted for 9 years Hurrian
Alastor, Mortal who became a minor spirit who avenged evil deeds and demanded vengeance for crimes Greek
Alat, Astral goddess Arabic
Alatangana Kono, One of the two creator deities, this god created land from swamp Africa(west)/Guinea
Alaunus, Local name for Mecurius from the Mannheim area Celtic
Alauwaimis, Demon who drives away evil and sickness Hittite
Albasta, Goddess of evil Slavic
Albina, Dawn goddess and protector of ill fated lovers Etruscan
Alcis, Goddess of physical prowess and strength Greek
Alecto, One of the goddesses of vengeance Greek
Alecto of Eumenides, Goddess of justice Greek
Alectrona, Goddess of sun (daughter of the sun, really) Greek
Alemona, Goddess of fetuses Roman
Alephus, Minor river god Greek
Alfhild, Goddess of wrestling norse
Alfs, Minor race of gods germanic
Alignak, God of the moon, storms, earthquakes and tides Inuit
Alii Menehune, Chief of the Little People Hawaii
Alisanos, God of stones Gaul
Alk'unta'm Bella, God of the sun Coola
Alkonost, Goddess of the land of the dead and justice Russia
Allah, God Middle east
Allatu[m], Underworld goddess Semitic(West)
Almaqah, Astral god Arabic
Almha, Goddess of the Tuatha De Danann Ireland
Almoshi, Goddess of healing and cattle Slavic
Aloadae, Giants, 54 ft.tall, who warred with the gods and lost Greek
Aloidae See Aloadae
Alom, Sky god who helped 6 other gods create the world Mayan
Alopurbi, Goddess of hunting India
Alpanu, Underworld goddess Etruscan
Alpheus, God of rivers who fell in love with a nymph and had a bad experience Greek
Alphito, White goddess Greek
Altan Telgey, Goddess of the earth Mongol
Altria, Ancient goddess of the earth Etruscan
Aluelp, No information Caroline Is.
Aluluei, God of knowledge Micronesia
Am-Heh, Underworld god and minor deity who lives in a lake of fire Egypt
Ama, Goddess of the dark and of the underworld Baikal/Siberia
Ama No Uzume, Goddess of persuasion Japan
Ama Terasu, Goddess of the sun, queen of the universe Japan
Ama-arhus, Goddess of fertility Babylon/Akkadia
Ama-Tsu-Mara, God of smiths Japan/Shinto
Amaethon, Agriculture god Celtic
Amagandar, Protective female spirits Siberia
Amakandu See Sakka[n]
Amalthea, Nymph of springs Greek
Amasagnul, Goddess of fertility Babylon/Akkadia
Amat-Ama-arhus See Ama-arhus
Amaterasu O-Mi-Kami, Goddess of war and the sun Japan/Shinto
Amaterasu Omikami See Amaterasu O-Mi-Kami
Amatsu Mikaboshi, God of evil Japan
Amaunet, Goddess of fertility Egypt
Amayicoyondi, Goddess of the sky Peru
Amba Dravidian, Goddess of the earth India
Amberella, Goddess of the ocean Baltic
Ambikas See Mataras
Ambisagrus, Weather deity British
Ame No Uzume, Goddess of fertility and happiness Japan
Ame-No-Kagase-Wo, Astral deity who had to be executed Japan/Shinto
Ame-No-Mi-Kumari-No-Kami, Goddess of water Japan/Shinto
Ame-No-Minaka-Nushi-No-Kami, Supreme god from about 600 CE till now Japan/Shinto
Ame-No-Tanabata-Hime-No-Mikoto, Goddess of weavers Japan/Shinto
Ame-No-Toko-Tachi-No-Kami, Primordial deity Japan/Shinto
Ame-Waka-Hiko, God who goofed and had to die Japan/Shinto
Amelenwa, Goddess of justice Africa
Amelia, Loa of Haiti Haiti/Vodun
Amen, Primordial creation deity Egypt
Amen See Ammon
Ament, Goddess who welcomes the dead to the afterworld Libya
Amesha, Gods without being gods and created without being creatures[6 in number] Spentas/Yazatas
Ami, God of fire Egypt
Amida, Primordial deity Buddhist/Japan
Amimitl, Minor god of fish hunters and lakes Aztec
Amitabha, Fourth Dhyanibuddha Buddhist/India
Amitolane, Rainbow spirit. Zuni
Amm, God of weather and the moon Arabic
Amma, Supreme god Dogon
Amma, Creator god with a novel story Dogon/Mali
Amma, Local god India/Dravidian/Tamil
Ammavaru, Primordial mother goddess Hindu/India/Dravidian
Ammit, Goddess who ate the hearts of unworthy souls Egypt
Ammon, God of air, wind, sun, reincarnation, war Egypt
Amn, Goddess of justice Egypt
Amogahasiddhi, Fifth meditation Buddha Buddhist
Amoghapasa, God Buddhist
Amon, God of agriculture, fertility and long life Egypt
Amor, God of love Roman
Amphion, God of music, could make building stones move by playing his lyre Greek
Amphitrite, Goddess of the sea Greek
Amponyinamoa, Goddess of long life Ghana
Amset See Imset
Amsu, God of fertility Egypt
Amun See Amon
Amun, Supreme creator god Egypt
Amunet, Goddess of mystery Egypt
Amurru, Minor mountain god Semitic(West)
Amymone, Goddess of springs Greek
An, God of the Underworld and chief deity Sumeria
An Zu, Goddess of chaos Assyria
Ana See Dana
Anael, Goddess of astral light Babylon
Anahita, Goddess of water and war Babylon/Egypt
Anahita, Goddess of fertility, semen and of water Persia
Anahita See Ardvi Sura Anahita
Anaitis, Goddess of fertility Persia
Anala, Attendant god Hindu/Puranic
Ananke, Omnipresent goddess of destiny Greek
Anann See Anu
Ananse, Creator of the sun, stars, day, moon and night who often intercedes between gods and mortals Ashanti
Ananta, Snake god; one of the seven snake deities Hindu/Puranic
Anantamukhi, One of the 12 Dharnis Buddhist
Anantesa, Minor deity and one of the eight Lords of of knowledge Hindu/Puranic
Anapel, Goddess who presides over birth and reincarnation Koryak
Anasuya, Goddess of wisdom Hindu
Anat, Warrior virgin, slayer of snakes, life and goddess of fertility Ugarit
Anat, Goddess of war, hunting and love Canaan
Anath See Anat
Anath, Goddess of love and war Phoenicia
Anatis, Goddess of the moon Egypt
Anatu, Goddess of the sky and ruler of the earth Mesopotamia
Anaulikutsai'x Bella, Goddess of rivers who oversees the salmon's cycle of life Coola
Anbay S., God of justice and an oracular source Arabic
Ancasta, Warrior Goddess British
Anceta, Goddess of healing Roman
Andarta, Goddess of fertility, most likely Celtic/Gaelic
Andjety, Underworld god of the ninth nome[district] Egypt
Andrasta Icene, Victory goddess British
Andriaahoabu, High Lady who descends to earth on a silver chain Madagascar
Andriam Vabi Rano, Goddess of water and lakes Africa
Androgyne, Man/woman deity Greek
Andromeda, Goddess of dreams Greek
Andvari, Dwarf who can turn himself into a fish norse
Anextiomarus, God linked with Apollo Roman/British
Angels, Messengers between the heaven and earth, with nine orders at present Christian/Jewish/Islam
Angerona, Goddess of anguish, secrecy, silence and the winter solstice Roman
Angina, Goddess of health, specifically of sore throats Roman
Angitia, Snake goddess Greek
Angitia, Early goddess of healing and witchcraft Roman
Angpetu Wi, God of the sun Lakota
Angru Mainya, Evil underworld god Persia
Angus, God of youth Celtic
Angus Mac Og, One of the Tuatha De Danaan Ireland
Angus Og, God of love Ireland
Anguta, God who lives under the sea and drags down the dead Inuit
Anhouri, Minor god Egypt
Anhur, God of war and hunting Egypt
Ani, Goddess of justice Africa
Anieros, Goddess of the earth Roman/Phrygian
Anila, One of the vasu; attendants to Vishnu Hindu/Puranic
Aningan, God of the moon, called Igaluk in Alaska Inuit
Anjea, Fertility spirit Australia
Ankalamman, Guardian goddess who wards off demons Hindu/Dravidian
Anna Kuari, Local vegetation goddess India/Oraon
Anna Perenna, Goddess of reproduction, wanton love, and of spring Etruscan
Annalia, Goddess of rivers Africa
Annallja Tu Bari, Goddess of sexuality Sudan
Annapatni, Goddess of food Hindu
Annapurna, Goddess of autumn India
Annis, Black goddess Celtic
Anpao, Spirit of the dawn. Dakota
Anqet, Goddess of water fertility healing and lust Libya
Ansa, Minor sun god Hindu/Puranic
Ansar, Primordial deity Babylon/Akkadia
Anshur, Not only the goddess of the sun, she also killed the dragon of chaos during creation Assyria
Antaboga, Underworld serpent deity ruling over the production of rice Indonesia
Antai, Goddess of healing and whooping cough India
Anteros, God of passion and returned love Greek/Etruscan
Antevorta, Goddess of childbirth, the future and prophecy Roman
Antheia, Goddess of spring Greek
Anti, Guardian deity of the eastern sky Egypt
Antu, Derived from the older Sumeria Ki Babylon/Akkadia
Anu, Mother goddess associated with fertility and the primordial mother Ireland
Anu, Head of the gods, he had an army of stars to destroy evildoers Babylon
Anuanaitu, Goddess of the ocean andwhirlpools Caribbean
Anubis, God of black magic, death, embalming and funerals Egypt
Anuket, Goddess of water and of rivers Egypt
Anukis, Birth goddess and of the cataracts of the lower Nile Egypt
Anulap, Sky god Truk Is.
Anumati, God of the full moon Sanskrit
Anunit, Goddess of the morning star Chaldea
Anunitu, Goddess of the moon Babylon
Anunnaki, Seven judges of the Underworld; they began as fertility deities Babylon
Anuradha, Minor goddess of fortune, she is benevolent though Hindu/Puranic
Anus See Anu
Anus, King of heaven who declared war on the father of the gods, he lost Hurrian
Anwho, Goddess of war who had a shrine at Thebes Syria
Anyigba, Goddess of hunting, luck and healing Togo
Anzety, God and King of Busiris Egypt
Aoife See Aife
Aondo Tiv, Creator god who lives in the sky Nigeria
Apa, Attendant god Hindu/Puranic
Apacita, Guardian spirit Inca
Apam Napat, God of fresh water Hindu/Persia/Vedic
Apap Teso, Creator god who as a benevolent sky god brings rain Uganda
Aparajita, Minor god/goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Aparajita, Form of Durga Hindu/Puranic
Aparajita, God, a form of Rudra Hindu/Puranic
Aparajita See Aralo
Apate, Goddess of deceit Greek
Apaturia, Goddess of evil Greek
Apedmak, God of war Sudan
Apep, Huge serpent who caused storms and eclipses and ate the sun at evening Egypt
Apesh, Tortoise god of night, evil, and the powers of darkness Egypt
Apet, Goddess who protects pregnant women, children, nursing mothers and justice Egypt
Aphaea, Goddess of the moon? Greek
Aphrodisias, Goddess of fertility Turkey(Carian)
Aphrodite, Goddess of desire, fertility and sexual love and beauty Greek
Aphrodite Pandemos, Goddess of sex likely conflated with Aphrodite Greek
Apis, God of fertility Egypt
Apiu, Weather god Etruscan
Apkallu See Abgal
Apo, God of mountains Inca
Apollo, God of archery, harmony, order, inspiration, intellect, mathematics, medicine, oracles, prophecy, reason, and truth . A busy fellow. Greek
Apolonia, Goddess of healing and toothaches Brazil
Aponibolinayen, Goddess of the sky Philippines
Apophis, Demon of darkness Egypt
Apozanoltl, Running water goddess Aztec
Appias, Fountain nymph Roman
Apsaras, Protective deities of gamblers and Water spirits Hindu/Vedic
Apsu, God of underground waters Babylon
Apuat, Jackal-headed god who helps the soul choose its next incarnation Egypt
Aquilo, Fod of the west winds Roman
Aquit, Moon deity Americas
Arachne, Mother goddess of Weaving Roman
Arad-Ama-arhus See Ama-arhus
Aralo, Agriculture god Georgia/Armenia/Crimea
Aramazd, God Armenia
Aranyani, Minor goddess of woodlands Hindu/Vedic
Aranzahas, Tigris river deified Hittite
Arapacana, God Buddhist
Ararat, Creator goddess Anatolia
Araua, Goddess of the moon [maybe] Roman
Arawa Suk, Goddess of the moon Kenya/Uganda
Arawen See Arawn
Arawn, God of Annwn, ruled the underground Welsh
Arawyn See Arawn
Aray See Aralo
Arazu, God of construction Babylon
Archons, Primordial creator gods Christian/Gnostic
Ard Greimme, Once God of the sun Ireland/Scotland
Ardhanarit savara, Siva and Sakti combined Ammaiappan/Naranari
Ardra, Minor goddess of misfortune Hindu/Puranic
Arduinna, Goddess of forests and hunting Roman/Celtic
Ardvi Sura Anahita, Goddess of rivers and water Persia
Ardwinna, Goddess of woodland and animal British
Arebati, God Bambuti/Congo
Areimaios See Arimanius
Areimanios, Underworld god, not nice Greek
Ares, God of storms and war Greek
Arete, Goddess of justice and virtue Greek
Argante, Goddess of healing British
Arge, Goddess of hunting Greek
Ari Au Tchesf, Lion god Egypt
Ariadne, Goddess of dreams Greek
Arianrhod, Goddess of fertility and wanton love and mother aspect of the triple goddess Welsh
Arianrod, Goddess of the moon Ireland
Aricia, Goddess of prophetic visions Roman
Arimanius, Underworld god Roman
Arinna, Goddess of the sun Hittite
Aristaeus, Protector of flocks who originated the cultivation of olives Greek
Aristatos, God of herdsmen Greek
Arito, Goddess of bears, prosperity and the harvest Switzerland
Arito See Artio of Muti
Arjuna, Heroic god Hindu/Vedic
Arma, God of the moon Hittite/Hurrian
Armaz, Supreme god and a warrior deity pre Christian style Georgia
Arna'kuagsak See Nuli'rahak
Arnakua'gak, Old woman of the sea, an animalistic spirit Inuit
Arnamentia, Goddess of spring waters Celtic
Arnemetia, Goddess of water known from inscriptions Roman/British
Arom Kafir, Minor goddess contracts Afghanistan
Arrawn See Arawn
Arsan Duolai Yakut, Chief spirit of the underworld Siberia
Arsay, Underworld goddess, the third daughter of Baal Canaan
Arsu, Astral god Arabic
Artaius, God of sheep and cattle herders Gaul
Artemis, Goddess of agriculture, archery, hunting, chastity, virginity, fertility, childbirth,the moon, and of nature Greek
Arthapratisamvit, Goddess of logical analysis Buddhist
Artio of Muti See Arito
Artio of Muti, Goddess of bears, prosperity and the harvest Switzerland
Aruna, God of morning and warriors Hindu
Arundhati, Astral goddess personified as the morning star Hindu/Puranic
Aruru, Goddess Babylon
Arvenus, Local tribal deity Gaelic
Arya-Tara, Goddess Buddhist
Aryaman, God of formal hospitality Hindu/Vedic
Aryong Jong, Goddess of water and rainfall Korea
As, Local fertility god Egypt
As ava, Goddess of fresh water Russia
As-im-babbar See Nanna
Asa Poorna, Goddess of happiness India/Chohan
Asalluha, Minor god who acts as a messenger and reporter to Enki Babylon/Akkadia/Sumeria
Asar, Equestrian god Arabic
Asase Afua, Goddess Ghana
Asase Ya, Goddess of the earth, fertility and the creator of humanity Ashanti
Asbit, Goddess of fire Egypt
Ascelpius, God of healing, taught by Chiron the Centaur and could raise the dead Greek
Asertu, Goddess of fertility Hittite/Canaan
Asgaya Gigagei, God of thunder Cherokee
Ashera, Goddess of fertility Phoenicia
Asherah, Goddess of the sea Canaan
Asherali, Moon and goddess of fertility Canaan
Ashi, Goddess of wisdom India
Ashiakle, Goddess of wealth, and of the sea Ghana
Ashima, Goddess of the moon Semitic
Ashimbabbar, Goddess of the moon Semitic
Ashirat, Goddess of the Evening star Akkadia
Ashis, Goddess of happiness India
Ashkit, Goddess of wind Egypt
Ashnan, Goddess of drunkenness, wine and grains Sumeria
Ashtaroth, Moon and goddess of fertility Phoenicia
Ashtoreth See Astarte
Ashur See Anshur
Ashur, Chief deity of war and fertility Assyria
Ashvins, Sons of the sun Hindu
Asi, Goddess of wisdom Persia
Asiaq, Goddess of weather Inuit
Asima Si, Goddess of water and fish Brazil
Asintmah Athabasca, Goddess of midwives Canada/USA
Asira, Minor god mentioned only by name Arabic
Asis Suk, God of the sun Kenya/Uganda
Askelpios, God of healing and physicians Greek
Asklepios See Aesculapius
Aslea[s], Minor goddess of misfortune Hindu
Asnan See Ashnan
Aso, Goddess of justice Egypt
Asokottamasri, Physician god Buddhist/Tibet
Asopos, Local river god Greek
Aspalis W., Goddess of hunting Semitic
Asrael, Angel of death, who takes the soul from the body. Islam
Asratum, Goddess of fertility Canaan
Asshur See Anshur
Assur, National deity of Assyria Babylon/Akkadia
Astabis, Warrior god Hurrian/Akkadia
Astamastara, Group of mother goddesses Hindu/Puranic
Astapaios, Prime parent ruling the seven heavens of chaos in gnostic mythology Christian/Gnostic
Astar, Astral god Ethiopia
Astaroth, Goddess of fertility who deals with sheepherders Semitic(West)
Astarte, Goddess of hunting Canaan
Astarte, Goddess of war Egypt
Astarte, Goddess of the moon Syria
Astarte, Goddess of fertility, sacred love, sexuality and of sex and the moon Babylon/Phoenicia/Canaan/Assyria/conference
Astarte See Athtart
Asterodeia, Goddess of the moon Roman
Asthertet, Goddess of horses, war and the moon Syria
Astlik Georgia, Pre ChristiAstral goddess Crimea
Astoreth, Goddess of fertility Palestine/Israel/Lebanon
Astraea, Goddess of justice, truth, of purity, innocence and modesty Roman/Greek
Astraeos, God of astronomy and star light Greek
Astrik, Goddess Slavic
Asuha-No-Kami, God of courtyards Japan/Shinto
Asuras, Sky gods who become demons Hindu/Vedic
Asurkumara, Youthful gods associated with rain and thunder Jain
Asvayujau, Minor goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic
Asvins, Physician twin gods Hindu/Vedic
At Em, Goddess of time Egypt
Ataa Naa Nyongmo Gan, Creator god who controls the sun and the rain, call causes disasters as epidemics and and earthquakes if you don't follow his rules Ghana
Atabei, Goddess of the earth Cuba
Ataecina, Underworld goddess Roman/Iberia
Atahensic, Goddess of the sky who fell to the earth at the beginning of creation Iroquois
Atai, Goddess of justice Africa
Atalacamani, Goddess of ocean storms Aztec
Atanea, Goddess of the ocean and the dawn Greek
Atanea, Dawn goddess Marquesas Is.
Atar, God of all fire Iran
Atargatis, Goddess of lakes, fertility and nature Syria
Atasamain, Astral deity Arabic
Ate, Goddess of discord, evil, error, infatuation and justice Greek
Atea, God of light Marquesas Is.
Aten, God of the sun Egypt
Atete, Goddess taken over by the Christians as the Virgin Mary Ethiopia
Athena, Goddess of war, architecture, astronomy, science, of horses, intellect and wisdom, oxen, of purity, reason and spinning Greek
Athene See Athena
Athirat, Goddess of the ocean and official wife of El Canaan
Athor, Goddess of light Egypt
Athtart, Goddess of fertility and sex Canaan
Atida, Goddess of hunting and rain Uganda
Atira, Goddess of the earth and of the Evening star Pawnee
Atius Pawnee See Tirawa
Atl, God of water Aztec
Atlacoya, Goddess of drought Aztec
Atlahua, Minor god of lakes and fishermen Aztec
Atlaonin, One of the names of the mother goddess Aztec
Atlas, Titan who has to hold up the sky forever, he irritated Zeus Greek
Atma, The divine spark, whatever that is, in humans India
Atoja, Goddess of rain Peru
Atropos, Oldest of the Fates Greek
Attabeira See Atabei
Attabeira Atahensic, Goddess of the sky, who fell to earth Iroquois
Attar, God of the morning star Canaan/Semitic(West)
Attis, God of plants Roman
Atua Fafine Tikopia, Creator being Polynesia
Atua I Kafika Tikopia, Supreme god viewed as a intercessor rather than a Controller Polynesia
Atua I Raropuka Tikpoa, Creator deity Polynesia
Atugan, Goddess of earth and the source of all life whose power is beyond understanding but can be bestowed Mongol
Atum, Bisexual god of water Egypt
Atunis, God similar to Adonis Etruscan
Au, God of the sun and sky lord Gilbert Is.
Au Co, Creator of humanity Vietnam
Auchimalgen, Goddess of the moon Chile
Audjal, Goddess of the earth Caroline Is.
Aufaniae, Collective name for some mother goddesses Celtic
Augeus, God of healing Greek
Augralids, Goddesses of justice Greek
Auilix, God of dawn Mayan
Aura, Goddess of morning and of the wind Greek
Aurita, Goddess who heals earaches Roman
Aurora, Goddess of warriors and of the dawn Roman
Ausaitis, God of health Lithuania
Auseklis, Goddess linked to fertility, involved in the heavenly bathhouse Latvia
Auset, Goddess of Sirius Egypt
Austeja, Bee goddess Lithuania
Auster See Notus
Austrine, Goddess of the dawn Lithuania/Baltic
Autyeb, Goddess of happiness and joy Egypt
Auxesia, Goddess of growth Greek
Avalokitesvara, Buddha designate Buddhist/India
Avatar, Incarnation of a deity Hindu
Avatea, God of the moon Hervey Is.
averik Huichol See Tayau
Averruncus, Goddess of childbirth, specifically of the delivery Roman
Aversa, Goddess pictured carrying an ax Etruscan
Aveta, Goddess of healing waters Celtic
Avfruvva, Goddess of rivers Finnish
Avrikiti Fon, Goddess of fisherman Benin
Awitelin Tsita, Goddess of the earth Zuni
Awonawilona, Chief deity Pueblo/Zuni
Axiocersa, Goddess of the earth Phrygian
Axo Mama, Goddess of the potato crops Peru
Aya, Goddess of dawn and war Mesopotamia
Ayaba, Goddess of the hearth Dahomean
Ayas, Keeper of the old tablets with the words of fate Hittite
Ayauhteot, Goddess of the moon Chile
Ayauhteotl, Goddess of fog and mist Aztec
Ayi' Uru'n Toyoy'n Yakut See Uru'n Ajy Toyo'n
Ayida, Goddess of rainbows Haiti
Ayiyanayaka, God of fields and woodland who protects against plague Sri Lanka
Ayizan, Goddess who protects the market place Haiti
Aylekete, God of the sea and a member of the Vodun gods Fon
Ayt'ar, God of procreation Slavic
Ayurvasita, Minor goddess Buddhist
Ayyapan, God of growth Hindu
Azacca, Agriculture god Haiti
Azapane See Bele
Azele Yaba, Goddess of justice Africa
Azer Ava, Goddess of the sky Finnish/Ugric
Azer Ava, Goddess of justice Slavic
Azi, Red headed earth spirits who like human company, they appreciate eloquence, musical talent, tobacco, tea, and of all and reward models who please them. Those who irritate them forfeit their souls Buryat
Aziri, Goddess of possessions Africa
Azizos, Astral god representing the the morning star Palmyra
Ba, Goddess of drought China
Ba, Fertility deity Egypt
Ba Maguje, Spirit of drunkenness Hausa
Ba Xian, Collective name for gods China/Taoist
Ba'Alat See Baalat
Ba-Pef, Malevolent underworld god Egypt
Baal, God of the thunderstorm, war, good harvests, fertility, nature, winter rain and of storms Phoenicia
Baal, God of fertility Syria
Baal, Storm god[originally meant lord] Canaan
Baal Brathy, Mountain deity Phoenicia
Baal Hammon, Sweety of Tanit Carthage
Baal Malage, Local god known from inscription Phoenicia/Canaan
Baal Samin[Lord of Heaven], Head of the pantheon Phoenicia/Canaan
Baal Sapon, Mountain deity Phoenicia/Canaan
Baalat, Queen of the gods, partial to books, libraries and writers Phoenicia
Baalshamin, God of the sky Semitic
Baau, Creator goddess Phoenicia
Bab, Disrespectful rouge of a god Egypt
Baba, Goddess of healing and fertility Sumeria
Baba Yaga, Goddess Autumn and death Slavic
Babylon See Isara Mesopotamia
Babylon See Sulman[u] Mesopotamia
Bacabs, They stand at the four corners of the world supporting the heavens Mayan
Bacax, Cave god known from inscription at Crita Roman/Africa(north)
Bacchus, God Of revelry and wine Roman
Bachu, Ancestral goddess Chibcha
Backlum Chaam, God of male sexuality and of sex Mayan
Badb, Much feared serpent goddess Brazil
Badb, Goddess of war Ireland
Badb See Morrigu
Badb Catha See Badb
Badi Mata, Mother goddess Hindu
Bagala, Goddess with the power of cruelty Hindu
Bagba, Fetish who controls the wind and rain Africa(west)
Bagishi Kafir, God of flood waters and posterity Afghanistan
Bagvarti Urat, Tutelary goddess Armenia
Bahu, Goddess of Leo India
Baiame, God of all things and master of life death Aus
Baiji, Goddess of health and epidemics China
Baile of the Honeyed Speech, God of Blarney Ireland
Baj Bajania, Rather joyous forest god Yakut
Bala, Mother goddess Hindu
Bala, Messenger goddess Jain
Bala-Sakti, Goddess Dravidian
Balakrsna, They are guardian deities Mayan
Balaparmita, Philosophical deity Buddhist
Balarama, God of agriculture India
Baldaer, Dying god, identical to Balder Anglo-Saxon
Balder, Dying god, aslo god of poetry norse
Baldr See Balder
Bali, Demonic god Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Ball Hermon, Mountain deity Phoenicia
Balor, God of death Ireland
Baltis, Local goddess Arabic
Ban Chuideachaidh Moire, Goddess Ireland
Ban Naomha, Goddess of war Ireland
Banba, Part of a triad with Fotia and Eriu and as well as an goddess of the earth Ireland
Banbha Cavillaca, Virgin Goddess who was impregnated by a sneaky god Peru
Banebdjedet, God possibly involved with arbitration Egypt
Banemdedet, God of sexual fertility Egypt
Banga Ngbandi, Creator god and creator of white skinned people Zaire
Bangala See Libanza Upotos
Banka Mundi, Goddess of hunting India
Bar, God of mountains, war, deserts, battle Syria
Barastar Ossetian, God who judges souls, sending them to paradise or oblivion Caucasus
Baron Samedi, God of death magic and the underworld Haiti/Vodun
Barong, Protective spirit Bali
Barsamin, Weather/sky god Armenia
Basamum, God of healing Arabic
Bast, Cat goddess, healing, life and war Egypt
Bastet, Goddess of fertility, love, sex,of joy Egypt
Batak See Mula Djadi Tobak
Batara Guru, God who made the earth Indonesia
Baty, Cow goddess of fertility Egypt
Bau, Goddess of the dawn and the sky Phoenicia
Bau, Goddess of fertility Sumeria
Baubo, Goddess of bawdy laughter Greek
Bebhionn, Goddess of healing Ireland
Bechoil, Goddess whose legends have been lost Ireland
Becuma, Goddess who ruled over magical boats Ireland
Beda, Goddess of unknown responsibilities germanic
Beelsamin, God of the sun and lord of the sky Phoenicia
Befana, Goddess of winter who was kind, each January fifth she distributes goodies to good children and lumps of coal to those who are not Roman
Beg-Tse, God of war Buddhist/Tibet
Behanzin Fon, Fish god Benin
Beiwe, Goddess of the Summer solstice and war Saami/Lappland
Bel, Generic term means Lord, not god as some claim Babylon/Akkadia
Belata-Cardu, God of the destruction of your enemies Gaul
Belatucadros, God of war British
Bele, God of fear, mischief and trickery who gave fire and water to mankind Sudan/Africa
Bele Alua, Tree goddess Ghana
Belenos See Borvo
Belenus, God charged with the welfare of sheep and cattle, he also was God of the sun and healer in some regions and associated with Beltane Pan-Celtic
Belet-Seri, Goddess of the underworld, who kept track of the dead coming through Babylon/Akkadia
Belili, Goddess of the moon Mesopotamia
Belisama, Goddess of the Mersey River British
Belisama, Goddess of crafts and the forge Gaul
Belit Ilani, Goddess of warriors Babylon
Belit Seri, Goddess of justice and fairness Babylon
Belit-Ili, Mother goddess Babylon/Akkadia
Belitsari See Belet-Seri
Bella Penu, Local deity Khond(India)
Bellona, Goddess of war and mother goddess Roman
Belobog, God of happiness, luck, and order Belun/Slavic
Belogob, God of the living Slavic
Beltiya, Generic name for goddesses Babylon/Akkadia
Bendis, Goddess of the moon and Mother goddess Thrace
Bentakumari, Goddess of water India
Benten See Benzi-Ten
Benten-San, Goddess of good fortune,one of seven fortune deities Japan/Shinto
Benu, God of the sun in a bird like form Egypt
Benzai-Tenno See Benzi-Ten
Benzi-Ten, Goddess of eloquence, language, arts, fortune, water, and knowledge Japan
Bera Pennu, Vegetation goddess India
Berecyntia, Goddess of the earth Gaul
Bereginy, Goddesses of hunting Slavic
Bereguni, River nymphs accused of stealing newborn children Slavic
Berenice, Goddess of Coma Berenices Egypt
Bertha, Goddess of spinning norse
Beru, Butterfly demon who appears at the female puberty rites Brazil
Bes, God of childbirth, food, love, marriage, luck, recreation, relaxation and sleep Egypt
Bethel, Local tutelary god Phoenicia
Bhadra, Minor goddess Hindu/Puranic
Bhaga, Minor sun god Hindu/Puranic/Vedic
Bhagavan, Tutelary god India
Bhaiarva, Minor form of Siva Hindu/Puranic
Bhairavi, Goddess of terror Hindu
Bhaisajyaguru, Medicine Buddha Buddhist/Tibet
Bharani, Minor goddess of misfortune Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Bharat Mata, Mother goddess who is the mother of India Hindu
Bharati, Minor goddess of sacrifices Hindu/Vedic/Epic
Bhavanavasi, Generic name given to deities who look youthful Jain
Bhavani, Goddess of midwives India
Bhima, Minor goddess Buddhist
Bhima, Warrior and rain god Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Bhimsen See Bhima
Bhimul Pen See Bhima
Bhrkuti-Tara, Mother goddess and Buddha designate Buddhist/Tibet
Bhumi, Collective name for a group of deities Buddhist/Vajrayana
Bhumi Devata, Vegetation goddess India
Bhumidevi, Goddess of fertility Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Bhumiya, Fertility and guardian god of the fields Hindu/Puranic/Vedic
Bhut, Rather nasty evil spirit so don't irritate it India
Bhutadamara, God Buddhist/Mahayana
Bhutamata, Terrible goddess, a frightening form of Parveti Hindu
Bhuvanesvari, Goddess Hindu
Bi-har, Guardian deity who protects against demons Buddhist/Tibet
Bia, Goddess of force Greek
Bibi, Goddess of healing and cholera Gypsy
Biblys, Goddess of fountains Greek
Biddy Mannion, Goddess of midwives Ireland
Bidhgoe, Goddess of love and of sexuality Celtic
Bikeh Hozho, Goddess of happiness Navaho
Bila, Goddess of war Australia
Biliku, Goddess of weavery, storytelling, arts and crafts Native American
Bing Yi See He Bo
Bintang, Goddess of love Borneo
Binzuru-Sonja, God of fine vision and curing who is unable to escape pain, therefore he helps others to do so Japan
Birdu, Minor underworld god Babylon/Akkadia
Bisal Mariamna, Goddess of war India
Bisam, Goddess of health and diseases India
Bishamon, One of the seven gods of luck and the Buddhist patron of warriors Japan
Bishamon-Ten, God of wealth and protector of human life who chases demons Japan
Bishamontenno See Bishamon-Ten
Bitol, Sky god[one of 7] who helped create the world and its mortals Mayan
Bladud, God of the sun Welsh
Blathnat, Maiden form of the triple goddess Ireland/Welsh
Blid, Goddess of happiness norse
Bo Dhu, Black cow goddess Ireland
Bo Find, White cow goddess Ireland
Bo Hsian, God China/Taoist
Bo Ruadh, Goddess who helped bring fertility to barren Ireland Ireland
Boann, Goddess of fertility and the river Boyne Ireland
Boannan Boyne See Boann
Bochica, Supreme sun god and a god of law Chibcha
Bodua, Goddess of war Celtic
Bodva See Badb
Boibhniu, Blacksmith god Celtic
Boinne Guary See Guaire
Bokwus, Wild spirit of the woodlands Kwakiutl
Bolbe, Lake goddess Greek
Boldogasszony, Virgin goddess who protected mothers and children Hungary
Bolon Ti Ku, Collective name for the the nine underworld gods who are not well defined Mayan
Bombat KaMayann, Local deceased goddess Hindu
Bomo Rambi, Goddess of the moon Zimbabwe
Bomong, Goddess of war Minyong
Bomu Rambi See Bomo Rambi
Bona Dea, Goddess of fertility, great prophecy, the dispenser of healing herbs and rather prim and chaste Roman
Bonchor, God thought to be the creator deity Tunisia
Boora Pennu Khondi, God of light who created the goddess of the earth and they made the other great gods India
Boraspati ni Tano, Earth spirit Batak
Boreas, God of the North wind Greek
Borghild, Goddess of the moon norse
Bormanus, God of hot springs Celtic/Briton
Bormanus See Borvo
Bormonia, Goddess of healing Roman
Borvo, God of hot springs who replaced his mother Sirona British/Gaul
Brag srin mo, Goddess of fertility and an ancestral goddess Tibet
Bragi, God of eloquence and wisdom norse
Brahani, Mother goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Brahma, Supreme god and creator of the cosmos Hindu
Brahma, Creator god, part of the main hindu trinity, the other two being Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma is the unmoved, uncaused first cause, and he created everything. Hindu
Branab Llyr, God of the dead and can restore them life Celtic
Brangwaine, Goddess of love Welsh
Branwen, Venus of the Northern Seas and a goddess of love Ireland/Welsh/Manx
Branwyn See Branwen
Breasal, High King of the entire planet Welsh/Cornwall
Breksta, Goddess of darkness Lithuania
Brenos, God of war Celtic
Bres Maclatha, Vegetation god Ireland
Brhaspati, Astral god personifying Jupiter Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Briant, Goddess of the river which holds her name
Bridget See Brigantia
Brigantia, Goddess of sovereignty Britishnia British
Brigantia, Goddess of the seasons, doctors smiths, poets, and women in childbirth Pan-Celtic
Brigantis, Goddess of the moon Celtic
Brighid, Goddess of education, healing, sore eyes Celtic
Brighid, Goddess of metal working Gaelic
Brigit See Brigantia
Brigit, Goddess of fertility Ireland
Brihaspati, God of incantation and ritual India
Brimo, Death goddess Greek
Brisaya, Goddess of the dawn Greek
Britannia, Genia Lor of British British
Britomartis, Goddess depicted as a hunter Crete
Brizo, Goddess worshiped as a prophet Delos Greek
Brome, Nymph who was a nurse for Dionysus Greek
Bromo See Borvo
Bronach, Goddess linked to forgotten Samhain rituals Ireland
Brono, God of light norse
Buadza Gan, God of the wind Ghana
Bubastis, Goddess of childbirth Egypt
Bubilas, Goddess of bees Lithuania
Buddha, Deified after his death India
Buddhaalocana, Goddess and female Buddha Buddhist/Shingon
Buddhabodhiprabhavasita, Minor goddess Buddhist
Buddhaheruka See Vairocana
Buddhakapala, God Buddhist/Mahayana
Budha, Astral god Hindu/Puranic/Buddhist/Vedic/Epic
Budhi Pallien, Goddess of the forest India
Buga, Supreme god Siberia/Tungus
Bugady Musun, Goddess who was the mother of all animals Evenki
Bugid Y Alba, God of war Haiti/Puerto Rico
Buk Neur, Goddess of rivers and streams Sudan
Buku, God/goddess of the sky Africa(west)
Bulaing Karadjeri, Goddess Australia
Bulan, Goddess of the moon Indonesia/Malaysia
Bulane, God of water Mozambique
Buluc Chabtan, God of war Mayan
Buluga Andaman, God Islands
Bumba Bantu, God of fire Africa
Bumerali, Goddess of physical prowess Australia
Bunbulama, Goddess of rain Australia
Bunzi, Rain goddess Zaire
Buri, One of two primordial beings norse
Buriyas, God of war Iran/Kassite
Burundi See Imana Banyarwanda
Bussumarus See Ambisagrus
Bussumarus Amelia, Loa of Haiti Haiti/Vodun
Buto, Cobra god of Lower Egypt and justice Egypt
Buxenus, God of box trees Gaul
C(co)chimetl, Minor god of merchants and commerce Aztec
Ca the a, Goddess of love Mojave
Cabaguil, God who helped create the world and mortals Mayan
Caca, Goddess of fire Roman
Cacoh, Creator god Mayan
Caelestis, Goddess of the moon Carthage
Caer Ibormeith, Usually thought of as a goddess of sleep and dreams Ireland
Cagn Mantis, Creator Africa
Cailleach See Caillech
Caillech, Goddess of winter and the goddess in her destroyer aspect Ireland/Scotland/Manx
Caireen, Protective mother goddess Ireland
Caishen, God of wealth China
Cakra, Mind of the creator Hindu
Cakresvari, Goddess of learning Jain
Cakulha, God of the lessor lightning bolts Mayan
Calliope, Muse of of poetry and eloquence bonds Greek
Callisto, Nymph Greek
Cally Berry, Maiden goddess Ireland
Calounger, Death goddess and/or Goddess of the sea Brazil
Calypso, Nymph who kept Odysseus captive for seven years Greek
Camaxtli, God of war and fire as well as one of the 4 gods who created the world Aztec
Camaxtli, Here he is a god of fate Mayan
Camenae, Goddess of springs and rivers Roman
Camenae See Kam,enae
Camilla, Goddess of fire Italy
Camozotz, Bat god Mayan
Campestres, Lost goddess of fields Roman/Gaul
Camulos, God of war [Colchester ?] Briton
Canda, Terrible goddess and a distinct form of Durga Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Candali, Goddess of terrible appearance Buddhist/Tibet
Candamius, Astral god Roman/Iberia
Candanyika, Distinctive form of Durga Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Candavati, Form of Durga Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Candelifera, Goddess of childbirth and midwives Roman
Candesvari, Minor goddess who stands upon a corpse Buddhist/Mahayana
Candfrasekhara, Form of Siva Hindu/Puranic
Candi, Goddess Durga in her moon form India
Candika, Goddess of desire Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Candit, Goddess of streams Sudan
Candogra, Goddess, a distinctive form of Durga Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Candra, Planet god commonly affiliated with the moon Hindu/Puranic/Buddhist/Epic
Candsvera, Minor god and benevolent aspect of Siva Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Canidia, Goddess of the moon who was also a sorceress Greek
Cankilikkaruppan, Local god Hindu/Dravidian/Tamil
Canola, Believed to be one of the oldest of the Ireland deities Ireland
Caolainn, Goddess of wisdom healing and fertility Ireland
Capakan, God of earthquakes and mountains Mayan
Cardea, Goddess of door hinges Roman
Carika, Goddess of the repetitive chant Buddhist
Cariociecus, God of war Roman/Iberia
Carlin See Caillech
Carlin, Goddess of winter and Shaimin Scotland
Carman, Goddess of County Wexford and black magic Ireland
Carme, Nymph and companion of Artemis Greek
Carmenta, Goddess of childbirth and midwives, prophecy and springs Roman
Carmentes, Minor goddesses of birth Roman
Carna, Goddess of health Roman
Carne, Most likely another version of Herne British/Cornwall
Carravogue, Goddess of winter from County Meath Crone British/Ireland
Carridwen, Goddess of the moon Welsh
Caryatis, Goddess of healing Greek
Castalia, Goddess of springs Greek
Catana See Anu
Catequil, God of lightning and thunder Inca
Cathubodia, Briton version of the Ireland goddess of the earth Banbha Briton
Cathubodua, Goddess of war Pan-Celtic
Caturmurti, Specific form of Vishnu [4 faces] Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Cauri, Goddess of terrifying appearance Buddhist/Tibet
Cavillaca, Virgin goddess who was impregnated by a sneaky god Peru
Ce Actal, Minor creator god Aztec
Ceacht, Goddess of medicine Ireland
Cebhfhionn, Goddess of inspiration Ireland
Ceile De See Kele De
Ceiuci, Star goddess who created all animals Brazil
Celedones, Goddesses of happiness Greek
Cenkalaniyammal, Local goddess who guards the paddy fields Hindu/Dravidian/Tamil
Centeocihuatl, Goddess of maize Aztec
Centeotl, Maize god Aztec
Centzon-Totochtin, Party gods, a drunken and immoral group who meet frequently Aztec
Ceres, Goddess of agriculture, grain and summer Roman
Ceridwen, Goddess of inspiration and the hag aspect of the mother goddess Welsh
Cerklicing, God of fields and grain Latvia
Cernunnos, God of fertility and the horned god Pan-Celtic
Cernunnos, God of prosperity Roman
Cerridwen, Goddess of mountains British
Cerridwen, Goddess of fertility Celtic
Cerridwen, Moon, grain, education and healing goddess Welsh/Scotland
Cessair, Well known pre-Celtic mother goddess Ireland
Cethlion, Goddess of the sea and the Formorians Ireland
Ceto, Goddess of the sea Greek
Ceyon See Murukan
Cghene, Creator god with no material aspect, but a nice guy, no temple or priest Nigeria/Isoko
Ch'ang O, Goddess of the moon China
Ch'ang Tsai, God of the spleen China
Ch'eng Huang, God of the land,ditches, moats and the people China
Ch'I-You, God of weapons, dancers, smiths and war China
Ch'ih Sung tzu, Lord of the rain China
Ch'ing Lung, God of the lungs China
Ch'ung Ling yu, God of the nose China
Chac, God[s] of lightning, rain, thunder, wind and fertility Mayan
Chac Mol See Chac
Chac Uayab Xoc, Fish god known as the great demon shark Mayan
Chac Xib Chac, God of sacrifice and war Mayan
Chahuru, Spirit of water Pawnee
Chaitanya, Mendicant god Hindu/Puranic
Chakwaina Okya, Goddess of childbirth Zuni
Chalchiuhtlcue, Goddess rain and storms, violence, vitality, lakes, whirlpools, rivers, water , love, beauty and youth Don't make this one mad whatever you do. Aztec
Chalchiutotolin, Penitence god Aztec
Challalamma, Goddess of buttermilk [?] India
Chalmeacacihuitl, Minor underworld goddess Aztec
Chalmetcal, Minor underworld god Aztec
Chamer, God of death Mayan
Chan Hs'ien, Guardian god of children who had been a mortal King China
Chandika See Narasinhi
Chandra, God of the moon Vedic
Chang Fei, God of war and butchers China
Chang Hsien, God of dreams and of pregnancy China
Chang Pan, God of masons China
Chang Tao Ling, God of the afterlife and head of the heavenly Ministry of exorcism Taoist/Chan
Chang Xi, Goddess of the moon China
Chang Yong, Goddess of justice China
Changing Woman, Goddess of the moon Cherokee
Chango, Warrior god who defends against enemies who want the land, wealth and women Africa
Chantico, Goddess of hearth fires and volcanoes. Aztec
Chao san Niang, Goddess of wig salesmen China
Chao T'eng k'ang, God of the bowels China
Chaob, Wind[s] god[s] Mayan/Lacandon
Chaos, Mother of the gods Babylon
Charis, Minor goddess Greek
Chasca, Goddess of the dawn and the dew Inca
Chattrosnia, God Buddhist
Chaya, Goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Chebeldei, Inhabitants of the lower world Siberia
Chemosh, Head god Moab
Chen Kao, God of the ears China
Cheng San Kung, God of fishing China
Cheng Yuan ho, God of strolling singers China
Chernobog, God of chaos and the night Slavic
Cherubim, Guardians of important places and they intercede both with the gods/and for the gods Mesopotamia
Chhih of warg tzu, God of rain China
Chi Po, God of the winds China
Chi Sung Tzu, Rain god China
Chia, Goddess of the moon Chiboa
Chiang, Goddess of agriculture China
Chibchacum, God of farmers and merchants Chibcha
Chibiabos, Brother of Nanabush Algonquin
Chibilias, Goddess of the rainbow Mayan
Chibirias, Goddess of the earth, who sends the rain and paints the earth Mayan
Chiccan, Gods of rain Mayan
Chickcharney, Small furred/feathered spirit of the forest Andros Is/Bahamas
Chicoahui Itzcuintli-Chantico, God of lapidaries Aztec
Chicomecoatl, Goddess of grain, fertility and frost Aztec
Chicomenochtli, God of painters and solar pleasure[not my claim] Aztec
Chiconahui, Hgoddess of the earth Aztec
Chicoonahuiehecatl, Minor creator god Aztec
Chie, Fun loving goddess Chibcha
Chih Jih, God of the day China
Chih Nii, Goddess of spinning China
Chih Nu, Goddess of weaving China
Chikara Korekore, Sky god Zimbabwe
Chimalmat, Goddess of the Little Dipper Mayan
Chimata No Kami, God of crossroads, roads and footpaths Japan
Chimera, Goddess of volcanoes Greek
Chiminagua, Omnipotent god who created the earth in a rather simple matter Chibcha
Chin hua Niang niang, God of drums and violins China
Ching Ling Tzu, God of tea China
Chinnamastaka, Goddess, a headless form of Durga Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Chinnintamma, Goddess of households India
Chio Yuan Tzu, God of the brain China
Chipiripa, Rain god Curra
Chirakan Ixmucane, One of the new goddess formed by the 4 gods who made the world Mayan
Chiuacoztl, Goddess of childbirth Nahu
Chiuke Ibo, Sky god who is also regarded as Creator god Nigeria
Chlaus Haistic, Ancient goddess of unknown function Ireland
Chloris, Goddess of flowers Greek
Chnum, God Egypt
Chokmah, Goddess of order and wisdom Spain
Chol Nuer See Col
Cholmus, Creator of animals Siberia
Chonsu, God of the moon Egypt
Chors, Pre-Christian sun god Balkans
Chos-Skyon, Tutelary guardian deity Buddhist/Tibet
Chou Wang, God of sodomy China
Chowa, Goddess of health India
Christalline, Evil goddess of the sea Haiti
Chronos See Cronus
Chronus See Cronus
Chu jung, God of fire and the celestial executioner China
Chu Niao, God of the heart China
Chu Ying, God of the eyes China
Chuang Mu, Goddess of the bedroom China
Chuginadak, Goddess of fire and volcano Aleut
Chuh Kamuy, Goddess of the moon China
Chul Tatic Chites Vaneg, Creator god Mayan
Chulavete, Goddess of the morning star Mexico
Chun T'i, Goddess of the dawn and warriors China
Chunda, Goddess of happiness Buddhist
Chung K'uei, God of the afterlife who belongs to the Ministry of exorcism China/Taoist
Chung kuei, Protector of those who travel and god of examinations China
Chung Liu, God of eaves China
Chup, Goddess of the wind and rain Chumash
Chup Kamui, Goddess of war and the sun Japan/Ainu
Cian, God of medicine Ireland
Cihuacoatl, Goddess whose roaring signaled war Aztec
Cihuacoatl-Quilaztli, Creator goddess with a rather unique way of creating humanity Aztec
Cihuateto, Women who die in childbirth, gain eternal life and become spirits who accompany the sun Aztec
Cinei, Goddess of the sea Siberia/Chukchee
Cinteotl, God of fertility Aztec
Cinteotl, God of Maize Nahu
Cinxia, Minor goddess of marriage[ She worries over the attire of the bride] Roman
Cipactli, Primordial goddess of water Aztec
Circe, Goddess of healing and of herbs Greek
Cista, Goddess of the morning star Persia
Cit Bolon Tum, God of medicine Mayan
Cit Cac Coh, God of war iconised as a red Puma Mayan
Citalatonac, Creator god Aztec
Citlalicue, Creator goddess and the goddess of Milky Way Aztec
Citra, Minor goddess of misfortune and a malevolent astral deity Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Citrasena, Goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Cittavasita, Minor goddess Buddhist
Cizin, God of death Mayan
Clairm'e, River loa Haiti/Vodun
Clairmezin'e, Goddess of rivers Haiti
Clementia, Goddess who was invoked to protect the citizen against the emperor's absolute use of power Roman
Cleone, Goddess of water Greek
Clio, Goddess of history Roman/Greek
Cliodna, Goddess Ireland/Scotland
Clota, Goddess and namesake of the River Clyde British/Welsh/Scotland
Coatlicue, Goddess of the earth Aztec
Coatrischie, Goddess of water, winds, and storms Cuba/Taino
Coca Mama, Goddess of health, happiness and the coca plant Peru
Cocha, Goddess of rain Peru
Cocidius See Segomo
Cocidus, Goddess of hunting British
Cocijo, Rain god Zapotec/Mexico
Col, Rain and thunderstorms god Sudan
Colel Cab, Chthonic goddess of the earth Mayan
Colleda, Goddess of the winter solstice Koliada/Serbia
Colop U Uichkin, Sky god who, with a night avatara of the same name, is the bringer of disease Mayan
Comus, God of banquets, drunkenness and merriment Roman/Greek
Conchenn, Goddess of love Celtic
Concordia, Goddess of harmony, peace and justice Roman
Condatis, Local god Roman/British
Condwiramur, Goddess of sovereignty Welsh
Coniraya, Creator of all things and founder of agriculture Quechua
Consentes See Pan
Consus, God of counseling and negotiation Roman
Copia, Goddess of prosperity Roman
Corchen, Goddess of which very little is known Ireland/Manx
Cordelia See Creiddylad
Core See Kore
Corra, Goddess of prophecy and who regularly appeared in the form of a crane Scotland
Corus, God of the wind Roman
Coti Bushman, Goddess of hunting Africa
Cotys, Goddess of the earth who presided over debauchery Phrygian
Cotys, Goddess of fertility Thrace
Coventina, Goddess of healing, wells and water Celtic
Coyolxauhqui, Goddess of the moon Aztec
Coyote, Demigod/creator/trickster Pan-W.USA
Cratos, God of strength Greek
Credne, God of metallurgy and smithing Ireland
Creiddylad, Goddess of summer flowers and the sea Welsh
Creidhne, God of Metal working Celtic
Creudylad See Creiddylad
Crionis, God of rivers Greek
Crnobog, God of death Slavic
Crnoglav See Crnobog
Crobh See Inghean
Crobh Dearg, Goddess of war Ireland
Cromm Cruaich, Ancient deity Ireland
Crone, Third aspect of the Triple goddess Ireland
Cronos, Minor harvest and God of the sun with Greek roots Celtic
Cronus, God of and agriculture who became king of the Titans for a while Greek
Crove Dairg See Crobh Dearg
Cu Chulain, God of warriors and chivalry Celtic
Cuba, Goddess children's sleep and infants Roman
Cuchulainn See Cu Chulain
Cueravaperi, Goddess of rain and drought Mexico
Cumhau, God of death Mayan
Cunda, Goddess considered a deification of literature Buddhist/Tibet
Cunina, Goddess of infants who are in the cradle Roman
Cupid, God of love Roman
Cura, Goddess of healing Roman
Curche See Kurke
Cutzi, Goddess of the moon Americas
Cuvto ava, Goddess of trees Russia
Cybele, Goddess of forests, mountains, and fertility Phrygian
Cybele Phrygian See Kybele
Cyhiraeth, Goddess of streams Welsh
Cymeinfoll See Cymidei
Cymidei, Goddess of war Welsh
Cynosura, Goddess of midwives Greek
Cytherea See Venus
Da-Shi-Zhi, Female Bodhisattva Buddhist/China
Dabaiba, Goddess of lightning and thunder Panama
Dabog, Before christianity, he was God of the sun, alas, now he's reduced to a diabolic personality Balkans
Dabog See Dazhbog
Dadimunda, Treasurer for another god Buddhist/Sri Lanka
Daeira, Goddess of knowledge Greek
Daemones, Family of elementals who inhabit fields, forests, mountains, oceans, streams, lakes, valleys, desert, some towns and they are immortal Greek
Daena, Goddess who meets the souls of the dead Persia
Daevas See Davas
Dagan, Fertility and grain god who in the Ugatitic creation myth was the father of Baal Babylon/Akkadia/Canaan
Dagan See Dagon
Dagan Kafir, Local supreme god, bears no relation to the Semitic god Dagan Afghanistan
Dagda, God of the earth Celtic
Dagda, God of death, rebirth and long life Ireland
Daghdha See Dagda
Dagon, God of vegetation Mesopotamia
Dagon, God of wheat and grain Phoenicia
Daho, Deity who may be a god of war Pyrenean
Dahomey See Lisa Fon
Dahud Ahes, Goddess of debauchery British
Dahut See Dahud Ahes
Daikoku, God of wealth and happiness Japan
Daiomon, Member of the Daemones family Greek
Daityas, Demonic enemies of the gods India
Daji, Goddess of justice China
Dakini, Supernatural beings Buddhist
Dakini Guru, Goddess of teaching Tibet
Daksa, God of the sun Hindu/Puranic/Vedic
Daktyloi, Demonic beings who discovered the art of working in metal Greek
Dala Kadavara, Elephant goddess Singhalese
Dali, Goddess of the hunt Georgia/Russia
Dama, Invisible deities which control the weather, attack people and cause illness, sterility or death Huli
Damara, Goddess of fertility associated with Beltane British
Damballah, Goddess of sweet waters Haiti
Damgalnuna, Mother goddess who whelped Marduk Babylon/Akkadia/Sumeria
Damkina, Earth mother goddess Babylon/Akkadia/Sumeria
Damona, Goddess of cows, little known Celtic
Damu, God of exorcism Sumeria
Dan, God of unity Fon
Dan, Goddess of order and the rainbow Benin/Mahi
Dana See Anu
Dana, Goddess, ancestor of mortal celtic people Ireland/Welsh
Dana See Danu
Dana Ana See Anu
Danaids, Goddesses of fountains and water Greek
Danann See Danu
Danaparamita, Philosophical deity Buddhist
Danavas, Half divine/half demonic beings India
Danu, Aegean mother goddess Greek
Danu, Primordial goddess Hindu/Vedic
Danu, Major mother goddess Ireland
Danus, Father of the Danaids, 50 beautiful women Greek
Daphne, Oracular goddess and mountain nymph Greek
Darago, Goddess of fire and volcanos Philippines
Daramulum, Lunar being and mediator between the creator and humans Australia
Daramulun See Baiame
Daramulun S. Waels See Thurremlin
Daronwy, Appears only in the songs/book of Taleisin Welsh
Darzamat, Goddess of the gardens Latvia
Dashizhi, Goddess of knowledge China
Datin, God mentioned in inscriptions but what he did no one knows Arabic
Davas, Rather malevolent spirits Persia
Daya, Goddess who oddly enough is considered a minor aspect of the god of Visnu Hindu/Puranic
Dayang Raca, Goddess of fire Borneo
Dazbog See Dazhbog
Dazhbog, God of the sky, wealth and war Slavic
Dazimus, Goddess of healing Sumeria
Dea Arduinna See Ardwinna
Deae Matres, Mother goddesses, a triune of goddess of the earthes British
Dearg Bhuidhe See Inghean
Debata Toba-Batak, Word used to denote an individual god/divine power Sumatra
Debena, Goddess of hunting and forests Slavic
Dechtere, Trinity unto herself Ireland
Dechtire See Dechtere
Decima, Goddess of birth who watches over the pregnancy Roman
Dedun, God who was the lord and giver of incense Egypt
Dedwin, God of riches and incense who was nailed by the Egyptians Nubian
Deimos, God of terror and panic Greek
Deive, Before christians it was an appellation of divinity, as in certain stones who were the object of veneration Lithuania
Dekla, Goddess of midwives Latvia
Del See Devel
Demeter, Goddess of agriculture, grain, autumn, the earth , and fertility Greek
Demogorgon, Mysterious spirit/creator god Greek
Dena, Goddess Iran
Dendritus, Goddess of the tree Greek
Deng Dinka, God of rain Sudan
Deohako, Collective name of the three daughters of the Earth Mother Seneca
Dercetius, God of mountains Roman/Iberia
Derceto, Goddess of fertility Greek
Derceto, Mother goddess Mysia
Derketo, Goddess of the moon associated with fertility Chaldea
Despina, Nymph Greek
Deus See god
Deva, Generic name of a god Hindu/Puranic/Vedic
Devaki, Mother goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Devana See Debena
Devananda, Mother goddess of happiness and joy Jain
Devaputra, Designation for the lower ranked gods Buddhist
Devas See Davas
Devas, Some gods at perpetual war with the demons India
Devasena, Goddess Hindu/Puranic
Devel, Highest being/god Gypsy
Deverra, Goddess of verse and guardian of newborn children Roman
Devi, Twelve armed warrior goddess Hindu
Devi, Female deities India
Deving Iching, God of horses Latvia
Devona, Goddess of the rivers of Devon Briton
Devs See Davas
Dewden See Dedun
Dewi Ratih, Goddess of the moon Bali
Dewi Shri, Rice goddess Bali
Dewy, Goddess rain Canaan
Dhanada, Form of the goddess Tara Buddhist/Mahayana
Dhanistha, Minor goddess of misfortune to and malevolent astral deity Hindu/Puranic
Dhanvantari, God of the sun who later became an avatar of the god Visnu Hindu/Puranic/Vedic/Epic
Dhara, Attendant god Hindu/Puranic
Dharma, God of justice, righteousness and virtue Hindu
Dharmadhatuvagisvara, Physician god Buddhist
Dharmamegha, Minor goddess Buddhist/Vajrayana
Dharmapala, Minor goddess concerned with law Buddhist/Vajrayana
Dharni Pinnu, Goddess of health India
Dharti Mata, Mother goddess Hindu/Puranic
Dhat Badan, Primary goddess Yemen
Dhatar, God of the sun Hindu/Puranic
Dhavajagrakeyura, Goddess who sits on a sun throne Buddhist/Mahayana
Dhisana, Minor goddess of prosperity Hindu
Dhonn See Don
Dhrti, Minor goddess who apparently just hangs around Jain
Dhruva, Astral god Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Dhumavati, Goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Dhumorna, Goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Dhumravati, Rather terrible goddess, walks around with a skull in the hand Hindu/Puranic
Dhupa, Minor goddess and a censor Buddhist/Mahayana
Dhurjati, God, a manifestation of Siva Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Dhvajosnisa, God, apparently Guardian deity Buddhist
Dhyanaparmita, Philosophical deity Buddhist
Dhyani, Five meditating Buddhas who came from the primeval Buddha Buddhist
Dhyanibuddha, Generic name for a spiritual or meditation Buddha Buddhist
Dhyanibuddhasakti, Collective name for a specific group of goddesses Buddhist
Di Jun, God of the eastern sky China
Dia Griene, Goddess of war Scotland
Diablesse, Goddesses of justice Haiti
Dian Cecht, God of crafts and healing Ireland
Dian-Cecht, Physician magician of the Tuatha Dian Cecht Ireland
Diana, Goddess of childbirth, chastity, virginity, fertility, hunting, the moon and the sky Roman/Greek
Diancecht, Physician magician of the Tuatha Dian Cecht Ireland
Diang Shilluk, Cow goddess Sudan
Dice, Goddess of justice Greek
Dictynna, Mother goddess Crete
Didi, Plague goddess associated with cholera Hindu/Thakrun
Dieva-deli, Heavenly beings, 2 sometimes 3 Latvia
Dievini, Group of minor gods Latvia
Dievs, Pre-christian sky god Latvia
Digambara, Goddess Buddhist/Tibet
Dii Mauri Moor, Redeemers, immortals, and exalted deities who were almost never named Africa(north)
Diiwica, Goddess of the hunt Serbia
Dike See Dice
Dikkumara, God associated with rain and thunder Jain
Diksa, Goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Dil, Goddess Ireland
Dilmun, God of fresh water Sumeria
Dilwica See Diiwica
Dilwica, Goddess of hunting Slavic
Dimme, Female demon of fever and and diseases of infants Sumeria
Dinawagan, Goddess of health and healing Philippines
Dinditane, Fertility god of gardening Huli
Dion See Venus
Dionysus, God of altered states, wine, ecstasy, revelry and nature Greek
Dioskouroi, Twin gods see Castor and Pollux Greek
Dipa, Goddess of light Buddhist/Tibet
Dipa Tara, Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Dipamkara, Proceeded the Buddha in east Asia Buddhist
Dipankara, Deity who is one of the minor group of Buddhas Buddhist/Tibet
Dipti, Minor goddess Hindu/Puranic
Dirghadevi, Goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Dirona See Sirona
Dis, Goddess of drinking norse
Dis Pater, God of war Roman
Dis Pater See Dispater
Disa, In minor goddess and the momma of the minor creation god Sarga Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Disani, Supreme fertility and mother goddess Afghanistan
Disciplina, Goddess of discipline Roman
Discordia, Goddess of discord and war Roman
Disir, Collective name for guardian goddesses norse/germanic
Dispater, God whose name means the father Gaul
Diti, Goddess of the earth Hindu
Diviriks, Deity of the rainbow Lithuania
Divonia, Goddess of fertility associated with water Celtic/Gaelic
Diwali, Goddess of happiness and merriment India/Bhil
Djanggawuls, Goddesses of fertility who messed up and created humanity and of vegetation Australia
Djigonasee, Goddess of justice, fairness and peace Huron
Djila'qons Haida, Goddess of the sea PNW
dMu-bDub Kam-Po Sa-Zen, Sky god and the head of the ancient pantheon Tibet/Bon
Doda, Goddess of rain Serbia
Dodola See Doda
Dogumrik Kafir, Local warrior and guardian god Afghanistan
Doh Yenisi, Rather good magician who could fly over the waves, become weary, then create islands to rest on, almost god like Siberia
Dohit, God who created the first human from clay Mosetene
Dola, Goddess of fate Russia/Serbia
Dolya See Dola
Domfe Kurumba, God of rain and wind Africa
Domnu, Goddess of the Formorians Ireland
Domovi See Khoromozitel
Don See Dana
Don, Goddess who is called a god of death Ireland/Welsh
Donar, God of the sky and thunder germanic
Dongo, God of thunder Songhoi
Donn See Don
Donn, God of the underworld, responsible for the passage of the dead to the underworld Ireland
Donu See Dana
Dorina, Goddess of hunting Nigeria
Doris, Ocean goddess Greek
Dorje Naljorma, Goddess of happiness Tibet
Dornoll, Goddess of physical prowess Celtic
Dou Mou, Goddess North Star, health and diseases and justice China
Doudoun, God of the Nile cataracts Nubia
Doushen, Goddess of justice China
Dovomik See Khoromozitel
Dragoni, God of thunder and lightning Albania
Druantia, Goddess Celtic
Dryads, Nymphs of the trees and woods Greek
Dryope, Goddess of water Greek
Dsahadoldza, Fiery god of earth and water Navaho
Du'uzu Dunatis, God of fortifications Celtic
du-l Halasa, God who was demoted to the rank of an idle Arabic
Dua, Lion headed god of the future and protector of the stomach of the deceased Egypt
Duan Luteh, Goddess of the moon Ireland
Dubh Lacha, Early goddess of the sea Ireland
Dugnai, Goddess of baking and kneading and liquor Lithuania
Duha Deo, Minor god the bridegroom Hindu
Duillae, Fertility and vegetation goddess Roman/Iberia
Dumuzi, God of fertility Babylon
Dumuzi, Shepherd god and the Jewish Tammuz Sumeria
Dunatis, God of fortifications Celtic
Dunawali, Evil goddess Huli
Dundra See Alako
Dunne, Goddess of the sky, fire and who ruled over the clan territory Siberia/Tungus
Dur, Underworld god Iran/Kassite
Durangama, Minor goddess Buddhist/Vajrayana
Durga, Goddess of fire and a vengeful warrior Hindu/Puranic
Durjata, Minor goddess who waits on the god Buddhakapala Buddhist/Mahayana
Dusara W., Local god associated with vegetation and fertility survived until about 500 C. E. Semitic
Duttur, Goddess of ewes Sumeria
Duzi Kafir, Local god known only from an altar stone, but he did like male goats as a sacrifice Afghanistan
Dwyn, God of love Celtic
Dwyn Kazoba Baziba, God of the sun as well as the moon Africa
Dwynwen See Dwyn
Dyaus, God of the rain Hindu/Vedic
Dyaus Pitar, Creator god Hindu/India/Vedic
Dyaush, First supreme god India
Dylan, Guardian deity of the mouth of the River Conway British/Welsh
Dzalarhons, Goddess of fire and volcanoes Haida
Dziva, Goddess of justice Africa
Dzivaguru, Great goddess of the earth Korekore
Dziwozony, Goddesses of healing, herbs and love Poland
E Alom, Primeval creator goddess Mayan
E Quhalom, Primeval creator god Mayan/Quiche
E. See Jokinam Lake Albert
Ea, God of wisdom, spells, incantations, and the seas Babylon/Mesopotamia
Ea See Enki
Eacus, Weather god Roman/Iberia
Eadon, Goddess of poetry Ireland
Easal, God of abundance and prosperity Ireland/Manx
Easter See Ostara
Eastre, Goddess of healing germanic
Eate, God of fire and storms Basque
Ebech, God of mountains who lost a fight, fatally so Canaan
Ebhlinne, Goddess of Munster and midsummer Ireland
Ebisu, God of fishermen Japan
Eblis, Chief of the evil spirits Islam
Ebore, Sky god Africa
Ec Yenisei, High god Siberia
Ececheira, Goddess of armistices and peace Greek
Echidna, Half woman, half snake, a demonic monster Greek
Echraidhe See Etain
Echtghe, Believed to be another form of Dana Aughty Ireland
Edeke Teso, God of disasters Uganda
Edinkira, Tree goddess Africa
Edo See Ogun|Nago
Edusa, Goddess of infants who are weaning Roman
Ee loolth, Goddess of mountains Duwamish
Ee-A-o, Primordial being Christian/Gnostic
Egata See Eate
Egeria, Goddess of childbirth of midwives, fountains and justice Roman
Egres, Fertility god in charge of the the turnip crop Finnish
Egungun oya, Form of the Yoruba goddess of divination Africa
Eguzk See Ekhi
Ehacatl, God of education and the wind Aztec
Ehi See Ihi
Eibhir, Goddess of the sun Ireland/Manx
Eileithyia, Goddess of childbirth Greek
Eir, Goddess of mercy, healing and teaching norse
Eire See Eriu
Eirene, Goddess of peace and one of the Horae Greek
Eithne, Old goddess Ireland
Eji Ogbe, God who is king of the pantheon Africa(west)/Nigeria/Yoruba
Ek, Babob Mayan
Ek Chuah, God of war and commerce Mayan
Ek Yakimtolsil Bella Coola See Qamai'ts
Eka Abassi, Creator of life Africa
Ekadasaruda, Collective name for the group of gods (11) they are forms of the god Rudra Hindu
Ekahau, God of commerce Aztec
Ekahau, God of travelers and merchants Mayan
Ekajata, Goddess of happiness Buddhist
Ekarudra, Minor deity, another aspect of Siva Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Ekastaka, Goddess of healthy children India
Ekchuah, God of traveling merchants Mayan
Ekhi, Personification of the sun Basque
Ekineba, Goddess of teaching Africa
Ekkekko, God of good fortune Quechua
El, Supreme god started life as Storm god Ymvh, god Hebrew/Phoenicia/Canaan
El, Storm god, also found in the mythologies of Canaan and the early Jewish invaders Ymvh Jehova god Syria
El See Hadad
El'eb, Primordial god Canaan
Elagabul, God of Emesa[Syria]. Also a roman emperor, apparently. Greek
Elaine, Maiden aspect of the goddess British/Welsh
Elais, One of the Oenotropae Greek
Elasii, Goddesses of healing and epilepsy Greek
Elben, Nature spirits germanic
Electryone, Goddess of the moon Greek
Eleithyia, Goddess of childbirth and midwives Greek
Elel Puelche, Malevolent demonic being Argentina
Elemii See Olodumare
Elena, Goddess of fire Russia
Eleos, Goddess of peace and mercy Greek
Elgabal, Local mountain god with solar links Syria
Elihino, Goddess of the earth Cherokee
Elim, Collective term for god's the lower order of the gods from the great deities, the Elohim Judaic
Eljon, God Syria
Elkunisra, Creator god Hittite/Canaan
Ellaman, Goddess of passage, an astral deity Hindu/Dravidian/Tamil
Ellel, God Hittite
Elli, Goddess of wrestling norse
Ellil, Creator and air god Babylon/Akkadia
Ellilus See Ellel
Eloai, Christian primordial being Gnostic
Elohim, Gods plural Semitic
Elphame, Goddess of death and disease Scotland
Elphane See Elphame
Elphlane See Elphame
Elpis, Goddess of happiness Greek
Emanjah, Goddess of rivers and teacher of children Trinidad
Eme'mqut, Animistic spirit Koryak
Emeli Hin, Creator god and generic term meaning Lord Sudan/Tuareg
Emer, Goddess of wisdom Celtic
Emes, God of vegetation Sumeria
Emma O, God of death and lord of hell Buddhist/Japan
Empung Luminuut, Goddess who gave birth to God of the sun N. Celebes Is./Sulawesi
En, God who was demoted a demon by the Christians Iltyrain
Enbilulu, God of agriculture and the underworld Sumeria
Endouellicus, God of healing Roman/Iberia
Endukugga, God of the Underworld Sumeria
Endursaga, Herald god Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Enekpe, Goddess of the family and guardian of destiny Africa
Enki See Ea
Enki, Creator god, water, cunning and fertility Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Enkimdu, God of canals and ditches Sumeria
Enlil, God of air and weather Sumeria
Enmesarra, God of law Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Ennead, Heliopolis pantheon as a group Egypt
Ennugi, Attendant and throne bearer god Mesopotamia
Enodia, Goddess of crossroads and gates Greek
Enten, Fertility god who doubled as Guardian deity of farmers Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Enudu Gisha, God of plague, specifically smallpox Uganda
Enyo, Goddess of war and waster of cities Greek
Enzu, God who was named appears to be a corrupted form of Suen Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Eochaidh See Dagda
Eos, Goddess of warriors and of the dawn Greek
Eostre, Goddess for whom the Sabbat is named for (aka Easter) Celtic
Epaphos, Progenitor of the Egyptians Greek
Epet, Goddess of healing, childbirth, children Egypt
Epimetheus, Minor creator god Roman/Greek
Epona, Goddess of horses, mules, and oxen Celtic
Epos, God often seen as a male form of Epona British
Erah See Jarih
Eranoranhan, Protector of men only Canary Is./Hierro Is.
Erato, Muse of lyric poetry and mime Greek
Erce, Earth mother and harvest goddess Celtic
Erda, Very old and wise goddess of the earth germanic
Erebos, Primordial deity, different Roman/Greek
Ereshkigal, Underworld goddess, mother of Storm god Hittite/Akkadia
Ereshkigal, Goddess of death Sumeria
Erge, Spirit who takes men's lives Basque
Erh Lang, God who with his dog saved Beijing from flooding China
Eri of the Golden Hair, Virgin Goddess of the Tuatha De Danann Ireland
Erin See Eriu
Erinyes See Eumenides
Erinys, Goddess of wrath Greek
Eris, Goddess of discord and strife Greek
Erishkigal, Goddess of the underworld Sumeria
Eriskegal, One of the divinities who ruled the netherworld Babylon/Allatu
Eriu, One of the three queens of the Tuatha De Danann and Goddess of fertility Ireland
Erkilek, Malevolent hunting god Inuit
Erlik Samoyed, God of the netherworld Finnish
Ermutu, Goddess of childbirth and midwives Egypt
Eros, God of erotic love, passion and of sex Greek
Erra, God of war Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Erzuli Mapiangueh, Goddess of justice Haiti
Erzulie, Goddess of health, clothes, flowers, jewelry, of fertility, love, virginity, beauty and sex Haiti
Es Ket, Creator god who fashioned humans from clay Siberia
Esceheman, Grandmother earth Arapaho
Eschetewuaraha, Goddess of rain Chamacoco
Eschu, Messengers between gods and mortals, not very nice either Africa/Yoruba
Eseasar, Goddess of the earth Africa
Esenchebis, Reference to the goddess Isis Greek
Eshara, Goddess of war and of productive fields Chaldea
Eshmun, God of healing Canaan
Eshu, Divine messenger Yoruba/Fon
Essus, Harvest/woodcutter god British/Gaul
Estar See Istar
Estsanatlehi, Goddess of change, fertility and the sky Navaho
Esu Edo, God of passage who stands at the gates of home of the gods Benin/Yoruba
Esus See Essus
Esus, God of war, who may have been a tree god Celtic
Etain, Goddess of war Ireland
Etugen, Virgin goddess of the earth Mongol
Eueucoyotl, God of fertility, sex, pleasure, sorrow and spontaneity Aztec
Eumenides, Goddesses of justice Greek
Eunomia, One of the Horae and goddess of order Greek
Eunostos, Goddess of flour mills Greek
Euphrosyne, Goddess of happiness and one of the graces Greek
Euros, God of the east winds Roman/Greek
Eurybia, Goddess of the sea Greek
Eurydice, Mountain valley nymph with a sad love story[ aren't they all?] Greek
Eurynome, Goddess of the sea and in one account she is the goddess of all creation Greek
Euterpe, Muse of lyric poetry and music Greek
Eutychia, Goddess of happiness Greek
Evaki, Goddess of the night Amazon
Evan, Considered female a being who is one of the Las Etruscan
Ewauna Coquille, Creator goddess PNW
Ezili Fon, Goddess who represents wisdom, beauty and love Haiti/Vodun/West Indies
Fa, God of divination Africa
Fabulinus, Minor god Roman
Fachea, Goddess of poetry and patron of bards Ireland
Fagus, God of beech trees Gaul/Pyrenean
Faivarongo Tikopia, God of sailors Polynesia
Fama, Goddess of fame and rumors Roman
Fan K'uei, God of butchers China
Fand, Goddess of happiness and pleasure Celtic
Fand, Goddess of healing and the ocean Ireland
Faragvoul, Votive god Haiti/Puerto Rico
Faro Bambara, God of rivers who brought order to the world when it was created Africa(west)
Fate, Goddess of fate Roman
Fates See Moira
Fatit, Female entities who are in charge of the individuals destiny Albania
Faumea, Goddess of fertility Polynesia
Fauna See Bona Dea
Fauna, Goddess of agriculture and winter Roman
Faunus, God of agriculture, fertility, nature and prophecy Roman
Fe Gai, Tutelary god Ivory Coast
Fe'e, God of the dead Polynesia
Fea, Goddess of war Ireland
Febris, Goddess of healing and fevers Roman
Februus, God of purity Roman
Fei Lien, God of the wind China
Felicitas, Goddess of happiness Roman
Fene, Either a demon or a place where demonic beings hang out, or both Henry
Feng Bo See Fei Lien
Feng Po Po, Goddess of the wind China
Fenja, Goddess of physical prowess norse
Feronia, Goddess of the autumn, fire and volcanoes Etruscan
Feronia, Goddess of orchards and protects freed men Roman
Fewi Lian See Fei Lien
Fideal, Goddess of water Scotland
Fides, Goddess of fidelity, honesty, oaths and public trust Roman
Fidi Mukullu Bena Lulua, Creator god Zaire
Finncaev, Thought to be a goddess of love and beauty Ireland
Finvarra, Strong god Ireland
Finweigh, God who made man. Bilan
Fionn Mac Cumhal, Ancient giant god/warrior Ireland/Scotland/Manx
Fjorgyn See Hlothyn
Fjorgynn, God mentioned in Snorri's Edda norse
Flidais, Ruler of wild beasts of the forestswoodlands Ireland
Flora, Goddess of gardens, plants, flowers, love, prostitution,spring and youth Roman
Fo, Name for Buddha China
Folla See Fulla
Fomore, Adversaries of the Tuatha De Danann, and called it demons Ireland
Fons, Goddess of fountains Roman
Fornax, Goddess baking and grain Roman
Forseti, God of justice for men and gods norse/germanic
Fortuna, Goddess chance, fate, luck and happiness Roman
Foto-Tama, Ancestral god Japan/Shinto
Frau Holle, Goddess of winter germanic
Fravartin See Fravasi
Fravasi, Denotes the spirit of the pre-existence of the believer who watches over him as Protective spirit Iran
Frey, God of rain, weather, seafaring, fertility and prosperity norse
Freya, Goddess of fertility, love, beauty, sex and youth germanic
Freya, Goddess of spring,fertility and vegetation, rainbows, and magic norse
Freyja See Freya
Freyr See Frey
Frigg, Goddess of fertility and marriage norse/germanic
Frjorgyn, Goddess with no known cult, the name suggests she is a mountain/forest goddess and possibly revered as a goddess of fertility norse/germanic
Fu Hsi, God of fishing nets,vegetation, of happiness and the inventor of writing China
Fu Hsing, Spirit of happiness China
Fu Shen, God of happiness China
Fudo, God of wisdom Japan
Fudo Myoo, God who protects against catastrophes Buddhist
Fufluns, God of wine and of the harvest Etruscan
Fuji, Goddess of fire and volcano and chief goddess Japan/Ainu
Fujin, God of winds Japan/Shinto
Fukurokuju, God of luck and the star god Japan
Fulgora, Goddess of lightning Roman
Fulla, Goddess of healing germanic
Furiae, Goddesses of justice and robbers Roman
Furies See Furiae
Futsu-Nushi-No-Kami, God of war Japan/Shinto
Futsu-Nushi-No-Kami See Take-Mika-Dzuchi-No-Kami
Fuwch Frech, Goddess of happiness Welsh
Ga, God of metal Fon
Ga Oh, Master of the winds Iroquois
Gabija, Goddess of the hearth fire Lithuania
Gabjauja, Goddess of grain who was demoted to an evil spirit by Christianity Lithuania
Gabriel, Archangel who was rather busy as a messenger from the god of Abraham, he also toots the trumpet who signifies the end of the universe Hebrew/Christian
Gad, God of fortune Canaan
Gad, God of unknown qualities, but likely concerned with chance and/or fortune Punic
Gaea, Goddess of the earth and first born of chaos Greek
Gagananja, God Buddhist
Gaia See Gaea
Gajavahana, God, a form of the god Skanda Hindu/Dravidian/Tamil
Gal Bapsi, Local god who can expiate sins, but it is rough Hindu/Dravidian/Tamil
Galatea, One of the Neriedes Greek
Galla, Minor underworld gods Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Gamab, Supreme god and creator of the world who lives beyond the stars Africa
Ganapati, God of education, wisdom, luck, prosperity, and prudence Hindu/Puranic
Ganapatihrdaya, Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Ganaskidi, God of harvest, plenty and mists Navaho
Ganda Tara, Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Gandha, Goddess Buddhist/Tibet
Gandhari, Goddess of learning Jain
Ganesa See Ganapati
Ganesha See Ganapati
Ganga, Goddess of healing, rivers and happiness Hindu
Gangir, Goddess Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Ganiklis, God of shepherds Lithuania
Ganna See Gamab
Gans, Mountain spirits Apache
Ganymede, Mortal boy who was given immortality and the job of cup bearer to the gods Greek
Gao Yao, God of judgment China
Gaomei, Ancient goddess [first mother] later changed into a male divinity China
Gapn, Messenger of Baal, absent in ritual texts Syria
Garbh Ogh, Giantess and goddess of the hunt Ireland
Gardua, Archaic sun god Hindu/Vedic
Garmangabis, Tutelary goddess who came to British with the Romans British
Gartiae, TRoman version of the Greek graces Roman
Garuda, Prince of birds who lets Visnu ride on his back India
Gasueko, Lord of darkness, who may prove friendly and helpful, but he may also appear as a devil Basque
Gatumdug, Goddess of fertility as well as Tutelary goddess of Lagas Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Gaunab Damaras See Gamab
Gaunab Kohl, Malevolent god of darkness as well as the god of of of the black heaven Africa(south)
Gauri, Form of the mighty Durga and a goddess of spring Hindu
Gauri, Messenger goddess Jain
Gauri, Goddess of mountains India/Sankar
Gavida, Minor god of the forge Ireland
Gawa See Gamab
Ge See Gaea
Ge Gu, Goddess of health and medicine China
Geb, God of the Earth Egypt
Gebeleizis, God of thunderstorms Thrace
Gebjon, Goddess of healing norse
Geezhigo Quae, Sky mother Ojibwa
Gefion, Goddess of fertility germanic
Gekka O, God of marriage Japan
Gendenwitha, Goddess of the dawn and the morning star Iroquois
Genetaska, Goddess of justice, fairness and of peace Iroquois
Genii, Protective spirits who guide human beings, no one knows why Roman/Etruscan
Genius, God of the men only Roman
Geofon, Goddess of the ocean British
Geras, Goddess of old age Greek
Gerra, God of fire who was the Sumeria god Gibil Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Gestianna? See Gestin-Ana
Gestin-Ana, Minor goddess Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Gestu, Minor god of the intellect whose blood was used in the creation of mankind, after his death the course Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Geus Urvan, God who created and protected cattle Iran
Geush, Assists the Amesha Spenta, Vohu Manab Urvan
Geyaguga, Moon spirit Cherokee
Ghantakarna, God of healing Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Ghantapani, God running a round with a bell in his hand Buddhist/Mahayana
Ghasmari, Goddess of rather terrifying appearance Buddhist
Ghede, God of death, and of fertility and love Vodun
Ghentu, Minor god Hindu
Gibil, God of fire Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Gibini Gishu, Plague god associated with of the smallpox god Uganda
Gidja, God of the moon Australia
Gilgames, Early historical King of Uruk, who later became and deified and was considered a god of the underworld Sumeria
Gillian, Goddess spring British
Giltine, Goddess of death, her preferred method is either strangulation or suffocation Lithuania
Giriputri, Goddess of mountains and water Bali
Girra See Gibil
Girru See Gibil
Girru, Busy fellow, he is the god of fire and light and patron of civilization Sumeria
Gish Kafir, God of war Afghanistan
Giszida, God Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Gita, Mother goddess Buddhist/Tibet
Gitche, Great Spirit, the All Father Manitou/Algonquin/Lenape
Glaucus, God of the sea Roman
Gleti, Goddess of the moon Benin
Glispa, Spirit who gave the healing chant to the people Navaho
Glooscap See Gluskap
Glooscap See Nanabush
Gluskap, Creator force Algonquin
Glykon, Reincarnation of Asklepios, a demon with a human head and body of a snake Gnostic/Mitharic
Gnomes, Demonic beings who inhabit woods, mountains and water Pan-European
Gnowee, Goddess of war Australia
gNyan, The spirits who are a thing but nice Tibet
Gobannon, Blacksmith type god Celtic
Gobnu, God of skills to include Ale brewing Ireland
god, Claimed to be the creator god around 325 C.E., still in vouge by the Christian sect Roman/Christian/germanic/Anglo-Saxon
God of the sun, God of the sun of Heaven Hittite/Akkadia
Goewin, Goddess of sovereignty Welsh
Goewyn See Goewin
Gog, Consort of Magog Gaelic
Goga, Goddess of fire Melanesia
Gohone, Spirit of winter Iroquois
Goibbiu, God of the blacksmith craft, brews beers which grants immortality to the drinker Ireland
Goleuddydd, Goddess Welsh
Gomaj, Moon spirit Native American
Gon-Po Nag-Po, God of many names Tibet
Gonaqade't Chilat, God of the sea USA
Gong Gong, Devil who lets loose the great flood and is the opponent of the ruling god China
Gor, God of thunder Africa
Goraknath, Guardian god who is an avatar of Siva Hindu
Gott See god
Gou Mang and Ru Shu, Messengers of the sky god China
Govannon, God who was invoked to help clean the plowshare Welsh
Graces, Roman version of the Greek Charities Roman
Graeae, Three old women or gray ones Greek
Grahamatrka, Goddess whose name means demon mother Buddhist
Grahamatrka, Goddess and stellar deity Nepal
Graii See Graeae
Grainne, Master herbalist and Goddess of the sun Ireland/Scotland/Manx
Gramadevata, Generic term for the local tutelary gods India
Gramnnos See Borvo
Grannos, God of healing and springs Celtic
Grannus, God of healing affiliated with hot springs and mineral waters Roman
Gratiae See Graces
Grdhrasya, Minor goddess whose name translates to face of a vulture Buddhist
Great Father, Horned god,the Lord Celtic
Great Mother, Lady represents the female principle of creation Celtic
Grhadevi, God of the household India
Grian, Faery goddess from County Tipperary and a goddess of war Ireland
Grid, Goddess of strength norse
Grismadevi, Seasonal goddess Buddhist/Tibet
Groa, Goddess of healing norse
gSan Sgrub Bon, God who was absorbed into a variety of Yama in Lamaism Tibet
gShen-Lha-Odkhar, God of light Tibet/Bon
gShen-Rab, Supreme god Tibet/Bon
Gua, God of agriculture, blacksmiths, and thunder Africa(west)
Guabancex, Goddess of the winds and rain Taino/Caribbean
Guabonito, Goddess of the sea who teaches people about medicines and health Haiti
Guaire, Guardian god/spirit of Bruigh Ireland
Guamaonocon, Mother Earth Antilles
Guan Di, God of war China
Guan Yin, Goddess of mercy China
Guanyin See Guan Yin
Gucumatz, Creator god Quiche
Guede l'Oraille, Goddess of violent storms Haiti
Gueu-Pillan Aruucania See Menechen
Gugulanna, Minor underworld god Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Guhyasamaja, Protective deity Buddhist
Gui See Gui Xian
Gui Xian, Demonic beings, descended from people who had either drowned and/or committed suicide and could not be reincarnated China
Gujeswari, Mother goddess India
Gujo Kafir, Tutelary god Afghanistan
Gukumatz, Sky god Mayan/Quiche
Gul-ases See Gul-ses
Gul-Ses, Collective name for all the goddesses of fate Hittite
Gul-ses, Scribes of the gods who dispense good, evil, life and death Hittite
Gula See Gatumdug
Gula, Mother goddess of creativity, fire and with the power to inflict/cure disease Babylon/Sumeria
Gula See Nin Ezan [La]
Gula See Nintinugga
Gula Bau See Gula
Gulissa Mata, Mother goddess who became a goddess of evil intent, inflecting sickness Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Gulliveig, Goddess/sorceress of the Vanir race of gods norse
Gulu, Creator god Dinka
Gum Lin, Goddess of rivers China
Gunab, God of evil Hottentot
Gungu, God of the new moon Aryan
Gunura, God whom nothing is known about, duty wise Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Gur-Gyi Mgon-Po, God of tents Buddhist/Tibet
Gurzil, God in the shape of a bull Tripolitania
Gusilim, God Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Guta, Demonic being who represents the seamy side of life Hungary
Gwen, Goddess of happiness and smiles Celtic
Gwendion, God of war Welsh
Gwethyr, King of the Upperworld Gwyrthur Ap Gwreidawl Welsh
Gwyddno, God of the sea Welsh
Gwydyon See Gwendion
Gwynn Ap Nudd, King of the fairies and the underworld Welsh
Gyhldeptis, Kindly forest goddess Tlingit/Haida
Ha, Guardian god of the West Egypt
Ha Wen Neyu, Great spirit. Iroquois
Habetrot, Goddess of healing and spinning British
Habetrot, Goddess of spell casting on the wheel of the year Celtic
Habiesso, God of thunder Africa
Habonde See Habondia
Habondia, Goddess of abundance and prosperity British
Hacauitz, Mountains god Mayan
Hacha'kyum, God of the real people Mayan/Lacandon
Hachacyum, Creator the world who was helped by three other gods Mayan
Hachiman, God of war who was based on an actual emperor, his sacred animal is the dove Japan
Hachiman, God of war and peace Japan/Shinto
Hadad See Baal
Hadad, God of lightning, thunder and storms Semitic/Canaan
Hadakai, Goddess of health and Rabies India
Hades, God of death, ruler of the underworld and one of the Olympian gods Greek
Hae Soon, Goddess of war Korea
Hafoza, God of thunder and lightning Jate
Hah, God who was the bearer of heaven, a personification of infinity and eternity Egypt
Hahana Ku, Messenger god Mayan
Hahgwehdiyu, God of goodness Iroquois
Haili'la Haida, Plague god associated with small pox. Interesting history. Cool PNW
Hala, Goddess of healing Kassite
Halahala, God of poison Buddhist/Mahayana
Haldi Urart, Tutelary god Armenia
Halki, God of barley and grain Hittite
Halsodyne, Goddess of the sea Greek
Haltia, Goddess of healing Finnish/Ugric
Ham vareti, Goddess of mist Persia
Hamadryades, Tree spirits whose existence is restricted to the tree who the guard when it dies they die Roman/Greek
Hamavehae, Trinity of mother goddesses Roman/Rhineland
Hamedicu, High god Huron
Hami-Yasu-Hime, Goddess of potters Japan/Shinto
Hammon, God of the dead son Libya
Han Xiang-Zhi, Immortal being, there were eight China/Taoist
Hana, God of silence norse
Hananim, God of the sky, a supreme god, he moves stars, rewards good and punishes evil Korea
Hanghepi, God of the moon Dakota
Hani-Yasu-Hiko, God of potters Japan/Shinto
Hani[s], Minor god Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Hannahanna, God of agriculture and the sky Hittite
Hannahannas, Mother goddess Hittite/Hurrian
Hano Bella, Goddess of teaching Coola
Hansa, God, a minor avatar of visible Hindu/Puranic
Hanuman, Chief minister and general of the monkey people as well as a patron saint of learning Puranic/Epic
Hanumat Hindu See Hanuman
Hanwasuit, Tutelary goddess of of the throne, kings received their mandate from her Hittite
Hanwi, Goddess of the dawn and twilight Ogalala
Hao Ch'iu, God of the heart China
Hao Janjero, God who resided in the river Gibe Ethiopia
Haoma, Plant who suffered the indignity of being deified, its sap was an intoxicating drink used in a sacrificial ceremonies Iran
Hapantalli, God of the Nile, fish, barley, grain, herbs, water, dew, and fertility Egypt
Hapantalli See Hapantalliyas
Hapantalliyas, Minor moon god Hittite
Hapi See Hapantalli
Hapi, God who protected the the lungs of the dead, and the personification of the Nile Egypt
Hapy See Hapantalli
Hara, Avatar of Siva Hindu/Puranic
Hara-Yama-Tsu-Mi, God of mountains concerned with the wooded mountain slopes Japan/Shinto
Harachte, God of the morning sun Egypt
Harakhti, Form of the god Horus Egypt
Hardaul, Plague god, he protected against cholera Hindu
Harendotes, Form of the Egyptian god Horus who guards and protects his father Greek
Hari, Minor incarnation of the god Visnu Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Harihara, Twin divinity composed of Visnu and Siva India
Harimella, Goddess of Tungrain origin Scotland
Hariti, Plague goddess associated with smallpox Buddhist
Hariti, Mother goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Harmachis, Form of the Egyptian god Horus Greek
Harmeti, Tutelary god of Seden, a form of Horus Egypt
Harmonia, Goddess of justice Greek
Haroeris, Form of the Egyptian god Horus, but this time as an adult Greek
Harpocrates, God of silence and secrecy Greek
Harpokrates, Form of the Egyptian god Horus, as a child sitting on his mother's knee Greek
Harpre, God whose job was to protect the king from illness and misfortune Egypt
Harsa, Goddess Hindu
Harsaphes, Ram-headed god of fertility and water Egypt/Hellenized
Harsiese[s], Form of the god Horus, especially as the child of Isis and Osiris Egypt
Harsomtus, Form of the god Horus Egypt/Hellenized
Harsomtus See Somtus
Harti, Demoness whom Buddha converted to a goddess who protects children instead of eating them Japan/China
Hasamelis, God who can protect travelers Hittite/Hurrian
Hasam[m]eli, God of blacksmiths and of the craft of wrought-iron Hittite
Hasta, Minor benevolent goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Hastbaka, Oldest male of the spirits Navaho
Hastebaad, Chief of the female spirits Navaho
Hastehogan, Chief male spirit of the house Navaho
Hastseltsi, Male spirit of racing. Navaho
Hastseoltoi, Female spirit of hunting Navaho
Hastsezini, Male spirit of fire Navaho
Hatasa, Horse goddess Buddhist
Hatdastsisi, Benevolent male spirit who helps cure disease Navaho
Hathor, Goddess of procreation, sexuality, romance, trees, poetry, music, alcohol, childbirth, infants, death, fertility, love, marriage, beauty, joy and the sky Egypt
Hatmehit See Hatmehyt
Hatmehyt, Goddess of fertility and guardian of fish and fishermen Egypt
Hatshepsut, Goddess of justice Egypt
Hatti, Plague goddess associated with cholera Hindu
Hatti, Throne goddess Hittite
Hatuibwari, Rather strange sort, half divine/half demonic snake and female Melanesia/San Cristoval Is.
Haubas, Local god known only from inscriptions Arabic
Haubas, May be a particular form of Attar Arabic
Hauhet, Primordial goddess, one of the Ogboad Egypt
Haukim, Local god thought to be concerned with arbitration and the law Arabic
Haumea, Goddess of childbirth, midwives and of fertility Hawaii
Haumia, God of wild plants Maori
Haumia See Haumiatiketike
Haumiatiketike, Vegetation god Polynesia/Maori
Haurun, Fiery earth god Canaan
Haurvatat, One of the spirits, it is associated with life after death Zoroastrian
Havea Lolo Fonua, Goddess of intercourse Polynesia
Haya-Ji, God of the winds Japan/Shinto
Hayagriva, Patron god of horses Buddhist/Tibet
Hayagriva, Incarnation of Vishnu Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Hayasa, Horse god, could be Hayangriva in disguise Hindu
Hayasum, Minor god of uncertain function Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Hazzi, God invoked in a Hittite treaties who was a mountain and weather god Hittite/Hurrian
He Bo, Divine ruler of all rivers China
He Xian-Ku, One of the eight immortals, she achieved immortality through her exemplary life China/Taoist
He Zur, Baboon god accepted as a manifestation of Thot Egypt
Hea, Goddess of wisdom Mesopotamia/Ugarit
Heammawihio, Great spirit Cheyenne
Hebat, Goddess of the sky, her title was "Queen of heaven" Hittite
Hebe, Goddess of beauty, wine spring and youth as well as the cup bearer of the gods Greek
Hecaerge, Goddess of archery Greek
Hecate, Goddess of agriculture, black magic, witchcraft, crossroads, fertility, the moon, night, and wisdom Greek
Hedammu, Snake demon who resides in the sea and is constantly hungry Hurrian
Hedetet, Scorpion goddess found in the Book of the dead Egypt
Hedrun, Goddess of intoxicating mead norse
Hegemone, Goddess of plants; responsible for their fruition Greek
Hegir-Nuna See Gangir
Heh, Primordial god of infinity Egypt
Heha, God of magical words Egypt
Hehet, Primordial goddess of the immeasurable Egypt
Heimdal, God of warriors germanic
Heimdall, God of fire and light norse
Heitsi Hottentot, Dying god, the god of the hunt Africa
Heka See Hike
Hekate, Chthonic Goddess of the moon and pathways as well as nocturnal evil Greek
Heket, Goddess midwives Egypt
Hekoolas, Goddess of war Miwok
Hekt, Goddess of midwives Egypt
Helena, Goddess of the moon and healer Greek
Helene, Goddess ofvegetation, she is the one the Trojan War was fought over Greek
Helia, Goddess of the sun Greek
Helios, God of war and the sun Greek
Helle, Goddess of the sea Greek
Heloha, Spirit[female] of thunder Choctaw
Hel[i], Goddess of death germanic
Hemantadevi, Goddess of winter Buddhist/Tibet
Hemen, Falcon god Egypt
Hemsut, Goddess of fate and newborn babies Egypt
Hemuset See Hemsut
Hendursaga, God of law Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Heng, Spirit of thunder Huron
Heng E, Goddess of the moon China
Heng o, Goddess of the moon China
Heng-O See Ch'ang O
Henkhesesui, Ram headed, winged, beetle god of the east wind Egypt
Heno, God of the sky and the spirit of thunder Iroquois
Henwen, Goddess Welsh
Hephaestos, God of volcanoes, fire and metal working Greek
Heqt, Goddess of life and childbirth, equipped with a frog's head Egypt
Hera, Goddess of childbirth, marriage, motherhood, of the sky, and storms Greek
Herabe, God who causes insanity. Huli
Here See Hera
Here Ketit, Lion headed goddess who breathes fire on the evil deceased Egypt
Herensugue, Snake shaped devilish spirit Basque
Heret-Kau, Underworld goddess of the old kingdom Egypt
Hermanubis, God of the dead in the cult of Isis Egypt
Hermes, God of athletes, sport, gambling, commerce, communications, eloquence, luck, medicine, oratory, roads, and wind Greek
Hermes, God of travelers, messenger to the gods, "The Good Shepherd", god of herds and flocks, a rather busy fellow Greek
Hermod, Messenger god norse
Hermraphroditos, God who became one with a goddess and is now of uncertain status Greek
Hermus, God of rivers Roman
Herne, Underworld god and leader phantom hunt British/Anglo-Saxon
Heron, God appearing on the monuments of the Greek and Roman eras, thought to be a horseman god Egypt
Heros, Underworld god who is also a horseman Thrace
Herovet, God of the army Slavic
Herse, Goddess of the dew Greek
Heruka, God, one of the more popular in the pantheon Buddhist/Mahayana
Herysaf, Primeval god Egypt
Hesat, Goddess of birth and a minor guardian of pregnant and nursing mothers Egypt
Hesperos, Goddess of evening Greek
Hestia, Virgin goddess of the hearth, family, and peace prosperity, stability and community Greek
Hetep, God of peace and happiness Egypt
Hetepes-Sekhus, Underworld goddess Egypt
Hettsui No Kami, Goddess who protected and provided for the family Japan
Hevajira, God equivalent to the Hindu Siva Buddhist/Mahayana
Hexchuchan, God of war Mayan/Itza
Hexe, Goddesses of curing illness germanic
Hez-ur, Baboon god, considered to be a form of Thot Egypt
Hi'lina Haida, Tribal god who represents the Thunderbird PNW
Hi-Hiya-Hi, God of the sun Japan/Shinto
Hi-No-Kagu-Tsuchi, Fire god whose birth caused the death of the primordial goddess Izanami Japan/Shinto
Hihankara, Goddess of the Milky Way Lakota
Hiisi Karelin, Pre-Christian tree god who of course was demoted to mean devil, but in the eight minor sense Finnish
Hike, God based in memphis Egypt
Hiko-Sashiri-No-Kami See Taoki-Ho-Oi-No-Kami
Hikoboshi, Astral god Japan/Shinto
Hila, God of weather Inuit
Hilaeira, Goddess of brightness Greek
Hilal, God of the new moon Arabic
Himalia, Goddess invoked to bless the harvest Greek
Himavan, God of mountains, the apotheosis of the Himalayan Mountains Hindu
Hime-Gami See Hachiman
Hime-O-Kami See Hachiman
Himerus, God of sexual desire Greek
Himivat See Himavan
Hina, Goddess of the moon, fertility and healing herbs Hawaii
Hine titama, Goddess of the dawn Maori
Hine-Ahu-One, Chthonic goddess Polynesia/Maori
Hine-Ata-Uira, Goddess of light Polynesia/Maori
Hine-Nui-Te-Po, Chthonic goddess of night and of the underworld Polynesia/Maori
Hinglaj[-Mata], Mother goddess Hindu
Hinkon Tungus, God of hunting as the controller of all animals Siberia
Hino See Heno
Hino, God of the sky Iroquois
Hinokagutsuchi, Fire god whose birth killed the goddess Izanami Japan/Shinto
Hintubuet, Supreme being, however she is androgynous Melanesia/Maori/New Ireland Is.
Hintubuhet See Hintubuet
Hinu See Heno
Hippona, Goddess of horses Roman
Hiranyagarbha, Creator god identified in the Rig Veda, the demon King who proclaimed himself king of the universe Hindu/Vedic
Hiranyakasipu, Demon who held the earth prisoner, under flood waters India
Hiribi, Goddess of summer Canaan
Hiro, God of rain and fertility Easter Is.
Hisakitaimisi, Controller of life Creek
Hittavainen Karelian, God of hunting and the guardian of hare hunters Finnish
Hlin, Goddess of summer and consolation norse
Hlothyn, Goddess from the poetic edda norse
Hnossa, Goddess of infatuation norse
Ho Masubi, God of fire Japan
Ho Po Ping I, God of the Yellow River China
Ho-Musubi-No-Kami, Fire god Japan/Shinto
Ho-Po, God who controls all rivers but in particular, the Yellow River China/Taoist
Hoa Tapu, God of war Tahiti
Hoatziqui, Goddess of justice Mexico
Hobas See Haubas
Hod, God of winter norse
Hoder, Blind god norse
Hodur See Hoder
Hoenir, God who gave all mortals the five senses germanic
Hoenir, God identified in the poetic edda norse
Hokewingla, Turtle spirit Dakota
Hokushin-O-Kami, Astral deity, Ursa Minor Japan/Shinto
Holda, Goddess of beauty and love germanic
Holdyn See Hlothyn
Holi, Goddess of happiness and merriment India
Holle, Goddess of the newborn emerged from the underworld, where she also accepts the souls of the dead germanic
Holly King and Oak King, Two sacrificial gods Celtic
Holy Spirit, God of Christianity
Honabe, Primeval goddess Huli
Honir, God who gave humans and their understanding and feelings norse
Honos See Honus
Honus, God of military honors Roman
Hor-Hekenu, In this form, Horus is the lord of protection Egypt
Hora, Goddess of beauty Roman
Horae, Goddesses of order and the seasons, all three of them Greek
Horagalles, Weather god, a local version of Thor Lappland
Horai See Horae
Horkos, God of oaths Greek
Horus, God of prophecy, healing, music, art, war, victory, light, the north and the sky Egypt
Hosia, Goddess of holy rituals Greek
Hotei, Of the Seven gods of Luck Japan/Shinto
Hotogov Mailgan, Goddess of heaven at night Siberia/Buriat
Hotoru, Wind spirit Pawnee
Hotr[a], Minor goddess of sacrifices Hindu/Vedic
Hottentot See Gaunab Kohl
Hou Chi, Lord of abundant harvests China
Hou T'u, God of the earth China
Hound of Culann See Cu Chulain
Hours, Underworld goddesses, the 12 daughters of Re Egypt
Hov Ava, Goddess of the moon Russia
How, China the is the goddess of the air Chu
Hoy Kong, Goddess of Ursa Minor China
Hrsikesa, God, a minor avatar of Visnu Hindu
Hsi Ling su, God of silk China
Hsi shen, God of joy China
Hsi Shih, Goddess of face cream China
Hsi Wang Mu, Mother goddess of the Western Paradise and female energy China
Hsiao Wu, God of prisons China
Hsieh T'ien chun, God personification of the planet Saturn China
Hsien Nung, Agriculture god China
Hsien Se, Agriculture god China
Hsu Ch'ang, God of archery China
Hsuan T'ien See Pak Tai
Hsuan Wen hua, God of hair China
Hu, God who personified royal authority Egypt
Hu Shen, God of hail China
Hu Tu, Goddess of the Summer solstice China
Hua See So Ewe
Hua See Sodza Ewe
Hua See Sogblen Ewe
Huaca, Spirit being Peru
Huacas, Natural object that has an obvious supernatural manifestation Peru/Bolivia
Huan Yang ch'ang, God of the heart China
Huanacari, Guardian spirit Inca
Huang Fei-hu, Chthonic god who became the judge of the dead because their souls call at the sacred mountain China
Huang T'ing, God of the spleen China
Huang Ti, God of architecture and Astral god, a deified emperor and he invented the compass China
Huang-di, Mythical yellow emperor China
Hubal, Local tutelary and oracular god Arabic
Huban, Tutelary god Elamite/Iran
Hubris, God personifying lack of restraint Greek
Huehuecototl, Minor god, one of sexual lust Aztec
Huehuecototl-Coyotlinahual, Minor god of feather workers Aztec
Huehueteotl, God of fire Aztec
Huehueteotl See Xiuhtecuhtli
Huiracocha, Supreme deity accused of a virgin birth and creator of of the world Inca
Huiracocha See Vairacocha
Huitaca, Goddess of intoxication and the moon Chibcha
Huitzilopochtli, God of war and the sun as well as the patron god of the Aztec nation Aztec
Huitzlilpochtli See Mexitli
Huitznahua, Collectively, the remaining brothers of God of war who were defeated Aztec
Huixtocihuatl, Goddess of the ocean and salt Aztec
Hulka Devi, Goddess of cholera Hindu
Humban, Supreme deity Mesopotamia
Hun Hau, God of death Mayan
Hun Hunapu, Creator god Mayan
Hun Itzamna See Itzam Na
Hun Nal, God of maize Mayan
Hunab Ku, Most important creator god and the greatest deity in the pantheon Mayan
Hunahpa Utiu, Yet another god who helped create humans Mayan
Hunahpu, God of the sun, twin of Ixbalanque Mayan
Hunahpu Gutch, One of the 13 gods who mistakenly created humans Mayan
Hunahpu Vuch, Goddess of hunting Mayan
Hung Sing, Guardian god of of fishing boats and their crews China
Hunhau, One of several gods of death who ruled the underworld Mayan
Hunthaca, Goddess of the moon? Guatemala
Huo Pu, God of fire China
Hur ki, Goddess of the moon? Babylon/Mesopotamia
Hurabtil, God known only from being mentioned in Akkadia texts Elamite/Iran
Huracan, Creator god who fashioned the first humans Quiche
Hurakan See Huracan
Hurakan, God of storms, thunder and hurricanes Nicaragua
Hurucan See Huracan
Hurukan See Huracan
Huvi Bushmen, Supreme god Africa
Huvi Ovimbundu, God of hunting Africa(west)
Huzayui, Serpent headed, winged god of the west wind Egypt
Hvar, God of the sun Iran
Hyaninthos, God of vegetation Unknown
Hygeia, Goddess of health and medicine Roman/Greek
Hymen, God of marriage and first love Roman/Greek
Hymenaeus See Hymen
Hymenaios See Hymen
Hyperion, Titan god of primordial light Greek
Hypermnestra, Goddess of water Greek
Hypnos, God of rest and/or sleep Greek
Hypsistos, Local god of the Bosporus area Roman/Greek
I'lena, Animistic spirit Koryak
Iae, God of the moon Brazil
Iakchos, God who might be demon and/or a demon who might be god Greek
Ialonus, Fertility god Celtic
Iambe, Goddess of happiness Greek
Ianagi and Izanami, God and goddess who created Japan Japan
Iapetos, Titan god who now hangs out in Tartarus Greek
Iarila, Goddess of fertility Russia
Iaso, Goddess of healing and medicine Roman/Greek
Iatiku and Nautsiti Acoma, Sisters who created man Native American
Ibath, Nemed who is believed to be a Tuatha ancestor/father god Ireland
Iblis, Islamic version of the Jewish/Christian Devil Islam
Icauna, Goddess of rivers of the river Yonne[Brittany] Roman/Celtic
Icci, Animistic spirits Siberia
Iccovellauna, Goddess of water Celtic
Ichpuchtli, Goddess of lust pleasure Aztec
Ida, Goddess of prayer and devotion who was a man who turned into a woman, really Hindu
Ida Ten, Young god who protects monasteries and is rather quick Japan
Idem Huva Finnish, Goddess of autumn Ugric
Idliragijenget, Goddess of the sea Inuit
Idlirvirisong, Demonic cousin of the sun Inuit
Idothea, Goddess of the sea Greek
Idunn, Keeper of the apples of immortality norse
Iegad, God who is guilty of bringing light to earth Pelew Is.
Iemaparu Pueblo, Corn mother Kachina?
Ifa, God of wisdom, knowledge and divining Yoruba
Ifru Roman, God known from an inscription at Crita Africa
Igaehinvdo, Goddess of the sun Cherokee
Igalilik, Very tough hunting spirit Inuit
Igaluk, God of the moon Inuit
Igigi, Collective name for the group of younger sky gods Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Ignerssauk, God of the sea, generally benevolent Inuit
Ignirtoq, Goddess of lightning Inuit
Ih P'en, Chthonioc fertility god, concerned with the growth of plants as well as family, property and other wealth Mayan
Ihi, Goddess of learning, of wisdom Tahiti
Ihi, Lord of the sistrum Egypt
Ihoiho, Creator god who created everything including the primeval waters Society Is.
Ihy, Minor god of music Egypt
Ikal Ahau, Chthonic death god, who strangely enough, is considered to inhabit Christian church towers in Mexico Mayan
Ikas, Mother Earth Algonquin
Ikenga Ibo, God of fortune, a benevolent deity Nigeria
Iku, God of death Nigeria
Iku-Ikasuchi-No-Kami, God of thunder, the most significant of the eight thunder deities, Japan/Shinto
Ikvaku, God of the sun Hindu/Vedic
Il, Creator god Syria/Canaan/Lebanon
Ila, Minor goddess of sacrifices Hindu/Vedic
Ilaalge, Local god Semitic
Ilabrat, Minor god, heavy into politics Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Ilamatecuhtli, Old mother goddess Aztec
Ilankaka, Goddess of the sun Nkundo
Ilankaka, Goddess of war Zaire
Ilat, Rain god Pokot/Suk
Ilazki, Apotheosis of the moon in a feminine form Basque
Ilithyia, Goddess of childbirth Eileithyia, Eilethyia, Eleuto Greek
Illapa, Od of lightning, thunder and rain storms Inca
Illargui, Goddess of the moon Basque
Illyapa See Illapa
Ilmarinen, God of good weather and the wind, he is also Protective deity of travelers and for a lark he forged the sun Finnish
Ilmatar, God of the earth Finnish
Ilyapa, God of storms and weather Inca
Im, Storm god Mesopotamia
Imana Banyarwanda, Chief god Africa(east)
Imazuma, Goddess of lightning Japan/Shinto
Imdugud See Zu
Imhotep, God of healing, embalming, medicine, learning, sleep etc Egypt
Imiut, Minor chthonic protective god Egypt
Immap Ukua, Goddess of the sea, mother to all of the sea creatures Inuit/Greenland
Immat Kafir, Demonic god who liked virgins Afghanistan
Imo, Goddess of justice Africa
Improcitor, Minor god of agriculture who worried over harrowing of the fields Roman
Imra, God Hindu/Kush
Imra Kafir, Creator god who is still worshipped today Afghanistan
Imset, Funerary god charged with the care of the liver of the deceased Egypt
Ina, Dolphin goddess Brazil
Ina'hitelan, Guardian spirit who supervises the skies Koryak
Inana, Goddess of fertility, of love and war Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Inanna, Goddess of fertility, of love Mesopotamia
Inanna, Goddess of heaven, light, long life, the moon, and war Sumeria
Inanna See Ishtar
Inanupdikile, Goddess of rain Panama
Inara, Minor goddess Hittite/Hurrian
Inaras, Goddess of liquor Anatolia
Inaras, Goddess of the wild animals of the steppe Hittite
Inari, God/dess of food and rice Japan/Shinto
Indr Kafir, Tutelary and weather god Afghanistan
Indra, God of rain, storms, thunder and clouds Hindu
Indra, God of fertility and war Vedic
Indrani, Goddess of wealth Hindu/Puranic/Vedic
Indukari, Goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Inemes, Goddess of love and of sexuality Micronesia
Ing, Ancestral god Anglo-Saxon
Inghean, One of the isters who made up a triple goddess and goddess of summer Ireland
Inguma, Spirit of death who enters people's homes by night and strangles them Basque
Ini, Goddess of justice Egypt
Ini Heret, Goddess of mediators, diplomats, statesman's and other professional liars Egypt
Inkanyamba, Storm god, deals directly with tornadoes Zulu/Africa(south)
Inkosazana, Goddess of education, rain, the rainbow and mist Zulu/Africa(south)
Inmar Votyak, Sky goddess who was taken over by the Christians and called of the Mother of god Finnish/Ugric
Inmutef, Minor canopic god Egypt
Inna, Goddess of justice Africa
Innana, Goddess of love, procreation, and war Sumeria
Insitor, God concerned with the sowing of crops Roman
Inta, God of fire who is associated with paternalism Aztec
Intercidona, Goddess of midwives Roman
Inti, God of war and the sun Inca/Quechua
Inuat, Spirit beings who reside with all living creatures and maintain the lamp of life Inuit
Inummutef See Inmutef
Inuus, God who protected herds Roman
Io, Chief god who appears to be known only to the nobility and the priests Zealand
Ioskeha, Creator of the first man and woman Iroquois
Ipalnemohuani, Supreme deity Aztec
Ipet, Started life as a hippopotamus goddess Egypt
Ipi See Ipet
Ipy, Mother goddess who occasionally will wet nurse the king Egypt
Irene, Goddess of peace Greek
Iris, Goddess of the rainbow Greek
Irmin, God of war germanic
Irmiongot, Possibly Irmin, found in The Hildebrandslied, strangely the poem shows Christian influence germanic
Irsirra, Goddess of fate Hurrian
Iruwa, Sun and war god Kenya
Irvun, God of the sun Congo/Tanzania/Cameroon
Isa, Guardian deity Buddhist
Isa, Aspect of Siva Hindu/Puranic
Isakakate, Supreme being Crow
Isamba, Goddess of the moon Africa
Isara Mesopotamia, Goddess of marriage and childbirth who dealt with the enforcement of oaths Semitic
Isden See Isten
Isdes, Chthonic god of death Egypt
Isdustaya, Goddess of of fate Proto-Hattic
Ises, Goddess of bow and arrow Africa
Ishi-Kori-Dome, God/goddess of stonecutters Japan/Shinto
Ishkur, God of rain Mesopotamia
Ishtar, Goddess of sexuality and of love and war Babylon
Isi, Goddess India
Isinu See Ismud
Isis, Goddess of childbirth, death, the earth, fertility, marital devotion, motherhood, healing, home, magic, the moon and the mother goddess Egypt
Iskur, Chief rain and thunder god Mesopotamia/Sumeria/Iraq
Island of Flame, Though not a god, without it eight gods would never have came into being Egypt
Ismud, Dual-faced messenger god Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Israfil, Angel who blows the trumpet of doom at the last call for of the universe Islam
Issaki, Goddess walking around with a headless child Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Issitoq, Policing god Inuit
Istadevata, Tutelary god Buddhist/Tibet
Istadevata, Generic title for a personal god or a house icon Hindu
Istanu, God of judgment who was also God of the sun Hittite
Istar, Goddess of fertility and war known as the star of heaven Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Istaran, Tutelary god of the city of Der Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Isten, Chief deity Hungary
Isten, God related to knowledge and wisdom Egypt
Istustaya, One of the deities who awaited the return of Telipinus Hittite
Isum, Minor god, possibly a god of fire Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Isvara, Epitaph of Siva Hindu
Itaba, Ancestral goddess Haiti
Itchita Yakut, Goddess of the earth, prevents illness Siberia
Ithm, God of herds, usually sheep Canaan
Itonde Mongo, The god of death and hunters Zaire
Ituana, Goddess of the afterworld Brazil
Itzam Cab, Chthonic earth god as well as a god of fire Mayan
Itzam Na, Creator god, water, agriculture, drawing, healing, medicine and the moon Mayan
Itzamn See Hunab Ku
Itzcoliuhqui, God of volcanoes, destruction and of the night Aztec
Itzcutintli, Guardian goddess of the home Aztec
Itzli, God of justice Aztec
Itzpapalotl, Goddess of agriculture Aztec
Itzpapalotl-Itzcyeye, Minor mother goddess who was found only in the Valley of Mexico Aztec
Iubdan of the Faylinn, Ulster god Ireland
Iunones, Goddesses of femininity Roman/Greek
Iusaas, Creator goddess Egypt
Iuturna, Goddess of springs and who was real handy in times of drought Roman
Ix Ahau, Goddess of the moon Mayan
Ix Ch'up, Goddess of the moon Mayan
Ix Chebel Yax, Goddess of teaching, childbirth, the moon, sexual relations, storms and water Mayan
Ix Chel See Ixchel
Ix Kanan, Vgetation goddess who takes care of bean plant Mayan
Ix Ku, Goddess of rain Mayan
Ix Zacal Nok, Inventor of weaving as well as Creator goddess Mayan
Ixbalanque, God of the moon, also be twin of Hunahpu Mayan
Ixchel, Goddess of the moon Mayan
Ixcozauhqui, God of fire Aztec
Ixcuiname See Tlazolteotl
Ixmucane, One of the 13 gods who created humans Mayan
Ixnetli, Goddess of weavers Aztec
Ixpiyacoc, Creation god Mayan
Ixpuztec, Minor underworld god Aztec
Ixquimilli-Itzlacoliuhqui, God of justice Aztec
Ixtab, Goddess of the hanged and suicides Mayan
Ixtab, Goddess of justice Mexico
Ixtlilton, God of healing, feasting and games Aztec
Iya, Spirit of all who is evil Lakota
Iyatiku, Sheet is the mother of maize and humans Pueblo/Navaho
Izanagi, One of the 17 creator gods and the male primeval god Japan/Shinto
Izanagi No-Kami See Izanagi
Izanami-No-Kami Izamnami, Creator goddess who died and giving birth to the fire god as well as the primeval female goddess Japan/Shinto
Izquitecatl, Fertility god personified by the Maguey plant Aztec
Ja neb'a, Benevolent goddess of the earth Samoyed
Ja'u See Jw
Jabru, Sky god, a rather minor one Elamite/Iran
Jagannath, Epitaph for Krisna Hindu
Jagaubis, Fire god Hindu
Jagganath, God whose name means Lord of the World Hindu
Jahve See Jawhe
Jakomba Bangala, God of morality who controls human thought Zaire
Jamaina, Goddess of the ocean Brazil
Jambhala, God of riches who may stand upon a man or a conch Buddhist/Mahayana
Jamma, God of of water, to be primarily God of the sea Phoenicia/Canaan
Jana, Goddess of the moon Roman
Janavasita, Minor goddess affiliated with knowledge or the control of knowledge Buddhist
Jandira, Goddess of the sea Brazil
Janguli, Goddess of healing and snakebites Buddhist
Janus, Two faced god of beginnings, arches, doors, entrances and gates Roman
Jar Sub, God of the universe Turkey
Jarih, God of the moon Canaan
Jarina, Goddess of happiness, joy and a tree goddess Belem/Brazil
Jarovit See Herovet
Jarovit, God of war Slavic
Jarri, God of plague and pestilence, was also a god who helped the king in battle Hittite
Jaso, Goddess of health and recovery Iaso Greek
Jata, Goddess of the sky Borneo
Jawhe, Thought to be God of mountains prior to becoming the god of Israel,Mount Sinai is his suspected mountain Israel
Jawi See Jw
Jaya-Vijaya, Twin goddess, possibly forms of Durga Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Jayakara, God who rides in a cage drawn by Cockatoos Buddhist
Jayanta, God who is one of the 11 forms of the god Rudra Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Jayatara, Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Jedza, Equivalent of Baba Yaga Poland
Jehovah See Jawhe
Jehovah, Creator god, this form was created by the the Jehovah witnesses and is not considered a true name of this god Christian
Jen An, God of robbers China
Jesus, God of Christianity
Jetaita Yamama, And earth spirits of the fearful type Tirerra del Fuego
Jia Shi, Goddess and stellar deity China
Jian Lao, Goddess of the earth and permanence Buddhist/China
Jinn, Class of demonic beings who started out as a nature spirits Arabic
Jizo Bosatsu, Great protector of suffering humanity Japan/China
Jnanadakini, Goddess associated with, or whose name means, knowledge Buddhist/Mahayana
Jnanaparamita, Philosophical deity Buddhist
Joda mate, Mother of the evil one Latvia
Jogah, Dwarf nature spirits Iroquois
Joh, Original word for God of the moon in Thebes Egypt
Jok, Creator god Africa
Jokinam Lake Albert, Lake god Africa
Jokwa, Goddess of justice Asian
Jord, Goddess of the earth mentioned in the Edda by Snorri germanic/Icelandic
Jori-Torem, Goddess of foreman who supervised Num's work Vogul
Jubbu jang sangne, Goddess of the Jurema and a sacred tree Brazil
Juck Shilluck, Creator of the world Africa
Juggernaut See Jagganath
Julana, Chief god Jumu
Julunggul, Creator god who was the bringer of culture and identified with of the rainbow-snake Australia
Julunggul, Goddess of initiations and waterfalls Australia
Juma, God pf the sky, whose name is also associated with spirits of earth, water, wind, and the home Finnish/Mari/Ugart
Jumala, God of the sky, and close to supreme god as well Finnish
Jumala, Goddess of war Russia
Jumis, God of fertility Latvia
Jumit, Local goddess of El Tod Egypt
Junkgowa, Ancestral goddess who lived during the dreamtime and a goddess of the sea Australia
Juno, Goddess of marriage, motherhood and childbirth Roman
Juno Caelestis, Tutelary goddess of Roman Carthage Carthage
Junrojin, God of luck, one of seven Japan/Shinto
Juok and, Creator of all men Bunzi
Jupiter, God of astronomy, Jupiter, light, lightning, thunder, weather, wisdom Roman
Juras Mate, Goddess of the sea Latvia
Jurasmat See Juras Mate
Jurate, Goddess of the ocean Baltic
Jurojin, God of longevity and luck Japan
Juterna, Goddess of healing and springs invoked during drought Roman
Juturna See Juterna
Juventas, Goddess of youth Roman
Jvartaharisvara, Plague god associated with malaria Hindu
Jw, Ancient god, had to be deduced from the study of personal names, nothing is known for certain but it may be identical to the harvest god Ao Syria
Jyeshtha, Goddess of bad luck Hindu
Jyotiska, Stellar gods, there are five classes Jain
K'daai Yakut, Fire demon who originated working in wrought iron Siberia
K'pop'ala, Protective god Georgia
Ka Ahu Pahay, Goddess of the ocean Hawaii
Ka Ata Killa, Goddess of the moon Peru
Ka Tyeleo Senufo, Creator god Ivory Coast
Ka'cak Asiatic, Sea spirit and of rather unpleasant habits Inuit
Kaang, Supreme god Africa
Kabandha, Chief demon and the epic of the RaMayanna India
Kabeiroi, God of blacksmiths Greek
Kabirroi, Bees were of vegetation and deities, commonly thought of as twins and Mail Greek
Kabrakan, God of earthquakes Mayan
Kabta, God of bricks Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Kades, Goddess of fertility usually shown sky clad Canaan
Kadi, Goddess of justice Assyria
Kadlu, Thunder spirit[female] Inuit
Kadru, Goddess who was the mother of the Nagas[snake demons] Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Kagutsuchi, God of fire Japan
Kahdir, Vegetation god of the got his immortality by drinking from the well of life Africa
Kahilan, Tutelary god known only from inscriptions Arabic
Kahindo, Goddess of fire Zaire
Kai Yum, God of music Mayan
Kaiamunu, Demon who plays a large part in initiation ceremony for boys Papua New Guinea
Kaikara Bunyoro, Harvest goddess Uganda
Kaka, Minor god with political pull Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Kakaku, God of rivers invoked to protect houses against fire Japan/Shinto
Kakia, Goddess of vice Greek
Kakupacat, God of war with a shield of fire Mayan
Kala, God of death Hindu/Puranic/Vedic
Kalacakra, Tutelary god who is personally selected Buddhist/Tibet/Mahayana
Kaladuti, Goddess whose name means messenger of death Buddhist/Mahayana
Kalahari See Cagn Mantis
Kalavikarnika, Fever goddess Hindu/Puranic
Kaldas, Goddess of cattle Russia
Kali, Goddess of cemeteries, destruction and death who helped dance the universe into existence Hindu/Puranic/India
Kali, Goddess of learning Jain
Kalika, Goddess common often seen standing upon a corpse Buddhist/Mahayana
Kalisia Pygmy, Creator god who is the guardian of hunters and the jungle forests Congo/Zaire
Kaliya, Minor serpent god, a Naga Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Kalki[n], 10th avatar of Visnu who rewards good and punishes people Hindu/Puranic/Vedic/Epic
Kallingenia, Rather obscure goddess of birth found only in the ritual texts of Athens Greek
Kalma, Goddess of death Finnish
Kaltes, Goddess of birth Siberia/Vogul
Kaltesh Ugric, Goddess concerned with the birth and destiny of the child Siberia(west)
Kalunga Ndonga, Creator of all things Africa(south)
Kam,enae, Goddesses unbowed of springs and wells with a shrine in Rome where of the of vestal virgins got their water Italy
Kama, God of love and desire Hindu
Kama, God of love and carnal desire Hindu/Puranic/India
Kama-Gami, God of potters Japan/Shinto
Kamado No Kami, God of kitchen stoves Japan/Shinto
Kamaksi, Goddess Dravidian/Tamil
Kamala, Goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Kama[Deva] See Kama
Kami, God identifier in Shintoism Japan
Kami-Musubi-No-Kami, Third creator being in the primordial a list of deities, this being was born alone in the cosmos and its presence remains hidden from humans Japan/Shinto
Kamini, Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Kamo-Wake-Ikazuchi, One of the many rain gods Japan/Shinto
Kamos Moab, Chief god who when Hellenized became equated with Ares Jordan
Kamrusepa[s], Goddess of magic and healing Hittite
Kamui, Sky god Japan
Kamulla, Proper guidance in Kassite
Kan u Uayeyab, God who guarded cities. Mayan
Kana-Yama-Hime-No-Kami, Goddess of miners with a very sad birth story Japan/Shinto
Kanaloa, God of the ocean Hawaii
Kane, God of fertility and fresh water Hawaii
Kangalogba Pokot, Primordial female spirit personified in the dragonfly Uganda
Kanikanihia, Goddess of love Hawaii
Kankar Mata, Mother goddess who became a mother of evil intent Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Kannan See KRSNA
Kantatman, Rather obscure god, of the medicine it is thought Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Kanti, Goddess whose name means desire Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Kao Kuo-Jiu, Immortal being, Tutelary god of actors China/Taoist
Kapali, God, one of the forms of the Rudra Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Kapo, Goddess of abortions, fertility, childbirth and midwives Hawaii
Kappa, Water spirits; their food is blood and cucumbers, they are mischevious but extremely knowing and prove helpful to humans Japan
Karai-Shin, God of lightning Buddhist/Japan
Karalkal Ammaiyar Hindu, Local mother goddess India
Karei, De goddess of Thunder and storm Andaman Is.
Kari Semang, Supreme god who lets you know he is mad when it thunders Malya
Karini, Fear goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Karkota, Snake god Hindu
Karmavasita, Minor goddess who personifies the discipline of spiritual regeneration Buddhist
Karora, Creator Arandan
Karta, Goddess of destiny, only known from oral/folk tradition Latvia
Karttikeya, God and who equates with the Hindu god Skanda Buddhist
Karttikeya, God of war and a form of Skanda Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Karttiki, Mother goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Karuilers siunes, Deities who were taken over by the Hittites in as gods of all oaths Syria
Kasku, God of the moon known from inscriptions Hittite/Hurrian
Kasyapa, Primordial god and divine messenger Hindu/Puranic/Vedic
Katahziwuri See Kamrusepa[s]
Katargama, Tutelary gody Tamil/Sri Lanka
Katavi Ntamwezi, And in a demonic being who is chief of the water-spirits Tanzania
Katavul, Ultimate creator all who exists in the world and able to judge humanity and to reward or punish India/Tamil/Sri Lanka
Katayana, Form the goddess Durga or Parvati Hindu/Puranic
Kathar, God of architects, artisans and weapons makers Ugart
Kathirat, Wise goddesses Canaan
Katoyalla See Illapa
Katsinas, Children of Iatiku who could bring rain and food Acoma
Kattakju, Goddess of healing Inuit
Katyayani, Form of the goddess of Durga or Parvati Hindu/Puranic
Kaukas, Spirit being, some type of goblin who brings good luck who is also bound to the notion of a dragon guarding treasure Lithuania
Kauket, Primordial goddess, one of the eight who represent chaos Egypt
Kaumauri, Goddess who later became considered a goddess of evil intent Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Kaumudi, Goddess of the light of the moon Hindu
Kautar See Kotar
Kavra'nna Chukchee, Sun spirit, female type Siberia(East)
Kawa No Kami, God of rivers Japan
Kaya Nu Hima, Goddess of herbs Japan
Kazyoba Nyamwezi, God of the sun-held to be the creator and tutelary deity of the tribe Tanzania
Ke'lets Chukchee, Demon of death Siberia
Kebechet, Chthonic snake goddess Egypt
Kebechsenef, Funerary god responsible for at the lower portion of the body Egypt
Keca Aba, Goddess of war Russia
Kefa, Goddess of the Great Bear Egypt
Kek, Primordial god, one of the eight representing chaos Egypt
Kek t Ken, Goddess of love Egypt
Keket, Goddess of darkness associated with the the island of flame Egypt
Kele De, Very old goddess Ireland
Kelpie, Very bad tempered water spirit with only one eye and who likes to kill humans Scotland
Kematef, Epitaph for Primeval god Amun Egypt
Kemos Moab, Tutelary god Jordan
Kemur See Kemwer
Kemwer, Black Bull, the venerated at Athribis Egypt
Keneun, Chief of the Thunderbirds an invisible spirit Iroquois
Keng Li Ssu, God robbers China
Keng Yen cheng, God of robbers and thieves China
Kenos Tierra del, God who was sent to earth by the supreme god, supposedly to bring order into the world. He goofed up and created humans Fuego
Ker, Goddess of violent death Greek
Keres, Evil demons Greek
Keret'kun, God of the sea Siberia/Chukchee
Keretkun See Keret'kun
Keri and Kame Bacairi, Brothers who created humanity 1st nations
Kerridwen, Goddess of inspiration and knowledge Celtic
Kesava, Minor avatar of Visnu Hindu
Kesini, Goddess Buddhist
Ketchimanet, Great Spirit Iowa/Fox
Ketq Skwaye, Creator Huron
Ketua Ngbandi, God of fortune invoked at daybreak Zaire
Keyeme Taulipsang, God and lord of the animals South America
Khadau Amur, Creator god, neat story Siberia
Khadoma, Goddess of knowledge Tibet
Khandoba, Form of the god Siva Hindu
Khasa, Minor goddess who controls the spirits of forests Hindu/Vedic
Khasaparna, God Buddhist
Khem, God of life and growth in nature, vegetation, animals, fertility Egypt
Khen-Ma, Goddess who is the controller of the earth's demons Buddhist/Tibet
Khen-Pa, God who controls the demons of heaven Buddhist/Tibet
Khentimentiu, God who rules the destinies of all of the dead Egypt
Khepera, Blue haired scarab god of transformation, water, creation and warriors Egypt
Kherty, Chthonicearth god, was around from 2500 BCE Egypt
Khesef, Lion god who repels feelings of lust Egypt
Khio New See Io
Khipa, Tutelary deity Hittite/Hurrian
Khnemu See Khnum
Khnum, Smith god who forms humans on his potter's wheel Egypt
Kho See Kaang
Khons Hor See Khons[u]
Khonsu, Protects those who travel at night, and expels demons Egypt
Khons[u], God of healing and the moon Egypt
Khonuum Pygmies, Chief god Africa
Khoromozitel, Domestic spirits, sadly not the sipping kind Slavic
Khosaadam Yenisei, Driven out of heaven to become an eater of souls Siberia
Khovaki, Creator of the world Siberia
Khu See Kaang
Khusor, God of navigation and incantations Semitic
Khwarenah, Bit of a strange definition, possessed by all morals yet it is of fire which dwells in water Persia
Khyung-Gai mGo-Can, Local god Buddhist/Tibet/Bon
Ki, Chthonic principal, feminine in nature Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Ki'njen Yukaghir See Kini'je
Kianda Kimbundu, God of the sea and fish Angola
Kianto Lacandon, God of foreigners and all diseases Mayan
Kibuka Buganda, God of war Uganda
Kichijo Ten, Goddess of good fortune and beauty Japan
Kigatilik, Delightful fanged demon who has no love of priests Inuit
Kihe Wahine, Kindly goddess of demons, who from the the goodness of her heart is also a goddess of lizards Hawaii
Kiki See Ki
Kilya, Goddess of marriage Inca
King Wan, God of luck China
Kingu, Demon mentioned in the creation epic Akkadia
Kingu, Husband/son of Tiamat Babylon
Kini'je, Sky spirit who is in charge of keeping an accounting of the time Siberia(East)
Kinich Ahau, God of war and the sun Mayan
Kinich Kakmo, God of the sun and is symbolized by the Macaw Mayan
Kinnar, And musician god Semitic(West)
Kinnara, Group of spirit beings who it looked like birds with a human heads India
Kinyras, Local god of metalworking (thought to have come from Syria) Cyprus
Kiri Amma, Goddess of healing, childhood diseases Sri Lanka
Kirti, Goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Kis, God based in Kusae Egypt
Kisar, Primordial god/dess Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Kishi Mojin, Goddess of motherhood Buddhist/Japan
Kishijoten, Goddess of good luck Japan
Kishimo Jin See Kishi Mojin
Kishimo-jin, Goddess who changed her mind, maybe Japan
Kisin, Evil earthquake spirit Mayan
Kiskil-lilla, Night demones Sumeria
Kitanitowit, Being who is present everywhere in the universe, he is invisible, like most gods Algonquin/Canada(east)
Kitchki, Manitou Native American
Kiya'marak, Supreme being from he remains out of touch, and distinct and remote as regards ordinary mortals Inuit
Kiyo Hime, Goddess of justice Japan
Kloanthes Hellenized, Youthful god of Panoplois Egypt
Klotho, Goddess of spinning, one of the three fates Greek
Kn Sgni, Goddess of war India
Kneph See Khnum
Ko Hsien Weng, God of jugglers China
Kodamata, Goddess of health India
Kokomikeis, Goddess of the moon mother of the Morning Star Blackfoot
Kokopell' Mana, Goddess of fertility Hopi
Kokyan, Creator goddess; she created humans, plants, and animals Hopi
Kolias, Goddess of foothills Greek
Kollapura-Mahalaksmi, Goddess Hindu/Puranic
Kolpia, Creator god Phoenicia
Kombu Bantu, God of creation Africa
Komodia, Goddess of happiness and amusement Greek
Kon, God of all the desert Peru
Kondos, God of cereal crops who was renamed by the Christians to St. urban Finnish
Kongde, Goddess of justice China
Kongsim, Goddess of healing Korea
Kono Hana Sakuya, Goddess of spring Japan
Kono-Hana-Sakuya-Hime-No-Kami, Goddess of mountains Japan/Shinto
Korawini Paiute, Goddess of intercourse USA
Kore, Goddess of springtime Greek
Kornjunfer, Goddess of grain germanic
Korobona, Goddess of lakes Caribbean
Koros, Goddess of extravagant joy and exuberance Greek
Korravai, Goddess of war India/Dravidian/Tamil/Sri Lanka
Korrawi, Goddess of battle and victory India/Tamil/Sri Lanka
Korrigan, Goddess of underground springs French
Korybantes, Demonic companions of Kybele Asia Minor/
Kostrubonko, God of spring Russia
Kotar, God of blacksmiths Syria
Kothar, God of blacksmiths and crafts Canaan
Kothar u Khasis See Kothar
Kotisri, Mother goddess who is called the mother of 7000 Buddhas, busy girl Buddhist
Koto-Shiro-Nushi, God of love Japan/Shinto
Kottavei, Goddess of war India
Kotys, Goddess whose worship spread throughout Greece and Italy Thrace
Kou Njami, Goddess of war Siberia
Kouretes, Forest deities Greek
Kourothropis, Really obscure goddess, who wet nursed, this goddess is known only from ritual texts Greek
Kovas, God of war Lithuania
Koyote See Coyote
Kratesis, Goddess of victory Greek
Kratos, God of strength Greek
Krishna, Incarnation of Vishnu a bit of a ladies man Hindu
Krittika, Goddesses of the Pleiades India
Krodhadevatas, Gods of terror Buddhist
Kronos See Cronus
Kronos, God of agriculture, seeds Greek
Kronos, Fertility god celebrated by of harvest festival of Kronia Pre-Greek
Kronus See Cronus
Krosdari, Goddess, a rather emancipated goddess Hindu
KRSNA, Incarnation of Vishnu known as the dark one Hindu/Puranic/Tamil/Epic
Krttika[s], Minor malevolent goddess/es Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Krtya, Goddess of witchcraft Hindu
Krumine, God of grain Lithuania
Ksama, In minor goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Ksantiparmata, Philosophical deity Buddhist
Kshumai Kafir, Beneficent goddess of fertility Afghanistan
Ksitigarbha, Goddess whose name is womb of the earth Buddhist/Mahayana
Ku, God of power, war and warriors Hawaii
Ku Uasa, God of water Finnish
Ku'nkunxuliga Ma'maelegae, Tribal god and personification of the Thunderbird BC Canada
Ku'urkil Chukchee, Not only god, but a powerful Shannon and the first man Siberia
Kuan Ti, God of literature and fortune telling China
Kuan Yin, Benign guardian goddess, probably of India origin China/Taoist
Kuanja, Goddess of hunting Angola
Kuat, God of the sun and war Brazil
Kubaba, Chief goddess of the Neo Hittites Syria/Anatolia
Kubaba, Goddess, reigned as queen of the third dynasty for 100 years Kish
Kubera, Guardian of the north as well as a god of riches Hindu/Puranic/Vedic/Epic
Kubjika, Goddess of writing Hindu
Kubuddhi, Minor goddess whose name means stupid, she ran around with Gansea Hindu
Kucumatz, God who created all things from itself Mayan/Quiche
Kud, Eembodiment of the evil principle which abounds in the world Korea
Kudia, God of the sky Siberia
Kuei ku Tzu, God of fortune telling China
Kuei Shing, God of literature presides in Ursa Major China
Kujaku Myoo, Gives protection against drought and protects against all evil in the Shingo sect of Japan Buddhist
Kuju, Benevolent sky spirit who supplies with food Yukaghir
Kuk, Primeval god, one of a pair, a member of the Ogdoad, who represent the darkness who reigned prior to the creation of any heavenly body Egypt
Kuklikimoku, God of war Polynesia
Kuku-Ki-Waka-Murpo-Tsuna-Ne-No-Kami, God who guards the home and its environs Japan/Shinto
Kuku-Toshi-No-Kami, God responsible for a harvest of full grown rice, his shrines are often served by Buddhist priests Japan
Kukudhi See Kukuth
Kukulcan, Wind god who started life as a god of the Toltec Mayan
Kukuth, Female demon of sickness had an unhappy life at as a human Albania
Kul, Nasty water spirits who are not only selfish, for a lark they inflict sickness on humans Vogul/Ostiak
Kuladevi, Goddess Hindu
Kulika, Naga Hindu
Kulisankusa, Goddess of learning Jain
Kulisevari, Goddess often shown with a corpse Buddhist/Mahayana
Kulla, God of builders and responsible for the creation of bricks Babylon/Akkadia
Kulshedra, Female demonic individual in who may be either an enormous hag with pendulous breasts and/or a dragon like monster who spits fire Albania
Kumarbi[s], Creator/father of the gods Hittite/Hurrian
Kumari, Goddess, an epitaph of Durga Hindu
Kumokums Modoc, Creator god Oregon
Kun Aymara, Snow god and main deity Bolivia
Kun Lun, While on earth he is the lord of the sky's capital or something like China
Kun tu bzan po, Head of god in the Bon pantheon Tibet
Kun-Rig, God associated associated with the prayer wheel Buddhist/Tibet
Kunado-No-Kami, Guardian deity of roads and crossroads Japan/Shinto
Kunapipi Alawa, Type of magna mater, rather unpleasant who is still a part of the rite of passage for males Australia
Kundalini, Mother goddess responsible for provision of all food from the soil Aztec
Kunitokotatchi, Chief deity Japan/Shinto
Kuntu bXan Po, Head of the pantheon Tibet/Bon
Kuo Tzu i, God of happiness China
Kupala, Goddess of herbal lore, long life, water, witchcraft and sorcery and sex Slavic
Kupalo, Goddess of midsummer Russia
Kupalo, Goddess of fertility, sex and fire Slavic
Kura-Okami-No-Kami, Rain god who may also cause snow falls Japan/Shinto
Kurdalaegon, And in God of all blacksmiths with a strange job Caucasus
Kurdaligon Ossetian See Kurdalaegon
Kuretes, Demons associated with vegetation who are of pre-Greek times Crete
Kurke, God of grain Prussia
Kurma[vatara], Avatar of Visnu Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Kurukalla, Goddess, usually of terrifying appearance Buddhist
Kurukalla, Goddess, one of the Tantric deities Hindu
Kurukalla, Goddess of riches Tibet
Kurunta?, God of rural areas Hittite
Kus, God of herdsmen Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Kus See Ukur
Kusag, Not only is he this patron god of priests, he is the high priest of the gods Babylon
Kushi-Dama-Nigi-Haya-Hi, God of the sun, the apotheosis of the morning sun Japan/Shinto
Kushi-Iwa-Mado-no-Mikoto, Guardian god, protects entrance gates Japan/Shinto
Kusor See Kotar
Kusuh, God of the moon Hittite/Hurrian/Anatolia
Kutkhu Kamchadal, Male and guardian spirit Siberia(East)
Kutkinnaku, Spirit who taught mankind to hunt and catch fish in addition to giving them the fire stick and the shamans drum Koryak
Kvasir, Minor god of wisdom norse/Icelandic
Kwan Yin, Goddess of childbirth, compassion and mercy China
Kwanonn, Form of Avalokitesvara Buddhist/Japan
Kwoth Nuer, Creator god not Sudan
Kyanwa, Goddess of hunting Nigeria
Kybebe See Kybele
Kybele, Rather important Asian mother goddess who likely started as Goddess of mountains NW Turkey
Kyumbe Zaramo, Created all living things on the earth Tanzania
L'etsa'aplelana Bella Coola, Goddess who initiates the shamans PNW Canada
Lachesis, One of the fates Greek
Lactans See Lactanus
Lactanus, Minor god of agriculture Roman
Lactura, Grain goddess Greek
Lada, Goddess of happiness and love Slavic
Lahama, Water condition demons who it belonged to Enki Sumeria
Lahamu, Primordial deity Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Babylonn
Lahar, God of cattle Babylon/Sumeria
Lahe, Goddess of health Basque
Lahmu, Primordial deity Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Lahurati, Yet another god Elamite/Iran
Lai Cho, Agriculture god China
Laima, Goddess of childbirth Latvia
Laima, Goddess trio of life and good fortune, the fates Lithuania
Laka, Goddess of virgin land, song and dance Hawaii
Lakshimi, Goddess of beauty and wealth, but very fickle and claims no god can sustain her for very long India
Laksmana, God, the younger brother of Rama Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Laksmi, Goddess of agriculture, love, beauty, prosperity, Lotus flowers, wealth, and pleasure Hindu/Puranic/India/Epic
Lalbai, Goddess of healing, and cholera India
Lalita, Goddess of happiness, playfulness India
Lalita Tripurasundai Tantric, Symbol of cosmic energy and of the secret ruler of the world India
Lama, Feminine benevolent protective demon who later became the half man and half bull guardian of palace entrances Acadia
Lama, Protective god whose epitaph was Innara Hittite
Lamaria Svan, Tutelary goddess, it is suspected who her name as been christianized Caucasus
Lamatsu, Demones of fever and disease among infants Akkadia
Lamia, Vampire type spirit who stole small children and sucked people's blood, currently accepted in modern Greece Greek
Lan Cai-he, One of the eight immortals, sometimes a boy, sometimes a girl China
Lan Kai-He, Immortal being China/Taoist
Lao Lang, God of actors China
Lao-Tze, Mortal who was shamed with being made into a god with a rather bizarre birth, out of his mother's arm pit China
Laran, God of war Etruscan
Lares, Hearth deities, they are unique to the Romans Roman
Lars Familiarus, Ancestral spirit Roman
Larunda, Chthonic and earth mother goddess Sabine
Larve See Lemures
Lasas See Acaviser
Lasas, Female godlike beings of the pantheon, they may be winged or unwinged and some names are known Etruscan
Lasghusyamala, Minor goddess Hindu/Puranic
Laskowice, Satyr-type forest spirits with a close relationship with the Wolf Slavic
Lassair, Goddess of midsummer Ireland
Lasya, Mother goddess Buddhist/Tibet/Bolomust
Latiaran, Youngest of the three sisters who made up a triune goddess and a goddess of autumn and fire Ireland
Latipan, Creator god, see Il for particulars Canaan
Latis, Lake goddess who later became a goddess of ale and meade British
Latmikaik, Goddess of the sea, co-creator and co-ruler of the world Pelew Is.
Latur Dano, Counterpart of their supreme god which causes sickness, death and bad weather Indonesia/Nias Is.
Lau, Spirit beings who are created when an islander dies Andaman Is.
Lauka Mate, Goddess of agriculture Latvia
Laukamat See Lauka Mate
Laukika-Devatas, Generic name for gods known from local folklore Hindu
Laukosargas, God of grain and the fields Prussia
Laume, Usually naked, enjoys helping people and protects orphans, she became demonized Lithuania/Prussia
Laverna, Chthonic underworld goddess Italy
Le Fay, Goddess of the sea and of the Isle of Avalon Welsh
Le Tkakawash, Goddess of birds Klamath
Lear Lir See Llyr
Lebien-Poghl Yukaghir, Animistic owner god and chief protector of the earth Siberia
Legba See Eschu
Legba, God of the sun and war Haiti
Legba Fon, God of fate Benin
Lei Kung, God of thunder China
Lei Tsu, God of innkeepers China
Lei-zi, Goddess of thunder who also originated silk worm Stbreeding China
Lelwani, Chthonic underworld goddess Hittite/Hurrian
Lempo, God of frenzied love Finnish
Lemures, Evil spirits of the dead with two festivals one on nine November and one on 13 May Roman
Lendix-Teux Chilcotin, Tutelary god who educates the human race BC Canada
Lennaxidaq, Goddess of wealth and luck Kwakiutl
Lenus, God of healing Celtic
Lesa, Creator god Africa(south)
Lethe, Goddess of oblivion Greek
Leto, Goddess of healing Greek
Leucetios, Thunder and storm god Celtic
Leucothea, Goddess of the sea who protects her worshippers from being shipwrecked Roman/Greek
Leukothea See Leucothea
Levarcham, Goddess of physical prowess Ireland
Leviathan, Monster also claimed who in the xian O. T. Phoenicia
Leza Bantu, Creator god Zimbabwe
Lha, Generic term for the deity Buddhist/Tibet
Lha Mo See Lhamo
Lhamo, Goddess of the Bon pantheon Buddhist/Tibet
Li, Divine lord of fire China
Li Lao chun, God of farriers and of leather workers China
Li No Cha See Na Cha
Li Thieh-Kuai, Immortal being China/Taoist
Lia Fail, Stone of destiny placed on the hill of Tara and tells on the kings Celtic
Lianja Nkundo, God Zaire
Liath See Caillech
Liban, Goddess of lakes Ireland
Libanza Upotos, Creator god Zaire
Liber, Chthonic god of fertility with a festival, the Liberalia, on March 17th Italy
Libera, Goddess of spring Italy
Liberalitas, Goddess of generosity Roman
Libertas, Goddess of freedom and constitutional government Roman
Libitina, Goddess of death and funerals Roman
Lietna'igrin See Tecei'vune
Lietna'irgin Chukchee, Spirit of the dawn Siberia(East)
Lilith, Rather startling young lady started out as adam's first wife and became a demoness Jewish
Lilith, Goddess of storms Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Lilitu, Nocturnal demones who lingers on as the Jewish Lilith Babylon
Liluri, Goddess of mountainses who accepted a bull for a sacrifice Syria
Liluri See Manuzi
Limnades, Goddesses of lakes, marshes, swamps Greek
Lina, Goddess of weaving Greek
Linga, Phallic form of Siva Hindu
Lipse, Wind goddess Greek
Lir, God of the ocean Ireland
Lisa Fon, God of the sun Africa
Litae, Goddesses of justice Greek
Litavis, God of the forge British
Liu Meng, Agriculture god China
Liu Pei, God of basket makers China
Livjatan See Leviathan
Ljubi, Demoness who could cause drought on less a virgin was sacrificed to her Albania
Llaesgyfnewid See Llasar
Llasar, Battle god Welsh
Llew Llaw Gyffes, God Welsh
Llorna, Female spirit luring people to them, normally drowning in bogs, swamps, etc. Spain
Llyr, God of the sea and water Ireland/Welsh
Lo Shen, Goddess of rivers China
Lo Tsu Ta Hsien, God of barbers and beggars China
Lo Yu, God of tea China
Lo'cil See Lo'cin-coro'mo
Lo'cin-coro'mo, Hearth spirit Siberia
Loa, Spirit beings who were imported by Africa slaves Haiti/Puerto Rico
Loba Duala, God of the sun Africa/Cameroon
Locana, Goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Loco, God of healing Haiti/Vodun
Lodur[r], Creator god mentioned in the creation myth germanic
Lofn, Goddess of illicit unions norse
Lofn, Goddess of love norse
Logia, Goddess of the Lagan River Ireland
Logos, Principle embodied in the flesh by Jesus the Christ Christian
Logos, Word coming from the mind of their god Christian/Gnostic
Logos, Primordial spirit of reason Greek
Loha, Beneficent goddess portrayed as a beautiful woman Klamath
Lohasur Devi, Goddess of the forging of iron India
Lokapala, Gods Hindu
Lokesvara, Generic name for a group of deities such as Siva and Visnu Buddhist
Loki, Trickster god of evil, lies and fire norse
Loko Fon, God of trees Benin
Lomo Ngbandi, Goddess of peace, invoked at sunrise every day Zaire
Lono, Primordial god of agriculture, peace, rain, clouds and the sky Hawaii
Loo Wit Klickitat, Goddess of fire, volcanoes PNW
Lopemat, Goddess who created cattle Latvia
Lot, Hideous Formorian war goddess and goddess of physical prowess and strength Ireland
Lothur, God of physical senses norse/Icelandic
Louhi, Goddess of the ocean and winter Finnish
Lowalangi, God of the world above and source of anything good Indonesia/Nais Is.
Lu Hsing, God of employees, justice and salaries and another of the three gods who were known as Fu Shou Lu China
Lu pan, God of carpenters China
Lu Tong-Pin, Immortal being, he is Tutelary god of barbers China/Taoist
Luamerava, Goddess of sexual desire Africa
Luandinha, Goddess of water pictured as a snake Brazil
Luaths Lurgann, Warrior goddess Celtic
Luaths Lurgann, Goddess of midwives Ireland
Lubanga Buynyopro, God of health Uganda
Lubangala Bakongo, God of the rainbow Zaire
Luchtain, Minor god of war and death Ireland
Luchtar See Luchtain
Luchtar Lud, Chief god Ireland/Welsh
Lucifer, Depending upon who you believe, he is either of the firstborn son of god or the Devil Christian/Gnostic
Lucina, Minor goddess of birth, one of three Roman
Lud, Chief god Ireland/Welsh
Lud, God, London's namesake Celtic/British
Ludd, God of the ocean, war and light Celtic/British
Lug, God of commerce, magic and war Ireland
Lug See Trograin
Lugal-Irra, Chthonic underworld god Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Lugeilan, God of knowledge, strange but knowledge Caroline Is.
Lugh, Hero god Ireland/Welsh
Luk See Lugeilan
Lulal, God whose job is not known Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Lulong, Goddess of love Borneo
Luna, Goddess of the moon Roman
Lunang Kafir, Patron goddess of the Prasun river Afghanistan
Lung Yen, God of the liver China
Luonnotar, Goddess of the ocean Finnish
Luot Hozjit, Goddess of summer Saami/Lappland
Luperca, Goddess of pregnancy Roman
Lupercus, God of wolves, whose festival the Lupercalia is on February 15th Roman
Lupi, God of the sun Aymara
Lur, Goddess of the earth, and mother of the sun as well as at the moon Basque
Lutinus, God of fertility Roman
Lykurgos, God of fruit bearing trees Greek
Lympha, Goddess of healing waters Roman
Lyssa, Goddess of intoxication Greek
Ma, Fertility and vegetation goddess Anatolia/Cappadocia/Turkey
Ma, Goddess of justice Egypt
Ma Emma, Goddess of Midsummer Baltic
Ma Kiela Bakongo, Deified head of a band of mortal women Zaire
Ma Ku, Goddess of springtime China
Ma Shi, Goddess and stellar deity China
Ma-zu, Goddess of the sea who is a benevolent guardian of fisherman China
Maa See Maahes
Maahes, He's the god of sight, sun god of the Nile Delta, and the midsummer Egypt
Maat, Goddess of justice, truth and stability Egypt
Mab, Goddess of grains a fairy queen of Connaught Celtic
Mabb, Warrioress believed to be a Welsh version of Ireland's Queen Maeve and a goddess of midwives Welsh
Mabon, Minor sun god who also ironically represses. and of freedom, harmony and unity Celtic
MacCecht, God of the plough for the Tuatha De Danann Ireland
MacCuill, Minor sea god of the Tuatha De Danann Ireland
MacGreine, Minor sun god of the Tuatha De Danann Ireland
Macha[s], One of the aspects of the triple Morrigu, also a goddess of fertility, festival and, sports and war Ireland
Macuilxochitl, God of sport of gambling, music and dance Aztec
Madalait, Creator goddess Oceania
Madb See Queen Maeve
Madhukara, God whose name means honey maker Buddhist
Maenads, Goddesses of intoxication Greek
Maeve, Mother goddess who is the apotheosis of the land Ireland
Mafdet, Minor goddess who is Guardian against snakes and scorpions Egypt
Magh Mor, Firbolg princess/goddess Ireland
Magha, Benevolent minor goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Magni, God of the future, who has not yet arrived. son of Thor norse
Magog, Mountain deity Celtic
Mah, God, the progenitor of the cow who also presides over tides and time as well as God of the moon Persia
Maha-Ganapati, Elephant god, this time with 10 arms Hindu/Puranic
Maha-Sarasvati, Goddess, an emanation of Laksmi Hindu/Puranic
Mahabala, God, a rather fearsome emanation of Amitabha Buddhist/Mahayana
Mahabja, Snake god, a Naga Hindu/Puranic
Mahadeva, God, a rather important who a of Siva Hindu/Puranic
Mahakala, Guardian god of science and tents Buddhist
Mahakala, God, its a violent aspect of Siva Hindu/Puranic
Mahakali, Form of the goddess Kali Hindu
Mahakali, Goddess learning Jain
Mahakali See Mahaskti
Mahakapi, God and epitaph of the Buddha in a previous incarnation when he was an ape Buddhist
Mahal Mata, Mother goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Mahalbiya Hausa, Goddess of healing, fevers, ulcers Africa
Mahalkakshmi See Mahaskti
Mahamanasika, Goddess of learning Jain
Mahamantranusarni, Guardian goddess Buddhist
Mahamataras, Group of goddesses Hindu
Mahamayuri, Snake god Hindu/Buddhist/Mahayana
Mahapadma, Snake god Hindu
Mahapararinirvanamurti, God Buddhist
Mahaprabhu, Tutelary god India
Mahapratisara, Guardian goddess Buddhist
Mahapratyangira, Goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Maharaksa, Group of guardian goddesses Buddhist
Maharatri, Goddess associated with Kali and Kamala Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Mahasahasprramardani, Goddess whose name means the thousandfold destroyer Buddhist
Mahasarasavati See Mahaskti
Mahasitavati, Guardian goddess Buddhist
Mahaskti, Divine mother, goddess of war, passion, and wisdom, Supreme creator of the universe India
Mahasri-Tara, Goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Mahasthamparata, God of knowledge India
Mahatala, God Borneo
Mahavidya, Of the collective name of a group of goddesses Buddhist/Mahayana
Mahayasa, Minor goddess Buddhist/Marriott
Mahcinatra, Goddess Buddhist/Tibet/Mahayana
Maheo Cheyenne, Creator manitou who lived in the void and created the primordial water of life USA
Mahes, God of the sun normally worshipped in the region of the Nile delta Egypt
Mahesvari See Mahaskti
Mahesvari, Mother goddess who ended up being regarded as a spirit of evil intent Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Mahi, Minor goddess of sacrifice Hindu/Vedic
Mahisa, Demonic god Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Mahisasruramardini, Form of the goddess Devi Hindu/Puranic
Mahiuikez, Fire god Polynesia
Maho Peneta Mandan, Great spirit USA
Mahodadhi, Minor goddess Buddhist/Meola
Mahr, Demonic being similar to an Alp germanic/Slavic
Mahrem Auxmite, Head of the pantheon responsible for war Ethiopia
Mahu Fon, Supreme goddess of the earth as well as Goddess of the moon and fertility Africa
Mahui Iki, Goddess of fire and the underworld Polynesia
Mahuika, Goddess of earthquakes who rules the edges of the underworld Polynesia
Maia, Goddess of midwives, the night sky, spring, fertility and fire Greek
Maia, Goddess of growth whose cult was associated with who of Vulcanus Roman
Maitresse Amelia See Amelia
Maitresse Amelia See Bussumarus Amelia
Maitreya, Designate Buddhist/India
Maja, Earth mother Sioux
Majas Gars, Household god Latvia
Majestas, Goddess of honor and reverence Roman
Maju, God who is the consort of the mother goddess and a divine spirit Basque
Make Make, God of birds Polynesia/Easter Is.
Makunaimma Carib, Creator of the heavens, humans, and animals in no particular order Caribbean
Mal, Pastoral god whose name means either the the great one or the dark one Dravidian/Tamil
Mal, Goddess who ruled the hag's headland Ireland
Mala See Caillech
Mala, Mother goddess Buddhist/Tibet
Malakbel N., Vegetation god Arabic
Malamanganga'e, Creator being who was a personification of light Polynesia
Malamangangaifo, Creator being who was a personification of light Polynesia
Malik, Tutelary god, this name is found among other Semitic people and used as a designator for a god Arabic
Mallina, Goddess of the sun Inuit
Malsum, Destructive brother of Gluskap Algonquin
Mam, God of evil Mayan
Mam, Rain god Mopan
Mama, Goddess of healing Korea
Mama See Mami
Mama Allpa, Goddess of the harvest Peru
Mama Cocha, Goddess rain, wind and the ocean Inca/Peru
Mama Kilya, Goddess of the moon Inca
Mama Pacha, Goddess of autumn Inca
Mama Qoca, Goddess of the ocean Inca
Mama Quilla, Goddess of the moon Inca
Mamaki, Goddess Buddhist
Mamaldi Amur, Co-creator of earth but she was killed by her husband for creating Asia, for spite she created souls for at the magicians he built Siberia
Mami, Mother goddess, created humankind Babylon
Mami, Goddess of drunkenness and midwives Sumeria
Mamitu, Goddess of treaties and oaths, as well as a judge in the underworld Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Mamlambo, Goddess of rivers Zulu/Africa(south)
Manabozho See Nanabush
Manabozo, Redeemer and a trickster who a rabbit on earth under a bowl Canada/USA
Manang Jaban, Goddess of health Borneo
Manannan, God of fertility and the ocean Celtic
Manannan Mac Lir[Llyr], Shape shifter and chief sea god Ireland/Welsh
Manasa, Goddess of snakes who grants fertility to sterile moral females Hindu
Manasi, Goddess of learning Jain
Manat, Goddess, a daughter of Allah Arabic
Manavi, Goddess of learning Jain
Manawat, Goddess of destiny Semitic(West)
Manawyddan, God of the sea Welsh
Manco Capac, God of war and the sun Inca/Quechua
Manda, Regent of the planet Saturn India
Manda d-Hiia, God who is concerned with teaching of life and redemption Mandaean/
Mandah, Collective name of gods, guardian deities who took care of irrigation Arabic
Mandanu, God of divine judgment Babylon/Akkadia
Mandulis, God of the sun Greek/Nubian
Manes, Hearth deities who is just happen to be the spirits of the dead Roman
Mang Chin i, Goddess of the womb China
Mang Shen, Agriculture god China
Mangala, Goddess, a form of Parvati Hindu
Mangala, Astral god Hindu
Mangalla, Stellar deity who rules the planet Mars India
Mangalubulan, God of thieves. Batak
Mani, God of the moon norse/germanic/Icelandic
Mania, Goddess of death Roman
Manibozho, Created the earth and humans as an afterthought Algonquin
Manidhara, Minor god Buddhist/Mahayana
Manito, Great Spirit Algonquin/Lapiti/Lakota/Ojibiwa a.o.
Manitou See Manito
Manitu See Manito
Manjughosa, God, a Bodhisattva Buddhist
Manjusri, God of wisdom Buddhist
Manmatha, Form of god of carnal love Dravidian/Tamil
Manohel-Tohel, Creator god Mayan
Mantchu Muchangu, God of dressmakers Africa
Manu, Primordial creator god Hindu/Vedic
Manungal, Chthonic underworld god Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Manuzi, Goddess of mountains, part of the pair with the weather god Syria
Manzasiri Kalmyk, Primeval god from whose body at the world of was formed Mongol
Mao Meng, God of astronomy, Jupiter, Mercury China
Maponos, Tribal god British
Mara, Goddess of death/ the evil principle Buddhist
Mara, Definitely a goblin to fear, he seizes males while in their beds and removes all speech and motion norse
Marama, Goddess of the moon Polynesia/Maori
Marawa, God who made human beings mortal, supposedly only because he did not know how they were made Melanesia
Marchocias, Prince of the hellish realms, supposedly one of the angels who followed Satan Medieval Europe
Marcia Proba, Warrior queen goddess British
Marcia Proba, Goddess of justice Celtic
Marduk, God of fertility , the lord of all the gods Babylon/Mesopotamia
Maret Jikky, Supreme goddess Botocudo
Maretkhmakniam, Supreme god Botocudo
Margawse, Mother, aspect of the goddess British/Welsh
Mari, Supreme mother goddess Basque
Mari, Deification of literature Buddhist
Mari, Rain goddess and the goddess of smallpox Dravidian/Tamil
Mari, Mother and goddess of the sea Middle east
Mari Mai, Plague goddess associated with cholera Hindu
Marian See Mari
Mariana, Goddess of healing and protector of sailors Belem
Mariana, Goddess of love Brazil
Marici, Solar goddess Buddhist/China
Marie aim'e, Goddess of disease Martinique
Marina, Goddess of the moon Slavic
Marinette, An goddess of the earth Haiti
Marishi Ten, Goddess of dawn and warriors Japan
Mariyamman, Plague goddess with a bizarre form of penance Dravidian/Tamil
Marmalik Kafir, Chthonic underworld god Afghanistan
Marnas N., Local tutelary god Arabic
Marruni, God of earthquakes Melanesia
Mars, God of springtime and war Roman
Marsyas, Woodland satire who was flayed to death by Apollo Asia Minor
Martu, Tutelary god of Ninab Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Marunogere Kiwi, Very popular fellow, he taught people to make their houses but most importantly he created the sexual parts of women, but not claimed to be a god Papua New Guinea
Marutgana, Storm gods Hindu/Vedic
Maruts See Marutgana
Maruts, Group of storm spirits India
Marzana, Goddess of winter Poland
Masauwu, God of fire, war, death, and the night Hopi
Masaya, Goddess of fire volcanoes and earthquakes Nicaragua
Massassi, Goddess of the morning star Zimbabwe
Master of Winds, God of the winds Iroquois
Mat, Goddess of the earth Slavic
Mata, Primeval mother goddess Hindu
Matara, Mother goddess applied to the divine mothers Hindu
Mataras, Group of goddesses India
Matarisvan, Minor messenger god Hindu/Epic
Mater Matuta, Goddess of the dawn, the sky and seafaring Roman
Matergabiae, Goddess of fire, and the home Lithuania
Mathit, Tree goddess who helps the dead climb to heaven Egypt
Mathonwy, Father god Welsh
Mati syra zemlya, Goddess of justice Slavic
Matlalcueye, Minor goddess of fertility Aztec
Matres, Triads of mother goddesses Roman/Pan-Celtic
Matrona, Goddess of the Marne River Celtic
Matronae, Three mother goddesses who oversee fertility, they prefer peace, tranquillity and kids Celtic
Matronit, Goddess of chastity, promiscuity,and motherhood Spain
Matsuo, God of sake brewers Japan/Shinto
Matsya, Incarnation of the god Visnu Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Maturaiviran, Locally worshipped god with an interesting story Hindu
Maui, Tutelary god Polynesia/Maori
Mawu, Goddess of peace, joy, motherhood. happiness, and the sky Benin/Fon
Mawu Ewe, Sky god Tongo
Mawu Fon, Goddess of the moon Benin
Mayan, Goddess of illusion Hindu
Mayanhuel, Minor goddess of fertility associated with the maguey plant Aztec
Mayanhuel, Goddess of the night sky and of drunkenness Mexico
Mayanjalakrama-Kurukulla, Goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Mayanvel, Goddess of children India
Mayan[devi], Mother goddess Buddhist
Mayin Tungus, Benevolent, remote, supreme god Siberia
Mayon, Creator god Dravidian/Tamil
Mazzikin, Evil spirits who like to make things rough for humans Jewish
Mba See Bele
Mbitumbo Baule, Creator and guardian god Ivory Coast
Mbomba Mongo, Creator god Zaire
Mbombe Nkundo, Mother goddess Zaire
Mbongo Ngbandi, God of rivers Zaire
Me'mdeye-Ecl'e Yukaghir, Known as father fire, a fire spirit Siberia
Mechit See Mehit
Mecurius See Mercury
Medb, Goddess of sexuality, intoxication and war Celtic
Medb See Queen Maeve
Medeine, Goddess of the forests Lithuania
Medha, Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Medhbh See Queen Maeve
Medici, Goddess of light Manichaean
Meditirina, Goddess of healing Roman
Meditrina, Goddess of healing, of medicine Roman
Medr, Ancient earth spirit, gender unknown Ethiopia
Mefitis, Goddess associated with sulfur springs Roman
Megaera of Eumenides, Goddess of justice Greek
Meghanda, Minor god Hindu
Mehen, Minor chthonic underworld god Egypt
Meher, God of the sun who was closely linked with Mithra Armenia
Mehet-uret, Goddess who was the embodiment of all primeval waters Egypt
Mehet-Weret, Minor goddess of the creation accounts Egypt
Mehit, Goddess of lions Egypt
Mehturt, Goddess of the sky Egypt
Meiboia, Goddess of bees Greek
Meiden, God of forests and animals Lithuania
Meilichia, Goddess of the underworld Greek
Mejdejn See Medeine
Mekal See Resheph
Melinoe, Goddess Underworld Greek
Melkart, God in charge of travelers, sailors, colonies and the city of Tyre who, like the Phoenix, is regenerated by fire Phoenicia
Mella, Goddess of healing Zimbabwe
Mellonia, Goddess of bees and honey Roman
Melobosis, Goddess of beneficence Greek
Melpomene, Muse of tragedy Greek
Melqart See Melkart
Melqart, Heroic tutelary god Phoenicia/Turkey
Melusine, Serpent goddess British/Scotland
Melwas, God of the summerland [the otherworld] Meleagant Cornwall
Mem Loimis, Goddess of water Wintun
Meme, Goddess of healing Zaire
Men, God of the moon who ruled the upper and lower world Turkey
Men Ascaenus Antioch, Local tutelary god Asia Minor
Men Phygia, God of the moon who ruled over in the heavens, but the underworld as well Asia Minor
Men Shen, Two guardians of doorways China
Mena, Goddess of mountains Hindu
Menahka, God of the sun Mandaean
Menchit See Menhit
Mene See Selene
Menechen, Supreme god Chile
Menerva See Menrva
Meness, God of the moon as well as the guardian of travelers and military expeditions Latvia
Meng Po, Goddess of justice China
Menhit, Lion goddess Egypt
Meni, God of luck, both good and bad Phoenicia
Menrva, Spiting image of the Greek goddess Athena in all aspects Etruscan
Mens, Goddess of menstruation Roman
Menthu, God of war Egypt
Menu, God of the moon Lithuania
Menulis See Menu
Menzabac, Weather god who causes the rain by sprinkling black dye on the clouds, he has a side line as a fever god and the keeper of good souls Mayan
Mephisto See Mephistopheles
Mephistopheles, Devil as found in the literature for magic and necromancy from the middle ages Christian
Mephitis, Goddess of healing and poisonous gases Roman
Mer See Meret
Mercury, God of astronomy, commerce, messengers, eloquence and sidelines as the messenger of the gods Roman
Mere Ama, Goddess of the ocean, streams and brooks Finnish
Meresger See Meretseger
Meret, Goddess of song and rejoicing as well as the treasury Egypt
Meretseger, Chthonic underworld goddess who brings illness and death to the disrespectful Egypt
Merin See Fatit
Merodach, God of the sun Babylon
Merope, Goddess of the Pleiades Greek
Merulis See Mandulis
Mes An Du, God Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Mes Lam Taea, God of war but thought to be an aggressive aspect of the chthonic underworld god Nergal Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Mesenet, Goddess of the birth tile Egypt
Meskhenet, Goddess of prophecy, childbirth, reincarnation, fate and justice Egypt
Meskhoni, Goddess birth and midwives Egypt
Meslamtaea, God, possibly of war Sumeria
Messor, Minor goddess concerned with the growth and harvesting of crops Roman
Metatron, Demon/angel of countenance and custodian of strength, OK Jewish
Meter, Mother goddess Greek
Metis, One of the of the oceanides, a goddess of justice and wisdom Greek
Metsaka Huichol, Goddess of the moon Mexico
Metztli, God of the moon. Aztec
Mexitli, Head god of the ancient Mexicos Mexico
Mezadeva See Mezavirs
Mezamat, Goddess of all forests Latvia
Mezamate See Mezamat
Mezavirs, God of all forests Latvia
Mhaya, Goddess of deserted lovers Tanzania
Mhsala, Minor goddess considered to be a form of Parvati Hindu
Mi lo Fo, Coming Buddha China
Mi-kura-Tana-Kami, Domestic guardian god who looks after storehouses Japan/Shinto
Mi-Lo-Fo, God Buddhist/China
Mi-Toshi-No-Kami, God of rice Japan/Shinto
Mi-Wi-No-Kami, God of wells [one of 3] Japan/Shinto
Miao Hu, Agriculture god China
Micapetlacoli, Minor chthonic underworld goddess Aztec
Michabon Ottawa, God who created humans from animals Canada
Michael, Archangel who fought for Israel Hebrew/Christian
Michi-No-Kami, Gods of passage associated with road and crossroads Japan/Shinto
Mictecachiuatl, Chthonic underworld god, one of two Aztec
Mictlantecuhtli, God of Mictlan and the dead Aztec
Mida, Goddess of oaths Greek
Midewiwin, Great medicine dance which requires the epitome of reverence is performed or the tribe will suffer USA/Algonquin/Canada(east)
Midher See Midir
Midir, Chthonic god who appears in polymorphic form Ireland
Mihos See Maahes
Mihos, Lion god of Lower Egypt Egypt
Mika-Hiya-Hi, God of the sun, subservient to Goddess of the sun Japan/Shinto
Mikal, Local goddess with a cult in Cyprus Phoenicia
Mikal See Resheph
Milcom See Milom
Milk Gilyaks, Devils of exactly what I am not sure but you best not irritate them Siberia
Milkastart, Local tutelary god of the from Umm el-Ammend Semitic(West)
Milkom, Chief god, and may have been worshipped by King Solomon under a different name Ammonite
Milom, God mentioned in 1 King 11:5 worshipped by King Solomon Amorite/Semitic(West)
Mimir, God/demon of knowledge and wisdom norse
Min, God potency, fertility, thunder, reproduction, roads and the sky Egypt
Min Jok, Goddess rain Uganda
Minabozho, Clumsy god USA/Algonquin/Canada(east)
Minaci See Minaski
Minaski, Local fish goddess Hindu
Minato-No-Kami, God of river mouths and estuaries Japan/Shinto
Minepa, God of evil Macoua
Minerva, Goddess of astronomy, science, inventing, medicine, painting, thinking, wisdom, war and sculpture Roman
Ming Shang, God of the eyes China
Minga Bengale Shongon, God of hunters, also taught humans how to make nets Africa
Mingrelan See Mirsa Georgia
Minona, Goddess of teaching Fon
Minos, Minor underworld god in in Roman/Greek
Mir, God of sex Egypt
Mir Susne Khum, God of the sun Siberia
Mirabichi Ottawa, God of water Canada
Mirahuato, Goddess of health Peru
Miritatsiec, Goddess of healing Crow
Mirsa Georgia, God of light and responsible for fire Caucasus
Mirume, Goddess of justice Japan
Misor, God who created salt Semitic
Mithra, God of war and light who had all the trappings of Christianity from 400BCE-200CE Persia
Mithras, God of soldiers and war, thought to be an adoption of the Persian Mithra Roman/Greek
Miti, Maternal spirit Koryak
Mitnal, Underworld hell where the wicked were tortured Mayan
Mitra, Minor sun god of light and wisdom Hindu/Puranic/Vedic
Mixcoatl, God of astronomy, stars, hunting and of the underworld Aztec
Mixcoatl-Camaxtli, God of war, hunting and fire Aztec
Miyatanzipa, One of the deities who awaited the return of Telipinu Hittite
Miysis See Mihos
Mizu-Ha-No-Me, Senior water goddess who came about from the urine of the primordial creator goddess Japan/Shinto
Mkulumncandi Swazi, Creator god known as the great first one Swaziland
Mlentengamunye Swazi, Messenger god Swaziland
Mlk-Amuklos, Heroic god known from about 1100 B.C.E. Syria/Palestine/Cyprus
Mneme, Muse of memory Greek
Mnemosyne, Goddess of memory Greek
Mo Hi Hai, God of water China
Modi See Magni
Modimo Twana, Universal god, possibly monotheistic Botswana
Modjajji Lovedu See Mujaji
Modron, Great Mother, one of the most powerful of the Celtic mother goddesses Welsh
Moerae, Goddess of reason Greek
Moerae See Moira
Mog Ruith, God, possibly a solar god Ireland
Mogounos, Local tribal deity he was assimilated with Apollo Roman/Gaelic
Mohini, Minor incarnation of Visnu Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Moira, They are supreme even over the gods of Olympus Greek
Moirai See Moira
Mokos, Goddess of healing and sheep Slavic
Molek, God of fire who children were sacrificed to IAW 1 Kings11:7 and 2 Kings 23:10 only Amorite
Moloch See Molek
Moloch, God of the sun and a god of war Canaan
Moma Uitoto, God who originally was the creator of mankind and the apotheosis of the moon South America
Mombo Wa Ndhlopfu Ronga, Tutelary god who lives in and controls the forest Mozambique
Momu, Goddess of wells and hillsides Scotland
Momus, God of censure and mockery Greek
Mon Kafir, Warrior god and hero from prehistoric origins and around today Afghanistan/Hindukush
Moneta, Minor goddess of prosperity, the spirits of the mint Roman
Monje, Goddess of rivers Yoruba
Monju Bosatsu, God of education Japan
Monos, God of pain and sarcasm Greek
Month, God of war of Thebes who quit during the 11th dynasty, royal politics you see Egypt
Montu See Month
Moombi, Creator goddess Kikuyu
Mor, Goddess of the sun and dam of the kings of Munster Ireland
Morgan See Morrigu
Morganes, Female water spirits Celtic
Morgay, Harvest goddess British/Scotland
Mories See Moira
Morongo, Goddess of the evening star, love and sexuality Zimbabwe
Moros, God of fate Greek
Morpheus, God of dreams by humans Greek
Morrigan, Goddesses of war of death and destruction from prehistoric origins Celtic/Ireland
Morrigan See Morrigu
Morrighan See Morrigu
Morrigu, Crone aspect of the goddesses who were a trinity responsible for war and ghosts British/Ireland/Welsh
Mors, Minor god of death Roman
Morta, Goddess of death who became one of the Parcae Roman
Moruadh, Goddess of the sea Ireland
Morva, They are invisible sky spirits Andaman Is./India Ocean
Moschel, God of cows Latvia
Mot, God of death, fertility and sterility Canaan/Ugarit
Mot, God of the dead and of all the powers who opposed life Phoenicia
Motsesa, Goddess of water Mozambique
Moyocoyani, Minor god of universal power Aztec
Mrantna'irgin Chukchee, Spirit of the dawn, one of four Siberia(East)
Mratna'igrin See Tecei'vune
Mrgasiras, Minor goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Mu Gong, God of immortality China/Taoist
Mu King, God of fire China
Mu'Allidtu See Mylitta
Muati, Rather obscure local god associated with the island paradise of Dilmun Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Mucalinda, Tutelary god of the lake near Bodh Gaya Buddhist
Mugasa, Sky god whose story is close to who of the god of Abraham/Genesis one Pygmy[C. Africa]
Mugasha Baziba, God of water Africa
Mugizi Bunyoro, Guardian deity of Lake Albert Uganda
Mugu See Mugasa
Muhingo Bunyoro, God of war Uganda
Muireartach, Goddess of the ocean Ireland
Muireartach, Battle goddess Ireland/Scotland
Mujaji, Goddess of rain immortalized in the book, She by Rider Haggard Africa
Mukasa Buganda, Beneficent god for he demanded no sacrifices Uganda
Mula, Malevolent Naksarta Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Mula Djadi Tobak, Creator god who created everything and lives in the highest of all seven heavens Sumatra
Mulhalmoni, Goddess of healing, eye diseases and water Korea
Mulindwa Bunyoro, Tutelary goddess of the tribal chiefs Uganda
Mulliltu, Goddess Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Mullo, Patron deity of teamsters and associated with Mars Roman/British
Muluku, Supreme being Macoua
Mulungu Swahali See Mungu
Mummu, God who advised primeval god Apsu Mesopotamia
Mundih See Mandah
Mungu, Creator god Africa(east)
Munisvara, Demigod who started out being a deified saint Hindu/Dravidian
Munjen Malik Kafir, Chthonic earth god Afghanistan
Munkata-No-Kami, Sea gods [3] who protected seafarers Japan/Shinto
Munume Bunyoro, God Weather Uganda
Muraja, Goddess of music Buddhist
Murigen, Lake goddess associated with the deluge legends Ireland/Scotland/Manx
Muruga See Seyon
Murukan, Hunting and war god Dravidian/Tamil
Musdamma, God of buildings, including houses Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Muses, Some mountain goddesses Greek
Mushdama, God of architecture Mesopotamia
Musisi Ndonga, Messenger god Angola
Muso Koroni Bambarra, Chthonic goddess of fertility of disorder Africa(west)
Mut, Vulture goddess shown crowned and holding a papyrus scepter, goddess of fertility, healing and sound bodies Egypt
Muta, Goddess of silence Roman
Mutinus, Minor fertility god of, strongly ityphallic and invoked by women wanting to bear children Roman
Muttalamman, Plague goddess identified with smallpox Dravidian/Tamil
Mutu, Personification of death and the god of the underworld Assyria
Mutyalamma See Muttalamman
Myesyats, Moon deity Slavic
Myhs See Maahes
Mylitta, Goddess of fire, childbirth and fertility Babylon/Phoenicia
Myoken-Bohdisattiva, Astral god, the apotheosis of the pole star Buddhist/China
Myrrah, Goddess of fertility who whelped Kinnur Phoenicia
Mystis, Goddess of teaching Greek
N. See Ifru Roman
Na Cha, Guardian god who was born as a god of from human parents China/Taoist
Na Ngutu, Guardian deity of warriors slain in battle Africa(west)
Na Pe', Creator who was not a very nice entity, rather human in his actions Canada/USA
Na Pe' See Na Pe'
Na'chitna'igrin Chukchee See Tecei'vune
Na'ininen, Benevolent creator being Koryak
Naamah, Goddess of fertility, sex Canaan
Naas, Goddess who died in county Kildere Ireland
Nabu, God of speech and the scribe and herald of the gods Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Nabudi, Goddesses of illness Oceania
Nachunde, God of the sun Elamite
Nacon, God of war Mayan
Naenia, Goddess of funerals Roman
Nagadya, Goddess of drought and rain Uganda
Nagakumara, One of the group the gods with the title of bhvanavasi who were associated with rain and thunder Jain
Nagaraja, Snake god in in one of the deities who were worshipped prior to 1700 BCE Hindu
Nagawonyi, Goddess of drought Uganda
Nagini, Goddess Jain
Nahi, Guardian god of benevolent nature Arabic
Nahual, Generic name for a personal god Aztec
Nahuti Ehecatl, Minor water god Aztec
Nahuti Ollin, Creator god Aztec
Nai Gan, God of the ocean Ghana
Nai No Kami, God of earthquakes Japan
Naiad[s], Nymphs who presided over brooks , springs or fountains Greek
Naigameya, God usually shown with the head of a goat Hindu
Naionuema Uitoto, Created the earth from its own imagination South America
Nair, Goddess best known for escorting High King Crebhan to the Otherworld Ireland
Nairamata, Goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Nairyosangha, God of fire Iran
Najade, Water nymphs Slavic
Nakawe, Goddess of the earth Huchol
Nakiwulo, Goddess of justice Africa
Naksatara[s], Group of astral goddesses Hindu
Namasangiti, God Buddhist
Nambi, Goddess of love and of sexuality Masai
Nambi, Goddess of the sky Uganda
Namibia See Gaunab Kohl
Nammu, Goddess who gave birth to the heavens and the earth Sumeria
Namtaru, God of plagues Assyria
Nan chi Hsien weng, God of longevity China
Nan-Sgrub, God, a form of Yama Buddhist/Tibet
Nana, Mother goddess Armenia
Nana, Goddess spring Babylon
Nana Buluku Fon, Supreme god Africa
Nana Buruku, Goddess of earth and water Cuba
Nanabohozo Ojibwa, God who influences the success or failure of hunters Canada/USA
Nanabush, Creator and good spirit Algonquin
Nanahuatl, Creator god Aztec
Nanai, Stellar deity Sumeria
Nanaja, War and goddess of fertility Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Nanan Bouclou, God of herbs and medicine Ewe
Nanautzin, God of disease Aztec
Nandi, Goddess of happiness and joy India
Nandi[n], Bull god Hindu
Nang Lha, Personal family guardian type of house god Tibet
Nanna, Goddess of plants and flowers germanic
Nanna, Goddess of the moon norse
Nanna, God of the moon Mesopotamia/Sumeria/Iraq
Nanook, God of bears Inuit
Nanse, Goddess of justice, water and canals Babylon
Nantosuelta, Goddess of water Gaelic
Nanuq See Nanook
Napaeae, Animistic spirits of the valleys, feminine in nature Roman/Greek
Napir, God of the moon Elamite/Iran
Nappatecuhtli, Minor god of mat makers Aztec
Nappinnai, Local goddess Hindu/Dravidian/Tamil
Nara, Minor incarnation of the god of Visnu Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Narada, Minor but popular god Hindu/Puranic/Vedic/Epic
Naradatta, Goddess of learning Jain
Narasinha, Incarnation of the god Visnu Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Narasinhi, Mother goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Narayana, Creator god thought to be synonymous with business Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Narcissus See Narkissos
Nareau, Creator god Melanesia
Narkissos, Minor god who was rather enamored of himself Greek
Nascio, Goddess of childbirth Roman
Nastasija, Goddess of sleep Russia
Nat, Goddess of happiness norse
Nataraja, Form of Siva Hindu/Puranic
Nath, Goddess of wisdom Ireland
Natha, Tutelary god Buddhist/Sri Lanka
Nathum, Goddess of justice Etruscan
Naunet, Primordial goddess one of the eight Ogdoad Egypt
Navadura[s], Generic title for the nine forms of the god of Durga Hindu
Navky, Goddesses of water Slavic
Nawandyo, Goddess of healing Uganda
Nayakaya, Goddess of crocodiles wo Nile, Shilluks continue to sacrifice to her Sudan
Nayenezgani, God of war Navaho
Nazambi, Creator god Zaire
Nazapa Ngbandi, Creator god who is invoked at the sunrise Zaire
Ndara, God of the underworld. Sulawesi
Ndaula Bunyoro, Plague god associated with smallpox Uganda
Ndauthina, God of adultery, fire, fishing and seafaring Fiji
Ndjambi Hereo, Sky god who is name is generally forbidden to be spoken Africa(west)
Ne'nenk'nenkicex, Christian god Kamichadal
Nebethepet, Local primordial goddess Egypt
Nebo, God of teaching, writing and wisdom and in Assyria
Nebo, God of speech Mesopotamia
Necessitas, Goddess of fate Roman
Nechmetawaj, Goddess of justice Egypt
Nediyon, Creator god Dravidian/Tamil
Nefertem, God of sunrise, perfumes, ointments, virility, pleasure and Lotus flowers Egypt
Nefertum, Minor primordial god of creation from lower Egypt Egypt
Negafok, Cold weather spirit Inuit
Negun, Minor goddess this week Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Nehalennia, Goddess who was the patron deity of sea traders British
Nehalennia, Goddess of fertility and the ocean germanic
Nehebka, Goddess of justice Egypt
Nehebu-Kau, Minor snake god Egypt
Neit, Goddess of war and wisdom Egypt
Neit, God of war Ireland
Neith, Goddess of the east, women, sorcery, the home, healing, war, hunting and weaving Egypt
Neith See Net
Nejma, Goddess of healing Morocco
Nekhebt, Vulture goddess of Upper Egypt Egypt
Nekmet Awai, Goddess of justice and in Egypt
Nelaima, Goddess of destiny Latvia
Nemain See Morrigu
Nemain, Goddess of war Celtic
Nemain, One of the triune crone goddesses of battle Ireland
Nemausis, God of water who has a sacred spring at Nimes in France Roman/Gaelic
Nemesis, Goddess of anger, fate and justice Greek
Nemetona, Guardian goddess of all sacred places, especially groves Roman/British
Nemglan, Bird god who fathered Conaire Mor Ireland
Nena bu shu Menonemi See Manabozo
Nenaunic See Nenaunir
Nenaunir, God of storms Masai
Neoga, Goddess of the winds Iroquois
Neper, God of grain and barley Egypt
Nephthys, Goddess of death, war, of warriors Egypt
Nepit, Goddess of grain Egypt
Nepthys, Goddess of the dead Egypt
Neptune, God of irrigation and the ocean Roman
Neptunus See Neptune
Nereid, One of the of the fifty sea nymphs Greek
Neret, Vulture goddess of strength, fear, and theft Egypt
Nereus, Minor sea god Greek
Nergal, One of the divinities who ruled the netherworld, a goddess of war and death Assyria/Babylonn
Nergal, God of plague and a chthonic underworld god Mesopotamia
Nerrivik, Goddess of the sea Inuit
Nerthus, Goddess of fertility who, bless her heart, was associated with a piece Danish
Nesaru, Power Above Arikara
Nesu Fon, Tutelary god of royalty Benin
Net, God of war Ireland
Net, Goddess of the east, women, sorcery, the home, war, hunting, weaving Egypt
Netcheh Netcheh, God of twofold vengeance Egypt
Nethuns, God of fresh water Etruscan
Neti, Chthonic underworld god Babylon/Akkadia
Neur See Deng Dinka
Nevinbimbaau, Goddess of initiations Melanesia
New See Aebhel Afekan Melanesia
New See Kaiamunu Papua
Nextepehua, Minor chthonic underworld god Aztec
Ng ai, Creator of the universe Masai
NgaiKikuyu, Creator god Africa(east)
Ngendi, Fertility god Fiji
Ngewo, Creator/supreme god Western Tropics
Ngunuwo Ewe, Fates Togo
Ni, God of leprosy. Huli
Ni Chimu, God of the sea of significant status Peru
Ni O, Protector of the Buddhist faith Buddhist
Niamh, Aspect of Badb who helps heroes at death Ireland
Niamye, Creator god Ivory Coast
Niangniang, Goddess of justice China
Nicevenn, Goddess associated with Samhain Scotland
Nidaba, Goddess of writing Sumeria
Niha-Tu-Hi-No-Kami, Fire god in who was responsible for household fires who were in the yard Japan/Shinto
Nike, Goddess of victory Roman
Nikkal, Goddess of the fruits of the earth Canaan
Niladanda, Guardian god of the southwestern quarter Buddhist
Niladevi, Goddess who is a consort of Visnu the Hindu/Puranic
Nilalohita, God, one of the forms of Rudra Hindu
Nin, Goddess of wisdom Babylon
Nin Ezan [La], Goddess of healing Sumeria
Nin Mar Ki, Goddess goddess Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Nin Ur, God Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Nin'insinna, Goddess of fertility Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Nin-Ildu, God of carpenters who is a minor tutelary deity Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Nin-Imma, Goddess of fertility who is the deification of the female sex organs Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Nin-sar, Minor goddess of plants Sumeria
Ninazu, Chthonic god who is generally benevolent Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Nindara, God Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Nindub, Local god of of Lagas Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Ninegal, God of smiths, a rather minor deity Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Ningikuga, Goddess of reeds and marshes Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Ningilin, Rather obscure god Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Ningirama, Minor god of magic who protected against snakes Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Ningirsu, Tutelary god Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Ningis Zi Da, God of light coming from harassing and tutelary god ofGudea[Lagas] Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Ninhursagaa, Goddess of the earth and creator of humans, fertility and productivity Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria/Iraq
Ninigi, Heir to the sun goddess and was sent to the earth to rule it Japan/Shinto
Ninkaranunna, Barber god Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Ninkarrak, Goddess of healing Assyria
Ninkasi, Goddess of happiness, Pleasure Sumeria
Ninkigal, Chthonic god worshiped at Ur Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Ninkilum See Ningilin
Ninkurra, Minor mother goddess Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Ninlil, Goddess of the winds and grain Babylon/Sumeria
Ninmah See Nin Mar Ki
Ninmah, Mother goddess Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Ninmena, Mother goddess Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Ninmenta, No information Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Ninsikil, Patron goddess of Dilmun[ a mythical paradise] Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Ninsubar, Messenger god/goddess Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Ninsun[a], Cow goddess who was Tutelary goddess of Gudea Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Ninsusinak, National god Elamite/Iran
Nintinugga, Goddess Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Nintu See Ninhursagaa
Nintu, Mother goddess of the womb Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Nintur, Goddess of the womb Babylon
Nintura, God of thunderstorms and the plow Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Ninur See Nin Ur
Ninurta See Astabis
Ninurta, God of agriculture, war and thunder Babylon
Ninurta, Deity in charge of the violent and destructive south wind Sumeria
Nirmali, Goddess of childbirth Afghanistan
Nirriti, Guardian, who strangely enough, who stands upon a corpse Buddhist
Nirriti, Goddess of corruption, decay, disease, healing and of destruction of evil Hindu/Vedic
Nishanu, Great sky spirit Arikara
Nispannattara, Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Nissaba, Goddess of writing and wisdom who started life as Vegetation goddess Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Nit, Goddess of hunting Egypt
Niu She, Goddess of literacy China
Niu Wang, God of oxen China
Nixies, Goddesses of rivers germanic
Njord, God of the ocean germanic
Njord, God of fishing, prosperity and ships norse
Nkuando See Itonde Mongo
Nkundo See Mbomba Mongo
No Il Ja Dae, Goddess of the toilet Japan
Noctiluca, Goddess of Magic from Celtic Gaul Gaul
Nodotus, Minor goddess crops Roman/Celtic
Nohochacym, God Mayan
Nohochacyum See Hachacyum
Nohuichana, Goddess of hunting Mexico
Nok, Goddess of Aquarius China
Nomi-No-Sukune, God of sumo wrestlers Japan/Shinto
Nommo Dogon, Primordial spirits who are associated of rain and fertility Africa(west)
Nona, Minor goddess of birth Roman
Nong, God of winter and cold weather who lives in a glacier, he does not like women Afghanistan
Norn, Goddess of the past, one of the fates norse
Norov, God of grain Russia
Nortia, Goddess of Etruscan
Norwan, Goddess of warriors Wintun
Nosenga Kotrkore, Tribal god who requires an oracle Zimbabwe
Notos, God of the wind Greek
Notus, God of the southwest wind Roman
Nrtya, Mother goddess Buddhist/Tibet
Nsongo Bangala, Goddess of the moon Zaire
Ntoa, Goddess Ghana
Nu gua, God/goddess China
Nu Kua, Primordial goddess and inventor of the flute China
Nu Mus Da, Tutelary god of a lost city of Kazullu Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Nu Wa, Goddess of those who arrange marriages China
Nu'tenut Chukchee, Earth spirit who is the owner of the world Siberia(East)
Nuada See Lud
Nuadu, Tribal god of healing and water Ireland
Nudd See Lud
Nudimmud, Creator god who was rapidly syncretized with the Akkadia god Ea Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Nuit See Amunet
Nuli'rahak, Sea Spirit, she lives in the ocean depths, owns all sea creatures, and feeds off the bodies of drowned a fisherman Siberia/Inuit
Nuliayoq, Goddess of rivers, Inlets Inuit
Numbakulla, God Aus
Numeria, Goddess of childbirth Roman
Numi Tarem, God of the sky Siberia
Numma Moiyuk, Goddess of the ocean Aus
Nun, God of primordial chaos Egypt
Nunbarsegunu, Rather obscure mother goddess mentioned in the creation taxed as the old woman of Nippur Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Nunda, Goddess of healing, headaches, and blisters Cherokee
Nurundere Kamilaroi See Baiame
Nusku, God of light and fire Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Nut, Creator goddess of the heavens Egypt
Nyambe, God of war Zambia
Nyambi See Nazambi
Nyame Akan, Creator god/goddess and androgynous being Ghana
Nyamwezi, Goddess of justice Africa
Nyankopon, God of the sun Ashanti
Nyasaye, Chief god Margoli
Nyavirezi, Goddess of lions, who was originally a mortal daughter of the tribal chief Rwanda
Nyx, Primordial goddess of the night Greek
Nzambe See Nazambi
Nzambi, Goddess of justice Africa
Nzame, Creator, who was really three in one Bantu
Nzame Nkwa See Nzame
Nze Ngbandi, God of the moon who is closely linked with women and fertility Zasire
O Kuni Nushi, God of medicine and witchcraft Japan
O'Meal Na'kwaxdax, Tribal spirit, the chief of the anciects who's siblings are the myth people BC Canada
O-Iwa-Dai-Myojin, God of stone workers Buddhist/Japan/Shinto
O-Kuni-Nushi-No-Mikito, Sky was a great organizer and consolidator of the earth Japan/Shinto
O-Toshi-No-Kami, Heads the pantheon of agricultural gods but generally is the guardian of rice fields Japan/Shinto
O-Yama-Tsu-Mi, Most senior at apotheosis of the mountains Japan/Shinto
Oanuava, Very old goddess of the earth British
Oba, Goddess of rivers Africa
Oba, Goddess of water Puerto Rico
Oba, Goddess and protector of prostitutes Yoruba
Obarator, God responsible for overseeing the fertilizing of crops Roman
Obatala, Fertility god, he makes barren women fertile and shapes the fetus in the womb Yoruba
Obosom See Obatala
Oboto, Goddesses of serenity Africa
Obtala, Sky goddess West Indies
Obumo, God Africa
Occator, God who oversees the growth and harvesting of crops Roman
Ocelotl, God of the sun, in the first of the five world ages [they last for 2028 heavenly years and each heavenly year = 52 Earth years] Aztec
Ocelus, God of healing who became syncretized with the god Mars Roman/British
Ochu, Goddess of the moon West Indies
Ochumare, Goddess of happiness and the rainbow Puerto Rico
Ockabewis, Messenger of the gods and teacher of mankind Chippewa
Ocrisia, Goddess of fire Roman
Oculata, Goddess of healing and the eyes Roman
Oden See Odin
Odin, God of war, death, wisdom and divination. Chief of the gods norse
Odras, Goddess of pools Ireland
Oduduwa, Creator goddess of fertility and love Yoruba
Oenghus, God of love Ireland
Ogdoad, Eight primordial elements of chaos, they exist prior to the creation of God of the sun and known in Middle Egypt Egypt
Ogetsu no hime, Goddess of food Shinto
Ogiuwu Edo, God of death who owns the blood all living things Benin
Ogma, God of education, genius, eloquence, language and magic Celtic
Ogmios See Ogma
Ogmius See Ogma
Ogoun, God of war and fire Haiti/Vodun
Ogun See Ogoun
Ogun Edo, God of war who was sent to cut up the land to allow crops to the planted Benin
Ogun|Nago, God of iron, hunting and war Africa(west)/Yoruba
Ohoromoxtotil, Creator the sun, made the world in habitable by destroying the jaguars who once infested it Mayan
Oi Suk, God more long the lines of personal illness rather than plague Kenya
Okeanides, Minor sea goddesses.They were assigned to guard ships by the larger gods and invoked by seafarers, others say who they are river gods Roman/Greek
Okeanos, God of the oceans Greek
Oki-Tsu-Hiko-No-Kami, God of kitchens Japan/Shinto
Oki-Tsu-Hime-No-Kami, Goddess of kitchens Japan/Shinto
Oko Yoruba, Agriculture god Nigeria
Ola Bibi, Local plague goddess associated with cholera Hindu
Old Man Blackfoot See Na Pe'
Olin-Tonatiuh See Ometecuhtli
Olla, Goddess of fire Cuba
Ollathair See Dagda
Ollin See Nahuti Ollin
Ollintonatiuh See Nahuti Ollin
Olloatir See Epos
Olodumare, Creator god to whom the souls of the dead are expected to make a confession Nigeria
Olojo See Olodumare
Olokum, Hermaphroditic god Puerto Rico
Olokum, Goddess of the ocean depths West Indies
Olorun See Olodumare
Olorun, Creator/supreme god Yoruba
Olosa, Goddess of fishermen Puerto Rico
Olwen, Goddess of summer and war Welsh
Omacatl, Minor god of feasting and revelery Aztec
Ome Tochtli, Fertility god who was slaughtered and then resurrected by Tezcatlipoca Aztec
Ometecuhtli, God of duality and a supreme deity Aztec/Toltec
Ometeotl, Primordial being who rules in the 13th heaven Aztec
Omichle, Primordial principle Phoenicia/Hellenic
Omoikane, God of wisdom Japan
Onatha, Spirit of wheat Iroquois
Oni See Olodumare
Oniata, Spirit of springs Iroquois
Onuava, Goddess of earth and fertility, known only from inscriptions Celtic/Gaelic
Onuris, God of hunting and war Egypt/Hellenized
Ophthalmitis, Goddess of eyesight Greek
Opo Akan, God the ocean and inland lakes and rivers Ghana
Opocchtli, Minor god of light a fisherman and hunters Aztec
Ops, Goddess of fertility, prosperity and the harvest Roman
Oraios, Primordial deity, one of seven androgynous elements born to the prime parent and ruler of the seven heavens of chaos Christian/Gnostic
Orbona, Goddess of healing and childhood diseases Roman
Orcus, Chthonic underworld god Roman
Ordog, Who after the Christian derived became syncretized with the Christian Devil Hungary
Oreades, Female animistic spirits of the mountains Roman/Greek
Orehu, Goddess of healing Guyana
Ori, God of wisdom Nigeria/Yoruba
Orisanla, Sky god who was designated to be the creator of earth and living things Nigeria/Yoruba
Orisha Nla, God ordered by Olorun to create solid ground Yoruba
Orishanla Yoruba See Olodumare
Oro Polynesia, God of war Tahiti
Orokannar Tungus See Amagandar
Orotalt, Tutelary god Lake
Orthia, Locally worshipped mother goddess of later syncretized with the more widely accepted maternal deities such as Kybele
Orunmila, God of mercy and destiny Nigeria/Yoruba
Osande Ovimbundu, Benevolent god who is Guardian deity Angola
Osandobua Edo, Benign creator god who controls prosperity, health and happiness Benin
Osanyin, God of medicine Africa
Oshe, God of thunder and lightning Yoruba
Oshossi, Water god Brazil
Oshun, Goddess of love and fertility West Indies
Oshun, Goddess of healing, fertility and rivers Yoruba
Oshun Ana, Goddess of love Yoruba
Osiris, Originally a chthonic grain god of fertility, burial rites and supreme god was worshipped from Ca. 3000 BCE-400 CE Egypt
Ossa, Goddess of rumors Greek
Ostara See Eostre
Ostara, Goddess of spring and the sun germanic
Ostaraki, Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Osun, River and healing goddess within a festival of the Ibo-Osun Nigeria/Yoruba
Ot, Goddess of fire Mongol
Othin See Odin
Oto Hime, Goddess of the sea Japan
Otontecuhtli See Xiuhtecuhtli
Ouranos, Primordial goddess of heaven and created and was the consort of the earth mother Gaia Greek
Owiot Luiseno, God of the moon who is the ancestral deity of this tribe California
Oxlahun Ti Ku, Generic name for the 13 sky gods who may well be worshipped today Mayan
Oya, Goddess of violent rainstorms West Indies
Oya, Warrior goddess of fire, rainstorms, justice and the wind Yoruba
P'an Chin lien, Goddess of brothels, lasciviousness, prostitution and sex China
P'an Niang, Goddess of vaccination China
P'i Chia Ma, God of ribs China
P:erende, Storm god who lets you know he is around with thunder and lightning. It was used by the Christians to identify their god in who region Albania
Pa, Goddess of droughts Canaan
Pa-bil-sag, Tutelary god of Isin Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Pacha Mama, Chthonic goddess of fertility and the earth, now syncretized with the Christian Virgin Mary Inca
Pachamac, God of the earth Inca
Padma, Goddess who is the incarnation of Laksmi Hindu
Padma, Snake god Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Padmantaka, God who is the guardian of the Western direction Buddhist
Padmapani, God, a Buddha designate Buddhist
Padmatara, Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Padsmosnisa, God who is connected with the guardian deities Buddhist
Paeon, God of war Greek/Crete
Pah, Moon spirit Pawnee
Pahtecatl, Minor fertility god and concerned with brewing pulque Aztec
Pai Chung, Agriculture god China
Pai Yu, God of the guitar China
Paiawon See Paeon
Paiowa Yana Piaute, Goddess of the Evening star, she and her daughter created the first people USA
Pairikas, Goddesses of drought Persia
Paivatar, Goddess of war Finnish
Pajainen, God, the deity who killed the great bull in the legends of Finnish Finnish
Pajau Yan, Goddess of health and healing Vietnam
Pajonn, God of thunder known as the one who dwells in the heaven Lappland
Pak Tai, Astral god of war China/Taoist
Paka'a, God of the wind Hawaii
Pakhet, Goddess of hunting worshipped near Beni Hassan, in Middle Egypt Egypt
Palaniyantavan, Local god Hindu/Dravidian/Tamil
Palemon, Human who suffered apotheosis and became a minor sea god Roman/Greek
Pales, Goddess of sheep and shepherds Roman
Pali Kongju, Goddess of healing Korea
Pallian, God Australia
Pallus Athena See Athena
Pan, God of flocks, herds and of shepherds Roman/Greek
Pana, Goddess of the souls of the dead Inuit
Panacea, Goddess of health Roman
Panao Kafir, Creator god, also generic title for deities controlling the natural world, they lived in the mountains Afghanistan
Pancabrahma, Collective name for the five aspects of Siva Hindu
Pancamukha-Patradeva, God, a beggar Buddhist
Pandara, Goddess Buddhist
Paneu Kafir, Seven divine brother gods Afghanistan
Pang Che, Goddess of justice China
Pansahi Mata, One of the seven mother goddesses who later became regarded as evil Hindu
Pantang Mayang, Goddess of love Borneo
Pao Kung, God of the magistrates who was a victim of apotheosis as he lived from 999-1062 CE China
Pao Yuan ch'uan, God of the spleen China
Pap-nigin-gara, God of war who was lord of the boundary stone Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Papa, Goddess of the earth Maori/Hawaii/New Zealand
Papas Phyrgian, Local god NW Turkey
Papatuanuku, Chthonic mother goddess who evolved spontaneously in the cosmic night Polynesia
Papaya, One of the deities who awaited the return of Telipinus Hittite
Papsukkal, Messenger god as well as the gatekeeper for the remainder of the pantheon Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Hellenic
Paramasva, God Buddhist/Mahayana
Paramita, Descriptive name of a philosophical deity Buddhist
Parasurama, Incarnation of the god of Visnu Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Parce, Pair birth goddesses became the goddesses of fate Roman/Greek
Pare, Goddess of volcanoes Polynesia
Parendi, Minor goddess of prosperity associated with accumulating wealth Hindu/Vedic
Pariacaca, Weather god response will for rain and thunder Inca
Pariskaravassita, Minor goddess, one of those personifying the discipline of spiritual regeneration Buddhist
Parjanya, God of rain Hindu/Vedic
Parna-Savari, Goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Partula, Goddess of childbirth Roman
Parvati, Goddess of the mountains Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Parvati See Sati
Pasht See Bast
Pasiphae, Goddess of the moon, Queen of Minoan Crete, Mother of the minotaur Greek
Pasowee, Female Manitou of health and medicine Kiowa
Pasupati, God of animals Hindu
Patadharni, Goddess of passage who watches over curtains and doorways in line Buddhist
Patecatl, God of medicine and surgery Aztec
Patollo, Chief and war god Baltic
Patrimpas, God of agriculture, joy, peace, springtime Lithuania
Pattini, Goddess of summer and mother goddess Sri Lanka
Pattinidevi See Pattini
Paurnamasi, Goddess of the full moon Hindu
Pautiwa, God of the sun Hopi
Pava, God of the winds Hindu
Pax, Goddess of peace Roman
Pdry, Goddess of mist Canaan
Peitho, Goddess of persuasion Greek
Peju'lpe Yukaghir, Guardian spirits, who look at the well being of animals under their care and benevolent to the hunter so long as he observes the rules and kills only when necessary Siberia
Pekko, God responsible for the duration and harvest in the barley, used to make beer. In christianity you may find him with the name of St. Peter Finnish
Peko, God of fertility Estonia
Pele, Goddess of fire, volcanoes and witchcraft Hawaii
Pellon Pekko See NgaiKikuyu
Pellon Pekko See Pekko
Pemba, God Africa(west)
Pen Annwen, God of the underworld, almost synonymous with Pwyll and Pryderi Welsh
Penates, Hearth gods chosen by the head of household Roman
Penelope, Goddess of spring Greek
Perimb, Goddess of the moon and supreme being Brazil
Perit, Goddesses of justice Albania
Perkons, God of thunder who brings beneficial rain and is Fertility god Latvia
Perkunas, God of thunder(this is Perkons in a different nation) Lithuania
Persephone, Goddess of death and spring, queen of the underworld Greek
Perun, God of thunder, also creator Russia
Perun, God of war, justice, lightning and thunder Slavic
Peruwa, God of horses Hittite
Phan Ku, God China
Phanebal, Youthful warrior god Semitic
Phanes, Primordial sun god and the first one to emerge from the cosmic egg created by Kronos Greek
Phantasos, God of dreams by inanimate objects Greek
Pharmacides, Goddesses of health and drugs Greek
Phebele, Male god who fathered man Congo
Pheme, Goddess of fame Greek
Phobetus, God of dreams by animals Greek
Phoebe, Goddess of the moon Greek
Phoebus, God of enlightenment Greek
Phorkys, Minor sea god noted by Hesiod Greek
Phosphoros, God of the morning star Greek
Phul Mata, Mother goddess who became one of the evil ones Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Phyi-Sgrub, Form of the god Yama Buddhist/Tibet
Pi Hsia Yuan Chin, Goddess of birth, midwives and healing China
Pianan, Minor god of war Aztec
Picullus, Will god who was taken over by the Christians as a their Devil Roman/Prussia
Picus, Agriculture god Roman
Picvu'cin Chukchee, God of hunters who rides around on a sled drawn by mice Siberia(East)
Pidray, Minor goddess of fertility noted in creation texts and treaties Phoenicia/Canaan
Pien Ho, God of jewelers China
Pietas, Minor god Roman
Pikuolis, God of death, the underworld and of evil Lithuania
Pillan See Menechen
Pilnytis, God of wealth Lithuania
Piluitus, Fertility god Latvia
Pilumnus, Minor guardian god who oversees the protection of an infant at birth Roman
Pilzintecutli See Tonatiuh
Pinga, Goddess who takes souls of the dead to heaven Inuit
Pinikirz, Mother goddess Elamite/Iran
Pirwa See Peruwa
Pistis, Primordial female force Christian/Gnostic
Pistis Sophia See Pistis
Pitao Cozobi Zapotec, God of corn Mexico
Pitari, Bo benevolent, she's one of the consorts of Siva Hindu/Puranic
Piyusaharana, Though obscure, this is a physician god Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Pleiades, Goddesses of the Pleiades Greek
Pluto See Hades
Pluto, God of the underworld Roman
Plutos, Minor god of riches Greek
Po Yan Dari, Goddess of healing and diseases Cambodia
Poena, Goddess of retaliation and retribution Greek
Poeninus, Europe God of mountains Roman/Celtic
Pokot See Arawa Suk
Pokot See Asis Suk
Poleramma Telegu, Plague goddess associated with smallpox India
Pollux, Horse god Roman
Poloknalai Kafir, Goddess of animals Afghanistan
Polyboulus, Goddess of wisdom Greek
Polydamna, Goddess of healing and herbs Egypt
Polymnia, Goddess of mimes Roman/Greek
Pomona, Goddess of autumn, fruits, fruit trees, gardens and prosperity Roman
Pon Yukaghir, Supreme creator god worshiped from prehistoric times until at least 1900 C. E. Siberia
Pontos, God of the sea Greek
Por, God of the moon Brazil
Pore, Created the earth and all living things Guyana
Portunus, God of passage, was responsible for guarding the entrance of the city and the house with a festival on August 17th. He sidelines as the guardian of the Tiber estuary Roman
Poseidon, God of earthquakes and the ocean Greek
Poshjo Akka, Goddess of Winter Saami/Lappland
Posis Das, Sky god Greek
Postvorta, Goddess of childbirth, midwives and the past Roman
Pothos, God of anxiety Greek
Pothos, Primordial being Phoenicia/Hellenic
Potina, Goddess of children's of beverages and drinking Roman
Potrimpo, God of fertility Baltic
Poxlom, God of disease Mayan
Poza Mama, Goddess of the hearth fire Siberia
Ppiz Hiu Tec, God of war Mayan
Prabha, Goddess of health India
Prabhakari, Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Prabhasa, Attendant god who answered to Indra Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Pracanda, Distinctive form of the goddess Durga Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Pradipatara, Minor goddess of light Buddhist/Mahayana
Pradyumma, God of love Dravidian/Tamil
Prahana, Rather important mother goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Prajana, Goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Prajapati, Primordial being Hindu/Puranic/Vedic/Epic
Prajnantaka, God who is Guardian of the southern direction Buddhist
Prajnaparamita, Goddess, a personification of the religious text Buddhist
Prakde Kafir, Local deity Afghanistan
Pramudita, In minor goddess Buddhist/Vajrayana
Pranasakti, Terrifying female deity who rules the centers of physical life Hindu
Pranidhasnaparamita, Philosophical deity Buddhist
Prasannatara, Rather minor goddess who tramples upon some Hindu gods Buddhist/Mahayana
Pratibhanakuta, God Buddhist
Pratibhanaspratisamvit, Goddess, one of context analysis Buddhist
Pratisamvit, Collective name for four goddesses Buddhist
Pratyangira, Goddess of rather terrifying aspect Hindu
Pratyusa, Attendant god of Indra Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Praxadike, Goddess of enterprise Roman
Praxidice, Goddess of justice Greek
Prende, Goddess of love Albania
Priapos, Fertility god who also guarded mariners Greek
Priapus, God of the shade Roman
Prithivi, Goddess of the earth Hindu
Priti, Goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Priyadarsana, In minor goddess Buddhist/Abeona
Prometheus, God of fire (he brought fire to humans) Greek
Promitor, Minor god of agriculture is awful for the growth and harvesting of all crops Roman
Pronoia, Primordial being, the feminine side of the androgynous parent Christian/Gnostic
Proserpina, Goddess of seed germination and spring Roman
Proteus, Shape shifter prophet Greek
Providentia, Goddess of forethought Roman
Proxumae, Generic title of a group of goddesses who were personal guardian deities Roman/Celtic
Prsni, Primordial goddess of the earth Hindu/Vedic
Prthivi, Mother goddess of earth Hindu/India/Vedic
Prthu, Creator god who was the head of the solar pantheon, an avatar of Visnu Hindu/Vedic
Ptah, God of architecture, masons, metal working and sunrise he built boats to carry the souls of the dead Egypt
Pu, Phonation the title given to any god of high rank Ma
Pu Hsing, God of happiness China
Pu'gu Yukaghir, God of the sun, he is associated with justice and honorable living and will punish those who are evil or pilot Siberia(East)
Pudicitia, Goddess of modesty and chastity Roman
Pukkasi, Goddess who is of terrifying appearance, why I do not know Buddhist/Tibet/Vajrayana
Pukkeenegak, Goddess of childbirth and clothes making Inuit
Punarvasu, Minor and benevolent goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Pura See Pore
Purandhi, Minor goddess of prosperity and childbirth Hindu/Epic
Purusa, Primeval creator god, the primordial being from whom the cosmos was formed Hindu/Vedic
Purvabhahadrapada, Benevolent minor goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Purvaphalguni, Minor goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Purvashadha, Minor goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Pusan, God of possessions, physical prowess, strength Hindu/Puranic/Vedic
Pusi Tikopia, If this god, the apotheosis of the reef eel Polynesia
Puskaitis, God of fruit Lithuania
Puspa, Mother goddess Buddhist/Tibet
Puspatara, Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Pusti, Goddess of fertility of northern India Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Pusya, Goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Puta, Goddess responsible for the proper pruning of trees and shrubs respond Roman
Pwyll, Sometimes the ruler of the underworld Welsh
Pwyll Pen Annwn See Pwyll
Qa'wadliliquala Dza'wadeenox, Not only the Supreme god, but the guardian of the tribe as well as River deity who insurers the salmon run BC Canada
Qadshu, Goddess of fertility Syria
Qaitakalnin, Guardian spirit Koryak
Qamai'ts, Creator goddess who lives in the upper heavens and controls the earth, she is never prayed to BC Canada
Qasynan, God of the smithies Arabic
Qebui, Four headed, winged, ram headed god of the north wind Egypt
Qenqentet, Goddess of memory Egypt
Qeskina'qu Koryak, Sky spirit the apotheosis of daylight Siberia
Qetesh, Goddess of love and beauty Egypt
Qetesh, Goddess of nature, whose cult was orgiastic Syria
Qos, Local weather/rainbow god Arabic
Quabso, Goddess of health, fertility and rain Tanzania
Quades, Goddess of fertility Semitic(West)
Quan Yin, Goddess of knowledge Buddhist
Quan Yin, Goddess of fertility China
Quat, Creator god who knows how to enjoy life Melanesia/Banks Is.
QudsuW., Personification of holiness Sumeria
Queen Maeve, Once a powerful goddess Ireland
Queen of Elphame See Elphame
Quetzalcoatl See Ehacatl
Quetzalcoatl, God of the air and presided over commerce, fertility, wind and of wisdom Aztec/Toltec
Quetzalcoatl, Manifestation of sun the god, he is a savior of his people as well and there is not enough room here to tell his story Aztec
Quiahuitl, Creator god/sun deity of the third of the five world ages Aztec
Quinkini A'qu Koryak, Founder of the world Siberia
Quinoa-Mama, Minor goddess Peru
Quirinus, God of thunder and of war Roman
Quirinus, God of war and Tutelary god of the Sabines Roman
Quootis Hooi, Creator goddess Chinook
Quzah, Mountain and weather god Arabic
Ra, God of rebirth and war and the sun Egypt
Ra, Goddess of lightning, Thunder Nigeria
Rachmay, Goddess of health and nurses Canaan
Radha, Goddess of emotional love Hindu/Puranic/India/Epic
Rafu Sen, Goddess of spring Japan
Ragno, Creation goddess Hopi
Rahu, Primordial cosmic deity, therefore a god Hindu
Raiden, God of thunder Japan
Raijin, Gods of weather , inclusive Japan/Shinto
Rainha Barba, Goddess of thunder and lightning Belem/Brazil
Raja Indainda, God of thunder, who is the spy and messenger of the other gods Batak
Rajamatangi, Goddess Hindu
Raka, God of the winds Polynesia/Hervey Is.
Raka, Minor goddess of prosperity Hindu/Vedic
Ran, Goddess of the sea norse
Rana Neida, Goddess of spring Saami/Lappland
Randeng, Goddess of teaching China
Rangda, Goddess of fertility and of sexuality, Lust Bali
Rangi, God of the sky Maori/New Zealand
Ranno, God of gardens Egypt
Ranu Bai, Goddess of rivers India
Rapithwin, God of the noon day heat Persia
Rati, Goddess of fertility, love, passion and of sex Hindu/Balinese
Rati mbati ndua, God of the underworld who devours the dead Fiji
Ratis, Goddess of protective fortifications Celtic
Ratri, Goddess of the night Hindu/Vedic
Ratu Mai Mbula, God of fertility Fiji
Ravana, Demon King of Lanka who abducted Sita Hindu
Re'are'a, Goddess of happiness, joy Tahiti
Renenutet, Goddess of fortune, grain, milk, harvest, nursing babies Renenutet Egypt
Renpet, Goddess of spring Egypt
Reret, Goddess Egypt
Reseph Mikal, God of lightning and thunder Phoenicia
Resep[A]Mukal, War and plague god who originated in Syria Phoenicia/Canaan
Resheph, God of plague Canaan
Resheph, God of plague and of the underworld Phoenicia
Resphu, God of war, worshipped in the Nile Delta Syria
Revanta, God of hunters Hindu
Revati, Minor goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Rhadamanthos, Marriage of chthonic underworld god Roman/Greek
Rhea, Primordial goddess of childbirth, earth, fertility, mountains Greek
Rheda, Goddess of spring germanic
Rheie See Rhea
Rhiannon, Chthonic goddess of birds and horses Ireland
Riddi, Goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Riddihivasita, Minor goddess Buddhist
Rigenmucha, God New Guinea
Rigisamus, God of war Roman/Celtic
Rimmon, Sun god Babylon
Rind, Goddess of winter norse
Ritona, Goddess of river fords Roman/Celtic
Robigo, Goddess of grain Roman
Rod, God of fertility Slavic
Rodasi, Goddess of lightning Vedic
Rohini, Minor goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Rohini, Goddess of learning Jain
Roma, Very minor god of our culture Roman/Greek
Roman See Kloanthes Hellenized
Rongo, God of cultivated plants Maori
Rongommatane, God of agriculture, especially the sweet potato Polynesia
Rosmerta, Goddess of healing, water, and sacred springs Roman/Celtic/Gaul
Rozanica, Goddess of winter Slavic
Rsbha, Avatar of the god Vishnu Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Rubanga Alur, Creator god Uganda
Ruda, Tutelary god, an androgynous being Arabic
Rudiobus, Thought to be a horse god Roman/Gaelic
Rudra, God of death, disease, healing, jungle, lightning, storms, thunder and the wind Hindu/Vedic
Rudracandra, Distinct form of the goddess Durga Hindu
Rugaba, God of the sky Uganda
Rugievit, Local war god Slavic/Rugen Is.
Rugiu Boba, Goddess of autumn Lithuania
Ruhanga Bunyoro, Creator god was the initiator of the world, regarded as distant, if ever invoked Uganda
Rukko, Creator Mandaean
Rukmini, Goddess who is avatar of Laksmi among other things Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Rumina, Goddess of infants Roman
Runcina, Goddess of agriculture who presides over weeding Roman
Rundas, God of fortune who is associated with hunting Hittite/Hurrian
Ruoini, Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Rusalki, They were water nymphs and not nice Slavic/Russia
Rusina, Goddess of fields and open country Roman
Rwewti, Lion god who guards the temple of heaven Egypt
Ryangombe Rwanda, Tutelary god and ancestral deity Africa(east)
Ryuhwa, Goddess of water Korea
Ryujin, Dragon god who controls of thunder and rain Japan/Shinto
Sa Kono, Creator god, one of a pair of creator deities Guinea
Sabaoth, Creator god Christian/Gnostic
Sabazios, Agriculture god Phrygian/NW Turkey
Sachmet See Sakhemet
Saci, Goddess of physical prowess, Strength India
Sadaksari[Lokesvara], Variety of Avalokitesvara who is incarnate in succession of the Dali Lamas Buddhist/Tibet/Lamaist
Sadarnuna, Goddess of the new moon Sumeria
Sadbhuja-Sitatara, God Buddhist
Sadhumati, Minor goddess Buddhist/Vajrayana
Sadrapa, God of healing Syria
Sadwes, Goddess rain, of storms, thunder, lightning, hail, snow Persia
Safekh aabut, Goddess of knowledge Egypt
Saga, Goddess of history norse
Saga, Goddess of knowledge and waterfalls norse
Sagaramati, God Buddhist
Sagbata, God of smallpox Dahomey
Sahar, God of the moon Aramaic
Sai' Al Quan, Local guardian god, believed to be Protector of caravans Semitic/Nabataean
Saitada, Goddess of mourning Celtic
Sajara, Rainbow god Songhoi
Sakhadai Noin, God of fire Siberia
Sakhemet, Goddess of war Egypt
Sakka[n], Patron god of herdsmen and a god of cattle Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Sakra, God Buddhist
Sakti See Parvati
Sakti, Personification of a god Hindu/Buddhist/Jain
Sakti See Sati
Sakyamuni, God, the historical Buddha Buddhist/Tibet
Sala, Goddess of war Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Salacia, Goddess of the sea Roman
Salagrama, Form of the god Visnu Hindu
Salevao, Primordial god of rocks Polynesia
Salim, God of the evening Syria
Salm of Mahram, Local tutelary god Arabic
Salmacis, Goddess Fountain, spring Greek
Salman See Salm of Mahram
Salmaone, Mother goddess Greek
Salus, Goddess of health, prosperity and public welfare Roman/Sabine
Sama, Obscure heroic god Dravidian/Tamil
Samael, Creator god aka the blind god Christian/Gnostic
Samantabhadra, God, a form of a spiritual meditation Buddha Buddhist
Samantaorabha, Minor goddess Buddhist/Vajrayana
Samas, God of the sun and patron deity of Sippa and Larsa Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Samba, Heroic god Hindu
Sami'yaila Bella Coola See Senx
Samkarsana, Local last form of Balarama Dravidian/Camille
Samkhat, Goddess of happiness and joy Babylon
Sampsa, Vegetation god who gives life to seed who lies dormant through the winter Finnish
Sams, Sun deity who in the north is a male and in the south female Greek
Samundra, Goddess of rivers India
Samvara, God Buddhist/Mahayana
San Chou Niang Niang, Mother goddess who was first deified during the Sung dynasty China
San-Dui, Tutelary god Buddhist/Tibet
Sandhya, Goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Sangarius, God of rivers Greek
Sango Yoruba, God of thunder Nigeria
Sani See Manda
Sani, Astral god Hindu/Buddhist
Saning Sari, Rice mother goddess Java
Sanjna, Goddess of warriors Hindu
Sanju Kafir, Harvest goddess Afghanistan
Sankari, Mother goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Sankha[pala], Snake god Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Sanmukha, God, a form of Skanda Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Santa, Mother goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Santana, Minor goddess Hindu
Santoshi Mata, Mother goddess of recent origin, about 1960 Hindu
Sanu Kafir, God Afghanistan
Sao, Goddess of sailing Greek
Sao ch'ing Niang Niang, Goddess of brooms and fair weather China
Sapas, God of the sun Canaan
Sapientia, Goddess of wisdom Roman
Saptanatra, Generic title of the seven deities of evil influence Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Sar, God of the dawn Syria
Sar Akka, Goddess midwives Swedish
Sara, Minor war god Babylon/Akkadia
Saraddevi, Fertility and vegetation goddess associated autumn Buddhist/Tibet
Sarama, Attendant goddess of the god Indra Hindu/Puranic/Vedic/Epic
Saranya, Primordial goddess Hindu/Vedic
Sarapis, God, rather late in arrival Egypt
Sarasvati Hindu,, Goddess of astronomy, science, education, wisdom, eloquence and rivers Vedic
Saravakarmavaranavisodhani, God of the richer, another deification of text Buddhist
Sarra Itu See Sarrahitu
Sarrahitu, Goddess of fertility who started out being Tutelary goddess of the city of Su-Sin Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Sarritor, Minor god of agriculture who was invoked during the growing and harvesting of crops Roman
Sarruma, God Hittite/Hurrian
Sarvabuddharma-Kosavati, God of literature, the deification of texts Buddhist
Sarvakarmsvaranavisodhani, God of literature Buddhist
Sarvanaranaviskambhin, God, a spiritual meditation buddha Buddhist
Sarvasokatamonirghatmatiage, God, another spiritual meditation buddha Buddhist
Sarvastramahajvala, Messenger goddess Jain
Sasuratum, Midwife goddesses, they are seven in number Canaan
Satabhisa, Minor goddess of fortune who is not very nice at all Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Sataruri, Minor goddess who was the victim of incest Hindu/Puranic
Satet, Goddess of archery and hunting Egypt
Satet See Sati
Sati See Parvati
Sati, Mother goddess Hindu/Puranic/India/Epic
Sati, Goddess of waterfalls Egypt
Satis, Minor goddess of fertility Egypt
Satrughna, Minor god Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Saturn, God of agriculture, seeds, astronomy, Saturn, education Roman
Saturnus See Saturn
Satyabhama, Goddess Hindu/Dravidian/Tamil
Satyr, Generic term for woodland gods and divine beings Roman/Greek
Saule, Goddess of the sun Baltic
Saule, God of war Lithuania
Sauska, Goddess of healing Mesopotamia
Savaki Tungus See Khovaki
Savari, Goddess of terrifying appearance, or so it is said Buddhist/Tibet
Savati, Minor benevolent goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Savea Si'uleo, God of the dead Polynesia
Savitar, God of war and the sun Hindu/Vedic
Savpayanjiha, God, a spiritual meditation buddha Buddhist
Saxnot, Tutelary god, at one time required to be denounced at Christian baptism Saxon
Say, Minor god of destiny Egypt
Scabies, Goddess invoked to cure skin diseases Roman
Scamander, God of rivers Greek
Scanda See Karttikeya
Scathach, Goddess of the underworld Ireland/Scotland
Schetewuarha, Goddess rain Brazil
Scotia, Goddess of the sea Greek
Sebitti, Collective name for the minor war gods Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Secia, Goddess of stored seeds Roman
Securita, Guardian goddess invoked to ensure continuing stability of the Roman Empire Roman
Sed, Guardian god who was popular as a personal deity Egypt
Sedena See Nerrivik
Sedna, Goddess of the sea Inuit
Sefkhet-Abwy, Local goddess, concerned with libraries and writing Egypt
Segeta, Goddess of healing of springs Gaul
Segetia, Goddess of planted seeds [part of a trinity] Roman
Segomo, God of war Celtic
Sehu, Goddess of grain Cherokee
Seker, God of death and light Egypt
Sekhet, Goddess of justice, beer, war Egypt
Sekhet-Hor, Cow goddess of lower Egypt Egypt
Sekhmet, Goddess of war Egypt
Selardi, God of the moon Armenia
Selene, Goddess of the moon and the stars Greek
Selket, Goddess of scorpions, and helper of women in childbirth Egypt
Semargl, God of barley and family Slavic
Semele, Mother goddess Roman/Greek
Senecta, Goddess of old age Greek
Sentanta See Cu Chulain
Sentia, Goddess who heightens feelings Roman
Senx, God of the sun who is the ruler of a lower heavens BC Canada
Seocosus, God of war who was popular with various troops of the Roman legions Roman/Iberia
Sepset, Local funerary goddess from Memphis Egypt
Sequana, Goddess of the Seine River Gaul
Sequana, Goddess who lived beneath the rivers British
Sequena See Sequana
Serapis, God of grain, of grain Egypt
Serida, Mother goddess Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Serket[-hetyt], Minor mortuary goddess Egypt
Serqet, Goddess of the morning star Egypt
Sesat, Goddess of books and knowledge Egypt
Sesa[naga], Snake god/Naga, he is at the Great serpent who lies in the primeval sea and encircles the world Hindu/Puranic/Vedic/Epic
Sese Ngbandi, Chthonic goddess who is invoked at sunrise every day Zaire
Sessrumnir, Goddess of fertility germanic
Set, God of black magic, destruction, evil, storms, thunder, drought and chaos Egypt
Seta Pokot, Goddess of the Pleiades as well as Goddess of fertility Kenya
Seth, Desert god Egypt
Seven Macaw, God of the Big Dipper Mayan
Seyon, Creator god Dravidian/Tamil
Sezmu, Minor god of one of the wine and oil presses Egypt
Sga'na Haida, God of the sea PNW
Shadanna-Subrahmanya, Form of the god Kattikeya Hindu/Puranic
Shagpona, God of smallpox Yoruba
Shahar, God of warriors and the dawn Canaan
Shai, God of fate Egypt
Shait, Goddess of justice Egypt
Shakplana, God of plague identified with smallpox Nigeria/Yoruba
Shakuru, Spirit of war and the sun Pawnee
Shala, Goddess of storms Canaan
Shalim, God of dusk and of warriors Canaan
Shamash, God of war, justice, divination and prophecy Babylon
Shamish, God of the sun and the god of justice Babylon
Shang Chien, God of the neck China
Shang Kuo-Lao, One of the eight immortal beings China/Taoist
Shang Ti See Pak Tai
Shang Ti, Creator god China/Taoist
Shango, God of storms and thunder Nigeria
Shango, God of war, storms, thunder and fertility Yoruba
Shani, Astral god who brought misfortune Hindu
Shapash, Goddess of war Ugarit
Shapshu, Goddess of war and the sun Canaan
Shashaya, Goddess of the morning star Tanzania
Shashti, Goddess of children and childbirth Hindu
Shaushka, Powerful goddess Ishtar Hittite/Hurrian/Akkadia
She chi, God of agriculture, grain, land and soil China
Sheela[Sheila] Na Gig, Protective or blessing deity Ireland
Sheger, God of cattle Canaan
Shen Hsui Chih, God of medicine China
Shen Nung, Agriculture god China
Sheng Mu, Goddess of witchcraft China
Shici-Fuku-Jin, Seven principal gods of luck, there is a one female involved however Japan/Shinto
Shilup Chito Osh, Great Spirit Choctaw
Shina Tsu Hime See Shina-Tsu-Hiko
Shina-Tsu-Hiko, God of the wind Japan
Shing Li-Kuan, One of the eight immortal beings China/Taoist
Shitala, Goddess of disease [smallpox] Hindu
Shiu Fang, God of embankments China
Shiva, God of fertility Hindu
Shomde Kafir, Local creator god known throughout HinduKush Afghanistan
Shona See Nosenga Kotrkore
Shoney, Originally a single god of the North Sea Ireland/Scotland/Manx
Shoten, God of commerce and wisdom Japan
Shou Hsing, God of longevity China
Shou Lao, God of longevity who started out as an astral deity China
Shoul lao, God of longevity China
Shouxing, God of longevity China
Shu, God of the atmosphere, light, war, wind Egypt
Shui Fang, Agriculture god China
Shui Yng, Agriculture god China
Shun I Fu gen, Goddess of drought and of famine China
Shurdi, Storm god who had been revered in recent times Albania
Shutu, Goddess of the winds Babylon
Shuwi Kafir See Nirmali
Si, Goddess of justice Slavic
Si Chimu, God of the moon Peru
Si'a, Minor attendant goddess Phoenicia
Si'duku Kamchadal, Mother spirit Siberia(East)
Si'mskalin Kamchadal, Guardian spirit Siberia(East)
Sia, God of perception Egypt
Siaparamita, Philosophical deity Buddhist
Siddhi, Minor goddess of fortune who grants favors Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Siddhi, Old gods who live it in the hills Ireland
Siduri, Minor goddess of happiness, merriment, wine making, brewing and of wisdom Sumeria
Sien Tsang, Goddess of silk cultivation China
Sif, Goddess of agriculture, fertility and autumn norse
Sigyn, Goddess who ran with Loki a norse/Icelandic
Sikhandin, Minor deity, one of a group of emancipated gods Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Sikhin, Physician god Buddhist/Tibet
Sila, God of storms Inuit
Silewe Nazarata, Goddess Understanding, of wisdom Indonesia
Silma Inua, Supreme god, rarely invoked or prayed at Inuit
Silvanus, God of nature and the woods Roman
Sin, God of the moon Babylon
Sin, Patron goddess of warriors Ireland
Sina, Goddess of the moon Samoa
Sinann, Goddess of rivers Celtic
Sindgund, Goddess of healing charms germanic
Sindhu, Goddess of rivers Hindu/Vedic
Singala N., Local god Arabic
Sinhanada, Physician god Buddhist/Tibet
Sinivali, Minor goddess of prosperity Hindu/Vedic
Sinnilktok, Goddess of healing Inuit
Sins Sga'nagwai Haid, Supreme god who gives power to all things BC Canada
Sio Humis, Rain god Ahopui
Siofn, Goddess listed by Snorri norse/Icelandic
Sionnan, Goddess of the River Shannon Ireland
Sipe Gialmo, Mother goddess, the queen of the world Tibet/Bon
Sipylene, Mother goddess worshiped in the Metroon sanctuary Anatolia/Symnra
Sirah See Siris
Sirao, God Indonesia
Sirara, Goddess of the Persian Gulf, Enki said so Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Siris, Goddess of banquets and rain clouds Babylon
Sirona, Local goddess of healing from the Moselle basin of Germanicy Roman/Celtic
Sirona, Goddess of beneficial hot springs British
Sirone, Goddess of water and protector of bathing children Haiti/Vodun
Sirsir, Guardian god of boatmen Babylon/Akkadia
Sirtur, Goddess of sheep Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia/Sumeria
Sisnaaxil See Qamai'ts
Sisyphos, God of the faded sun Corinthian
Sita, Chthonic goddess of the earth Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Sitala[mata], Mother goddess of healing Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Sitapata, Goddess/Buddha designate Buddhist
Siva, Principle creative and destructive god Hindu/India
Sivini, God of the sun Armenia
Sivottama, Minor god Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Sjofn, Goddess of love and passion norse
Skadi, Goddess norse/Icelandic
Skanda See Karttikeya
Skanda, God of war Hindu/Puranic/India/Epic
Skuld, Goddess and future norse
Slaine, Thought to be a deity of healing and the medical arts Ireland
sMan-Bla, God, in medicine Buddha Buddhist/Tibet
Smertrios, God of war and tutelary deity of the Treveri Celtic
Smrti, Minor god Buddhist/Mahayana
Snegurochka, Goddess and winter Russia
Snotra, Goddess of knowledge, wisdom and Virtue norse
Snulk'ulxa'ls Bella Coola, Arctypical god, rather like the Christian god in as he provided a conflict of decent and evil treatment for humans BC Canada
So Ewe, And weather god Togo
Sobek, Crocodile god Egypt
Sodasi, Minor goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Sodza Ewe, God of the sky, prayed to weekly to send rain Togo
Sofh, Goddess of education Egypt
Sogblen Ewe, Messenger god Togo
Sogbo Fon, God of rain Benin
Sohobo-No-Kami, Goddess scarecrows, the apotheosis of an actual scarecrow known as a Kakashi Japan/Shinto
Sokar, Chthonic underworld god who is the guardian of the necropolis at Memphis Egypt
Soko Nupe, God of the sky, specifically the dark sky who precedes the beginning of the rainy season Nigeria
Sol, Goddess of the sun norse/Icelandic
Sol, God of war and the sun Roman
Solbon, Goddess of the morning star and the evening star Slavic
Solntse, Goddess of war Slavic
Soma, God of the moon Hindu
Somaskanda, Aspect of the god Siva, a god for all who Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Somhlth, God who had no corporeal incarnation Ireland/Scotland/Manx
Somnus, God of sleep and dreams Roman
Somtus, God Egypt
Sopedu, Guardian god of the eastern border Egypt
Sophia, Primordial female force of the cosmos Christian/Greek/Gnostic
Sophrosyne, Goddess of temperance and moderation Greek
Sopona, God of smallpox Yoruba
Sore-Gus Hottentot, God of the sun/sky Africa(south)
Sors, God of luck Roman
Soteira, Goddess of safety Greek
Sothis Egypt, Astral goddess who heralds Arias of the Nile Hellenic
Souconna, River goddess who was the guardian of the river Saone Roman/Celtic
Soului Hua, Benevolent vegetation god also in charge of medicine and music Africa(west)
Spadareamet, Chthonic goddess concerned with fertility of the earth and death, the Christians equate her name with hell Armenia
Speio, Goddess of caves Greek
Spercheius, God of rivers Greek
Spermo, One of the Oenotropae Greek
Spes, Goddess of happiness, hope and law Roman
Spiniesis, Minor agricultural god is charged with responsibility of uprooting thorn bushes Unknown
Sraddha, Goddess Faith Hindu
Sravana, Minor benevolent goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Sravistha, Minor benevolent goddess of fortune i Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Srikantha, Minor god consider to be an aspect of Siva Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Srivasumukhi, Minor attendant goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Srividyavedi, Minor goddess who likes to wear a necklace of teeth and bones Hindu
Sri[devi], Goddess of terrible appearance and Royal attire Buddhist/Tibet
Sri[devi], Goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Ssu Cho, Agriculture god China
Ssu ma Hsiang ju, God of wine merchants China
Stanitakumara, Youthful appearing god Jain
Sterculius, Minor god of agriculture who would fit right in with politicians, who is, his concern was spreading the BS on the fields Roman
Sthenias, Goddess of physical prowess and strength Greek
Strenua, Goddess of vigor who gives energy to the weak and tired Roman
Stribog, God of the winds Slavic
Strymon, God of rivers Greek
Styx, Chthonic goddess of the River Styx Greek
Su, Primordial god of the air Egypt
Suada, Goddess of persuasion Roman
Subhadra, Goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Subhaga, Minor goddess Buddhist
Subhamekhala, Minor goddess Buddhist/Meola
Subrahmanya, Minor warrior deity Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Sucellos, God of rivers, death and a hammer god Celtic
Suddhodana, Primordial data who was the father of Buddha's line Buddhist
Sudrem Kafir, Weather god created for the breath of the god Imra Afghanistan
Sudurjaya, Minor goddess Buddhist/Vajrayana
Sugriva, Monkey god Hindu/Epic
Suk See Kangalogba Pokot
Suk See Seta Pokot
Suk See Topoh Pokot
Suk See Tororut Pokot
Sukarasya, Minor goddess Buddhist
Sukkamielli, Goddess of frenzied love Finnish
Sukla-Tara, Goddess an emanation of all the meditation Buddhas Buddhist/Mahayana
Suklang malayon, Goddess of happiness Philippines
Sukra, Astral god, was the personification of the planet Venus, he tutored demons on the side Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Suksma, Minor deity Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Suku Ovimbundu, Creator god sky at, the rivers, people, and mountains Africa
Sukuna-Hikona, God of healing who helped establish the methods of healing diseases as well as a means to control and protection against Bob beast, snakes, insects, et all Japan/Shinto
Sul, Goddess of hot springs Sulla Sulis Sulevia Celtic
Sul-Pa-e The, Astral and fertility god, a personification of the planet Jupiter Sumeria/Mia
Sul-utula, Rather personal tutelary god Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Suleviae, Goddess of passage, normally associated with crossroads Roman/Celtic
Sulini, Minor goddess appearance Hindu
Sulis, Underworld goddess concerned with knowledge and of prophecy Roman/Celtic
Sullat, Minor god who was an attendant of God of the sun Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Sulmanitu W., Goddess of fertility concerned with love and war Semitic
Sulman[u] Mesopotamia, Chthonic war and fertility god Semitic
Sulsaga, Astral goddess Sumeria
Sumalini, Attendant minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Sumati, Deification of literature Buddhist
Sumbha, Goddess who is the guardian of the downward direction Buddhist
Sumbharaja, God who is the guardian of the downward direction Buddhist
Sumiyoshi-No-Kami, Generic name of the sea gods who are guardians of seafarers[3] Japan/Shinto
Summanus, God of thunder Roman/Etruscan
Sumugan, God of the River plains Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Sumuqan See Sakka[n]
Sun Hou-Shi, Monkey god China
Sun Wu-Kong See Sun Hou-Shi
Sundara, Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Sundara, Goddess who is a prosperous aspect of Siva, a god Hindu/Puranic
Supai, God of death Inca
Suparikiritanaasri, Physician god Buddhist/Tibet
Suparnakumara, God Jain
Sura, Goddess of wine Hindu
Suraksini, Minor goddess Buddhist/Meola
Surangama, God Buddhist/Mahayana
Surarnadhadravimalaratnaprabhasa, Physician god Buddhist/Tibet
Suresvara, God, one of the Rudra gods Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Surya, Goddess of the sun Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Surya, God of light and war Hindu/Vedic
Susano-Wo, God of agriculture, the ocean and storms Japan/Shinto
Susdinak, Local god, the god of Susa Elamite/Iran
Sutalidihi, Sun spirit Cherokee
Sutekh, God of weather Hurrian
Suwaliyattas, God of warriors Hittite
Svadha, Minor goddess Hindu
Svantovit, God of fire and war Slavic
Svaraghosaraja, Physician god Buddhist/Tibet
Svarazic, God of fire Slavic
Svarogich See Svarazic
Svarozic See Svarazic
Svasthavesini, One of those rather ugly goddesses Hindu
Svasti devi, Goddess of the home Hindu
Syamatara, Goddess, a form of the goddess Tara Buddhist/Tibet
Syn, Goddess of justice norse
T'ai Shan, God who is the senior one in the heavenly ministries China
T'ai Yi, Primordial god who was present before the cosmos was created China
T'ao Hua Hsiennui, Goddess guardian deity as well as the deity of the second spring month China
T'ien Fei, Goddess of sailing China
T'ung Chung chung, God of the skin China
T'ung Lai yu, God of the stomach China
Ta'ata See Senx
Ta'lab, God of the moon with an oracle function South America
Ta'xet, God of the sky, who receives the souls of those who die by violence Haida
Ta'xet Haida See Tia
Ta'yan, Supreme Being who does not meddle in human affairs Koryak
Ta-bitjet, Goddess who protects against scorpion bite, though her symbol is the scorpion Egypt
Ta-No-Kami, Generic name of several gods and harvest Japan/Shinto
Taautos, God who later devolved into the Egyptian Thoth Phoenicia
Tabiti, Goddess of fire Scythia
Tacoma, Goddess of fresh waters Salish
Taditkara, Goddess of light Buddhist
Tagabayan, Goddess of adultery and incest Philippines
Tages, God of prophecy Etruscan
Tagni, God of witchcraft Italy
Tahc I, Goddess of war Tunica
Tahit, Spirit of fate Tlingit
Tai-Sung-Jing, God of time, the apotheosis of the planet Jupiter China
Taijn, Name for a group of rain gods, still worshipped and presumed to live in ruins of El Tajin(Veracruz) Mexico(Totonac)
Tailitu See Taillte
Taillte, Goddess of Lughnasadh and August Ireland
Taio, Goddess of the moon. Lakalai
Tajika no mikoto, God of strength Japan
Taka rita, Goddess of adultery Polynesia
Taka-Mi-Musubi-No-Kama, Primordial creator being Japan/Shinto
Taka-Okami-No-Kami, God of the rains in the mountains Japan/Shinto
Take-Mika-Dzuchi-No-Kami, God of thunder, rain, and storms as well as a warrior. One of the Raijin, Japan/Shinto
Takkiraja, God Buddhist
Takotsi Nakawe Huichol, Chthonic vegetation goddess, all plant life and the earth are hers Mexico
Taksaka, Snake god Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Takuskanskan, Wind spirit and a trickster Dakota
Taliesin, Minor barley god worshipped through the 16th century Welsh
Tallai, Goddess of dew, rain Syria
Tam Kung, Local sea god of rain and water but will extinguish fires China
Tama-No-Ya, God of jewelers Japan/Shinto
Tamara, Goddess of the River Tamar British
Tamats Palike Tamoyeke Huichol, God of the wind and of air who was also a messenger of the gods, for an encore, put world into its present form and shape Mexico
Tamesis, Goddess of the River Thames British
Tammuz, God of agriculture and fertility Assyria
Tammuz, Harvest god Hittite
Tammuz, Agriculture god Sumeria
Tan ma, Goddesses of health and medicine Tibet
Tana, Star goddess Italy
Tana'oa, God of weather Marquesas Is.
Tanaquil, Goddess of justice Roman
Tanara Yakut, Apotheosis of the sky, a sky spirit Siberia
Tane, God of the woodlands Maori/New Zealand
Tane[mahuta], God of light, fertility and the sky Polynesia
Tang, Goddess of justice China
Tangaroa, God of the sea Maori/New Zealand
Tangaroa, God of fishing, the ocean and reptiles, the life giver of all Polynesia
Tango, God of virgin birth, kinda Hervey Is.
Tanit, Goddess of the moon Phoenicia/Carthage
Tannus, Thunder god Tinnus Taranus British
Tano, God of rivers Togo
Tanu'la Koryak, Guardian spirit of the earth and its plans and animals, female type Siberia(East)
Tanus, Star god Italy
Tao Kung, God of the diaphragm China
Taoki-Ho-Oi-No-Kami, God of carpenters Japan/Shinto
Tapio, God of forests Russia
Tar Tiv, Chthonic earth god Nigeria
Tara, Goddess, the epitaph of the mother of the Buddha[Mayan] Buddhist/Vajrayana/Mahayana
Tara, Goddess of the stars Hindu/Puranic/Vedic/Epic
Taranis, Death goddess and mysterious sky god Celtic
Tarhunt, Weather god Hurrian/Anatolia
Tari Pennu Khond, Chthonic goddess India
Tarpatassis, Demon who staves off sickness and grants long, healthy life Hittite
Taru, Weather god Hittite/Hurrian
Tarvos Trigaranos, Bull god Roman/Celtic
Tasenetnofret, Goddess Egypt
Tasimmet, Goddess of weather and storms Hittite
Tasmettu[m], Goddess Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Tasmisu, Attendant god Hittite/Hurrian
Tate, Creator spirit of the winds, he controls the changing of the seasons and guides the spirits of dead Sioux
Tate Hautse Huichol, Srain and water goddess, additionally responsible for mist and fog Mexico
Tate Kyewimoka Huichol, Rain and water goddess, who is also the goddess of grain Mexico
Tate Naaliwahi Huichol, Rain and water goddess, appears in lightning and brings rain from the east Mexico
Tate Oteganaka Huichol, Rain and water goddess who is also the patron of Laguna De Magdalena Mexico
Tate Velika Vimali Huichol, Goddess of the sun perceived as either a young girl or a royal eagle who holds the world in her talons, she guards it Mexico
Tatenen, Chthonic vegetation god, the apotheosis of the Nile silt Egypt
Tatevali Huichol, Not only the deity of life and health, Tutelary god of shamans, he is the god of fire Mexico
Tatosi Huichol, Principal god of fire Mexico
Tatqa'hicin, Vegetation spirit Koryak
Tatsuta Hime, Goddess of autumn Japan
Tau See Tayau
Taueret, Goddess of fertility, rebirth, justice, pregnancy and childbirth Egypt
Taultiu See Taillte
Taumata-Atua, Vegetation god who presides over the fields Polynesia
Tawa, God of the Sun Pueblo
Taweret, Goddess who protects childbirth Egypt
Taweskare See Tawiscara
Tawhaki, God of lightning and thunder Polynesia
Tawhirimatea, God of winds Polynesia/Maori/New Zealand
Tawhoavasita, Minor goddess Buddhist
Tawiscara, Evil twin brother of Loskeha Iroquois
Tawiskaro See Tawiscara
Tayau, God of the sun of the the rising sun Mexico
Tayau Sakaimoka Huichol, Western setting sun god Mexico
Tcolawitze, Fire spirit Hopi
Te Kore, Primordial void being who was the personification of darkness of chaos prior to light Polynesia
Te mehara, Goddess of wisdom Polynesia
Te-Aka-Ia-Roe, Creator being Polynesia/Hervey Is.
Te-Manava-Roa, Creator being, one of three Hervey Is.
Te-Tanga-Engae, Creator being Polynesia/Hervey Is.
Tecciztecatl, God of the moon Aztec
Tecei'vune, Female spirit of the dawn Siberia(East)
Tefnut, Goddess of the dawn, dew, moisture, justice and rain clouds Egypt
Tegid Voel, Goddess of water who was identified by the poet Taliesin Welsh
Teharonhiawagon, Creator spirit Mohawk
Teibas, Tutelary god Armenia/Uart
Teicauhtzin, Patron god of Mexico as well as a minor god of war Aztec
Tejosnina, God Buddhist
Tekkeitserktock, God of hunting and the earth Inuit
Telepinu[s], God of fertility Hittite/Hurrian
Telesphorus, God of strength Roman
Telesto, Goddess of initiations Greek
Teliko Bambara, God of hot winds Africa(west)
Telipinu, Agriculture god Hittite
Tellus, Goddess of agriculture, grain fields and fertility Roman
Telphochtli, Then run a potent god, the universal and generally malvolent Aztec
Telphusa, Goddess of fountains Greek
Telta See Taillte
Tempestates, Goddess of storms and wind Roman
Tenanto'mwan, Creator spirit Koryak
Tenato'mni, Creator spirit Siberia/Chukchee
Tenga, Goddess of justice Africa
Tengri, Sky god Mongol
Tenye Te'en, Goddess of marital fidelity Nigeria
Teoyaomqui, God of dead warriors Aztec
Tepeyollotl, Either a minor chthonic and/or earth god or originally the earthquake god Aztec
Tepozlecatl, God fertility and of drunkenness Aztec
Tepyollotl, Lord of uncertainty Aztec
Terminus, God of boundaries and landmarks Roman/Greek
Terra, Goddess of the earth Roman
Terra Mater See Terra
Tesub, Storm god Hittite/Hurrian
Teteoinnan, Goddess of of healers and Medical diviners Aztec
Teteoinnan-Toci, Goddess of midwives Aztec
Tethys, Goddess of the sea Roman
Teuhcatl, Hunting and local goddess of war Aztec
Teutates, God of the tribe Celtic
Tewi'xlak Dza'wadeenox, God of all goat hunters BC Canada
Tezcacoac, Birth goddess Aztec
Tezcatlipoca, God of summer, war, power, death and evil Aztec/Nahuatl
Tezcatlipoca-Iztlacoliuhqui, One of four temple deities Aztec
Tezcatzoncatl, Minor fertility god involved with the brewing of pulque Aztec
Thab-Iha, Hearth god Tibet/Bon
Thakur Deo, Goddess of childbirth Etruscan
Thalia, Goddess of burlesque Greek
Thaloque-Tepictoton, Rain and fertility god Aztec
Thanatos, God of death and pain Greek
Thatmanitu, Goddess of healing Phoenicia
Thea, Goddess of the dawn Greek
Theandros, God known only from Greek and Roman inscriptions Arabic
Thebe, Nymph Greek
Themis, Goddess of fire, hospitality, human rights, justice Greek
Thermaia, Goddess of healing springs Roman
Thetis, Goddess of rivers and oceans Greek
Thmei, Goddess of justice Egypt
Thoeris, Goddess of health and justice Egypt
Thor, God of the sky, thunder , storms, sea journeys, the administration of justice and war norse
Thora Bushmen See Kaang
Thoth, God of astronomy, science, death, education, wisdom, geometry, law, magic, mathematics, medicine, the moon and surveying Egypt
Thunor, God of fertility, lightning and thunder germanic
Thurremlin, God of passage, from adolescence to manhood Australia
Ti'hmar Kolyma Tungus, Supreme spirit, it became the name for the Christian god Siberia
Tia, God of death, by violence BC Canada
Tiamat, Goddess of the ocean Babylon
Tiamat, Goddess of chaos in the creation myth Mesopotamia
Tiamontennu See Bishamon-Ten
Tian-zhu See Tien Tsun
Tiberinus, God of the river Tiber Roman
Tie, Goddess of intelligence and wisdom Egypt
Tien Hou, Goddess of the ocean China
Tien Mu, Goddess of lightning China
Tien Tsun, Generic title of gods given to each of the three holy images in a Taoist temple China/Taoist
Tienoltsodi, God of oceans and fresh water , he controls all waters who fall on the earth but none of those in the heavens Navaho
Tifenua Tikopia, Chthonic fertility god Polynesia
Tikesnosna, God, Guardian in the northwestern quarter Buddhist
Tiki, Creator god who created mankind Polynesia
Tilla, Bull god Hittite/Hurrian
Tilo, God of the sky and of thunder and rain Mozambique
Timaiti-Ngava-Rimngvari, Primordial female principle being Polynesia/Hervey Is.
Timatekore, Primordial male principle being Polynesia/Hervey Is.
Tin, Sky god Etruscan
Tin Hau, Goddess of the waters China/Taoist
Ting-jian See Gao Yao
Tinia, God of storms Etruscan
Tinirau, God of the ocean Polynesia
Tinnit, Goddess Carthage
Tino Taata, Creator god regarded as the tutelary deity who created mankind Society Is.
Tir Mumia, God of wisdom concerned with writing Unknown
Tirawa, Supreme spirit USA
Tirumal, Creator god equated with Visnu Dravidian/Tamil
Tishtrya, God of the sea and water Iran
Tishtrya, Rain/cloud god Persia
Tisiphone of Eumenides, Goddess of justice Greek
Tispak, Tutelary god of the city of Esnumma Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Titans, Second group of gods of the pre-Hellenic pantheon Greek
Titlacvahuan, Omnipotent god, universal and generally evil power Aztec
Tiwaz, God of law germanic
Tiwaz See Tyr
Tlacahuepan, Patron god of Mexico and a minor god of war Aztec
Tlachitonatiiuh, Chthonic underworld god Aztec
Tlachtga, Goddess of sacrifice Ireland
Tlaeque-Tepictoton, Fertility and rain god Aztec
Tlahuiazecalpatcuatli, God of the morning star Aztec
Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli See Quetzalcoatl
Tlahuizcalpantecuhtli, God of warriors Aztec/Nahuatl
Tlaloc See Taijn
Tlaloc, God of agriculture, lightning, rain, weather, clouds, water, springs and mountains Aztec
Tlaloc, Jaguar god Olmec
Tlaltecuhli, Chthonic creator goddess, the ruler of the second of the 13 heavens Aztec
Tlanzolteotl, Aztec at the chthonic/goddess of the earth, a maternal goddess linked with sex, and in the Aztec way, personifying filth Ixcuiname
Tlauixcalpantechutli, Lord of the morning star Mexico
Tlazolteotl, Goddess of death, filth, love, licentiousness, sex, sport, gambling, uncertainty, witchcraft, intoxication and pleasure Aztec
Tlitcaplitana Bella, Goddess of healing Coola
Tloque, Creator god Aztec
Tloque Nahaque, Creator god Aztec
Tna'nto, Spirit of dawn, the first light of the dawn deified Koryak
Tne'sqan See Tecei'vune
Tnecei'vune Chukchee, Spirit of the dawn, one of four beings who control the dawn of from different directions Siberia
To'nenile, God of rain Navaho
Toa'lalit Bella Coola, God of hunters, oversees hunting mountain goats Canada
Tobadzistsini, Minor war god Navaho
Tobadzistsini, God of war Navaho
Toci, Goddess of healing Aztec
Tohil, God of fire Mayan
Tokakami Huichol, God of death Mexico
Toko'yoto, Guardian spirit who is one of the owners of the world,specifically the Pacific Ocean Koryak
Tomituka S., Goddess of rain Pacific
Tomiyauhtecuhtli, Rain and fertility god Aztec
Tomor, Creator and wind and god, he is still around Albania
Tomor, God of the winds as well as Creator god, he is still worshipped today Albania
Tomwo'get, Archetypical creator spirit Koryak
Tonacaciahuatl, Primordial deity who is the self created, eternal, female principle Aztec
Tonacatceuhtli, Primordial deity who is the self created, eternal, male principle Aztec
Tonaleque, Goddess, ruler of the fifth of the 13 heavens Aztec
Tonan, Goddess of the winter solstice Aztec
Tonantzin, Goddess of motherhood Aztec
Tonatiluh, Creator god, presides over the fifth world age[this is the one we are in] Aztec
Tonatiuh, Creator god who presides over the fifth world Aztec
Tonatiuh, God of the sun and a god of war Aztec/Nahuatl
Toneili See Tonenili
Tonenili, Rain god the controls waters from the skies Navaho
Top'tine, Goddess of fire Peru/Brazil
Topogh, Goddess of the evening star Kenya
Topoh Pokot, Astral god associated with the evening star Uganda
Tork, Guardian of the mountains and their inhabitants Armenia
Tornarssuk, Supreme being and master of the Tornat[the controlling deities] Inuit
Toro Ngbandi, Hcreator god Zaire
Tororut Pokot, Creator god Uganda
Totilma'il, Androgynous creator being Mayan/Tzotzi
Totolteactl, Fertility god, concerned with the Maguey plant and the art of growing pulque Aztec
Tou Mou, Goddess of justice China
Touia Fatuna Tonga, Goddess of the earth, the deification of the rock deep in the earth who rumbles and gives birth to new land Polynesia
Toumou, No one really knows what this god did Egypt
Toutiorix See Borvo
Toyo Uke, Goddess of war Japan
Toyo Uke Bime, Goddess of foodstuffs Japan/Shinto
Toyota Mahime, Goddess of the sea Japan
Tozi, Goddess of sweat baths Aztec
Trailokyaviaya, God Buddhist/Mahayana
Trayasrinsa, Collective name for the group of Deva gods Hindu/Vedic
Triduana, Goddess of Edinburgh Scotland
Triglav, Three headed god Poland
Trikantakidevi, Goddess of terrible appearance Hindu
Trimurti, Collective name of the major triad Hindu
Tripura, Mother goddess Hindu/Jain
Trita, Goddess Hindu/Vedic
Tritons, Minor sea gods Roman
Trivikrama, God who may have been God of the sun but is accepted as an incarnation of Visnu Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Trograin, Minor god Ireland
Trukwinu Mana, Goddess rain Hopi
Ts'an Nu, Goddess of silkworms China
Tsa'qamae Qwe'gsotenox, God who controls salmon migration BC Canada
Tsai Shen, God of wealth, associated with the mandarins China
Tsao Chun, God of kitchens and stoves China
Tsao Wang, God of the hearth fire China
Tsehub, God of weather Hittite
Tsentsa, Good Creator Twin Huron
Tsetse, Goddess of lightning Zaire
Tsho gyalma, Goddess of happiness Tibet
Tsi, Goddess of justice Siberia
Tsichtinako, Female spirit of the creation myth Acoma
Tsilah, Goddess of fortune and beauty Haiti/Vodun
Tsohanoai, God of the sun Navaho
Tsui'goab, Rain god Hottentot
Tsuki-Yomi, God of the moon Japan
Tsunigoab Khoi, Creator god of who walks with a limp and was invoked at dawn each day Namibia
Tu P'ing, God of robbers China
Tu-Metua, God of silence who had an immaculate birth Hervey Is.
Tuatha De Dananmn, Collective name for the final pantheon Ireland
Tuetates, God of war Celtic
Tuetatesa, God of war Gaul
Tui, Goddess of happiness China
Tule See Bele
Tule Zande, Spider god who brought the seeds of all the plants on earth Sudan
Tulsi, Goddess of basil plants India
Tumatauenga, God of war who was given charge over mankind Polynesia
Tunek, God of seal hunters Inuit
Tung Lu, God of snow and skis China
Tunkan Ingan, Sex Manitou Dakota
Tuntu Ainu See Kamui
Turan, Goddess of love and the tutelary deity of Vulci Etruscan
Turan, Goddess of peace Etruscan
Turi a faumea, God of fishing and reptiles Polynesia
Turrean, Goddess Tureann Ireland
Tutu, Tutelary god of Borsippa Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Tvastar, Creator god Hindu/Vedic
Tyche, Goddess of fortune Roman/Greek
Tyr, God of justice, sports and war norse
Tzapotla Tenan, Goddess of healing and herbs Mexico
Tzitzimime, Goddesses of the stars Aztec
Tzontemoc, Minor underworld and god Aztec
Tzu ku Shen, God of the latrine China
Tzu Sun Niangniang, Mother goddess who has Protective role, She had been the wife of a mortal China
Tzultacah, Group led to chthonic and thunder gods Mayan
Ua-Ildak, Goddess responsible for pastures and poplar trees Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Uadjet, Goddess of justice Egypt
Uairebhuidhe, Bird goddess Ireland
Uathach, Goddess who trained warriors Ireland/Scotland
Ubastet, Goddess of healing and hunting Egypt
Ubertas, Minor god of agriculture associated with prosperity Roman
Ucchusma, God Buddhist
Uchtsiti, Father of the gods Acoma
Udadhikumara, Generic name of one of the group of deities called bhvanavasi Jain
Ueuecoyotl, God of fertility Aztec
Ugar, Agriculture god Syria
Ugaracandika, Distinctive form of a goddess Durga Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Ugatara, Goddess with a strange mode appearance, she carries a cup and a corpse on her head Hindu/Puranic
Uitzilopchtli, God of the sun Aztec
Ukat, Goddess of good luck Yana
Uke Mochi, Goddess of food Japan
Ukko, God of rain storms, thunder, weather and the sky Finnish
Uks Akka, Goddess midwives Swedish
Ukupanipo, God of sharks Hawaii
Ukur, Chthonic underworld god Babylon/Mesopotamia/Akkadia
Uli, Goddess of healing Polynesia
Uliliyassis, Minor god who removes impotence Hittite
Ull, God of archery, hunting and skis norse/germanic
Ullr See Ull
Ulu'tuyar Ulu Toyo'n Yakut, Rather evil creator spirit
Uma See Parvati
Umaj, Goddess of midwives Yakut
Umashii-Ashi-Kabi-Hiko-Ji-No-Kami, Creator being formed from the reeds floating on the primordial waters Japan/Shinto
Umvelinkwangi, God of the sky Zulu/Africa(south)
Umvelinqangi See Umvelinkwangi
Unelanuhi, Goddess of war Cherokee
Ungamilia S., Goddess of the evening star Pacific
Ungud, God/goddess Australia
Uni, Tutelary goddess of midwives and the sky Etruscan
Unk, Female Manitou ancestor of all evil beings Lakota
Unkulunkulu, Creator god of the sky and chief deity Zulu/Africa(south)
Untombinde, Goddess of justice Africa
Unumbotte Bassari, Creator god Togo
Unxia, Goddess of marriage who anointed the bridegroom's door Roman
Upakesini, Minor goddess Buddhist
Upayapattivasita, Minor goddess Buddhist
Upulvan, Most senior of the four great gods Sri Lanka/Singhalese
Urania, Muse of astronomy and astrology Greek
Uranus, Titan god Greek
Uras, Chthonic goddess of the earth Mesopotamia/Sumeria
Urd, Goddess of fate norse
Urgel, God of the Pleiades Slavic
Urjani, Goddess of physical prowess and strength Hindu
Ursule, Goddess of love Haiti/Vodun
Uru'n Ajy Toyo'n, Creator being who lived in the north east Siberia
Ururupuin, Goddess of flirting, happiness and playfulness Micronesia
Uruzimu, Deity involved in returning the lost Storm god of Nerik Hittite
Usas, Goddess of warriors and of the dawn and wisdom Hindu/Vedic
Usins, Astral god who was affiliated with both the morning and evening star, he sidelined with beekeepers and spring until the Christians showed up and then he became St. George Latvia
Uslo Yakut, Spirit of the mountains, one of the guardians of the natural world Siberia
Usnisa, God, guardian of the integration and a collective term for a group of eight gods Buddhist
Usnisavijaya, Primordial goddess, widely worshipped in Tibet Buddhist/Mahayana
Uso Dori, Goddess of singing Japan
Utixo, God of the sky, rain, and thunder Hottentot
Utlunta, Goddess of physical prowess Cherokee
Uttarabhadrapada, Minor goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Uttarapalguni, Minor goddess Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Uttarasadha, Minor goddess of fortune Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Uttu, Goddess of we've been and of vegetation Sumeria
Utu, God of the sun Sumeria
Uwolowu, God Africa/Akpossa
Uzume, Goddess of laughter and merriment Japan
Va'irgin Chukchee, Supreme being whose name means "I exist" Siberia(East)
Vac, Variety of Manjusri Buddhist
Vac, Goddess of speech Hindu
Vacuna, Goddess of agriculture and leisure Roman
Vaga, Goddess of the River Wye Celtic
Vagisvara, Tutelary deity of Nepal and a god of speech Buddhist
Vagitanus, Minor god of passage Roman
Vahagn, God of war Armenia
Vahgan, God of victory, born from fire and has flames for hair Armenia
Vahguru Sikh, Creator god India
Vaimanika, Generic title for a group of deities Jain
Vairacocha, Creator god Inca
Vairocana, First and oldest meditation Buddha Buddhist
Vairotya, Goddess of learning Jain
Vaisnavi, Mother goddess, a Sakti of Visnu Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Vajardaka, God Buddhist/Mahayana
Vajracarcika, Goddess who stands upon a corpse Buddhist
Vajradhara, God Buddhist
Vajradhatvisvari, Goddess Buddhist
Vajragandhari, No information Buddhist
Vakarine, Goddess of the evening star Slavic
Valetudo, Goddess of health. Italy
Vali, God who will survive Ragnarok norse/Icelandic
Valli, Goddess Hindu
Vamana, Incarnation of the god Visnu Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Vanir, Major group of Norse gods the concerned with peace, prosperity and the fertility of the land norse/Icelandic
Var, Goddess of marriage Vows norse
Varaha, Third avatar of Visnu Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Varahi, Mother goddess who later became one of the goddesses of evil intent Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Varahmukio, Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Varali, Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Vari-Ma-Te-Takere, Mother goddess and creator been, whose six children had immaculate births Hervey Is.
Varuna, Major guardian god of the sky and water Hindu/Puranic/Tamil/Vedic
Varuni, Goddess of golden liquor Hindu
Vasantadevi, Goddess of spring Buddhist/Tibet
Vasio, God Vocontii Celtic/Gaelic
Vasudeva, God Hindu
Vasudhara, Female Buddha designate Buddhist
Vasudhara, Goddess of fertility Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Vasumattisri, Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Vasusri, Minor goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Vasu[s], Generic title for the gods/deities who attend Indra Hindu/India
Vasya-Tara, Goddess Buddhist/Mahayana
Vata, God of the wind Hindu/Persia/Vedic
Vayu, God of the northwestern quarter Buddhist
Vayukmara, God Jain
Ve, Mentioned in the prose Edda norse/Icelandic
Ve'ai, Feminine vegetation spirit and personification of the grasslands Koryak
Ved Ava, Goddess of water Finnish/Ugric
Veden Emo, Goddess of water Finnish
Veive, Very young god Etruscan
Veja Mate, Goddess of the wind was also responsible for birds and the woodlands Latvia
Velaute'mtilan, Vegetation spirit Koryak
Veles, God of flocks and herds, death and the Underworld Slavic/Russia
Vellamo, Goddess of the sea Finnish
Velu Mate, Chthonic underworld goddess and the queen of the dead Latvia
Venda, Creator god, an ancient vegetation deity Dravidian/Tamil
Venilia, Goddess of coastal waters Roman
Venkata, Form of the god of Visnu Hindu/Puranic/Epic
Venus, Goddess of love, beauty, springtime, vineyards Roman
Verbeia, Goddess of the Wharfe and Avon Rivers British
Verbti, God of fire who the Christians identified with the devil Albania
Verdandi, Goddess of the present norse
Verethragna, God of victory, he is perceived to be present in the wind Persia/Iran
Verevctor, Minor god of plowing who was associated with the sacrifices to Tellus and Ceres Roman
Veritas, Goddess of truth Roman
Verplaca, Goddess of family harmony Roman
Vertumnus, God of change, commerce, fruits, gardens, plants, orchards and seasons Roman
Vertumnus, Minor god of orchards and gardens, likely of of Etruscan origin his festival is beingVertumnalia on August 13th Roman
Vesna, Goddess of spring Slavic
Vesta, Goddess of the hearth fire and marriage Roman
Vetali, Goddess of terrifying appearance Buddhist/Tibet
Vi of Wara, Goddess of healing springs germanic
Victoria, Goddess of victory who became an attack by the Christians with an angelic capacity Roman
Vidyadevi, Generic title for a group of 16 goddesses who are associated with knowledge and learning Jain
Vidyesvara, Generic title for the eight emancipated beings who are aspects of Siva Hindu
Vidyraja, Tutelary god concerned with the implementation of the law Buddhist/Meola
Vierge, Goddess of the sea Haiti/Vodun
Vila, Goddesses of justice Slovenian
Viracocha, God of storms and war, the chief deity Inca
Viracocho See Huiracocha
Viracpocha See Vairacocha
Viradechthis See Harimella
Viranakka, Goddess of hunting Saami
Virginia, Goddess of politics Roman
Virtus, Goddess of justice, Virtue, Valor Roman
Vishnu, Chief god, part of the main trinity of hinduism, the other being Brahma and Shiva. Vishnu is the preserver, and is all-powerful, all-knowing and all-present. Hindu
Visnu See Vishnu
Vivasvat, God of warriors India
Vodni Panny, Goddesses of rivers Slavic
Volos See Veles
Volos, God of death and commerce Slavic
Voluptas, Goddess of sensual pleasure Roman
Voluspa, Goddess of wisdom norse
Vor, Goddess of knowledge, wisdom and prudence norse
Vulcan, God of fire, inventing and metal working Roman
W. See Isara Mesopotamia
W. See Sulman[u] Mesopotamia
Wa kon da Hondon, God of the moon Native American
Wachilt, Minor Goddess of the sea Celtic
Wadd S., God of the moon Arabic
Wagadu, Goddess of physical prowess Africa
Wah Kah Nee, Goddess of winter Chinook
Wahini Hal, Demonic mother figure Polynesia
Wak, Supreme god Ethiopia
Wakahirume, Goddess of the dawn Japan
Wakan Tanka, Collective union of the Manitous Lakota
Wakinyan, Thunder spirit. Dakota
Wakonda, Great Spirit Omaha/Sioux
Wakwiyo, Goddess of the winds Tewa
Walo, Goddess of war and the sun Australia
Wang Mu Niang Niang, Goddess of female energy China
Wang the Pure, God of sport and gambling China
Wantu, Supreme god Sudan
War Hsuan, God of robbers China
War Pin, God of shoemakers China
War Ssu miao, God of Druggists China
Wardi Mumi Finnish, Goddess of war Ugric
Wari Ma Te Takere, Coconut shell goddess Polynesia
Warna, Goddess of healing charms and war norse
Warrta, Goddess of happiness Hindu
Wayland, God of blacksmiths Anglo-Saxon
Weiwobo, Goddess of female Energy China
Wele, Chief god Abaluyia
Wepwawet, God of war and of the funerary cult Egypt
Were Luo', Chief god Unknown
White Lady, Dryad of Death Celtic
Widapokwi, Goddess of health and whirlwinds Yavapai
Wigan, Goddess of water Philippines
Wilden Wip, Goddesses of healing germanic
Winonah, Daughter of the goddess Nokomis and a virgin mother Ojibwa
Wiradyuri See Baiame
Wisaaka See Nanabush
Wisagatcak, Trickster god Cree
Wodan, God of war germanic
Wopeh, Goddess of happiness and pleasure Lakota
Wotan See Odin
Wotan, God of inspiration and magic germanic
Woto, God of fire Oto/Shongo
Wuluwaid, Male rainmaker Aus
Wuni, God Africa
Wuriupranili, Goddess of the sun Australia
Wuruntemu See Wurusemu
Wurusemu, Goddess of the sun of Arrina Hittite
Xantho, One of the Nereides Greek
Xatel Ekwa, Goddess of war and the sun Hungary
Xbaquiyalo, Goddess Mayan
Xenia, Nymph Greek
Xevioso, God of thunder Fon
Xiling Shi, Goddess of justice China
Xilonen, Goddess of happiness and maize Aztec
Xipe, God of agriculture, plants, seeds, fertility, jewelers, sacrifice and springtime Toltec
Xiuhtecuhtli, God of fire Aztec
Xmucane, Goddess of childbirth Mayan
Xochipili, God of flowers, sport, love, games, feasting, maize and pleasure Aztec
Xochiquetzal, Goddess of agriculture, fertility, love, sensual pleasure, sex, happiness, the moon and weavers Aztec
Xoli Kaltes, Goddess of warriors and of the dawn Hungary
Xolotl, God of bad luck, monsters and magicians Aztec
Xpiyacoc, God of marriage Mayan
Xpuch and Xtah, Worlds first heavenly servants, prostitutes Mayan
Xtabay, Goddesses of seduction Mayan
Yacatecuhtli, God of merchant adventurers Aztec
Yaluk, Head lightning god Mayan
Yam, God of rivers and of the sea Canaan
Yama, God of death Hindu
Yambe See Nazambi
Yamm, God of the sea Ugarit
Yang Chen, Goddess of learning and teaching Buddhist
Yangombi, God of creation Bantu
Yanguang Pusa, Goddess of healing and eyes China
Yansa, Goddess of fire Brazil
Yanwang, God of death China
Yao See Ee-A-o
Yaparamma, Goddess of commerce India
Yarikh, God of the moon Canaan
Yarilo, God of fertility Slavic
Yarovit, God of victory Slavic
Yarris, God of pestilence Hittite
Yaxcocahmut See Itzam Na
Yaya Zakurai, Goddess of spring Japan
Yeba Ka, Male leader of the gods Navaho
Yebaad, Female leader of the gods Navaho
Yegl'ie Yukaghir See Lo'cin-coro'mo
Yehl, God Tlingit
Yeitso, Child of the sun, a giant in Navaho legend Navaho
Yemanja, Ocean goddess of the crescent moon Brazil/Imanje
YeMayan, Goddess of the deep sea Caribbean/Imanje
Yemonja, One of the great goddesses Nigeria/Yoruba
Yen cheng, God of robbers China
Yen Lo, God of death China
Yen Wang, God of death China
Yhi, Goddess of light and creator goddess Karraur
Yiacatechutli, God of merchants Mexico
Yima, God of light Persia
Yingxi Niang, Goddess of happiness China
Ymoja, Goddess of rivers and of the sea Yoruba
Ynakhsyt, Goddess of cattle Yakut
Yolkai Estsan, Goddess of war, the dawn, fire and the moon Navaho
Yu Ch'iang, God of the ocean wind China
Yu Huang Shang Ti, God China
Yu Hwang-Shang See Shang Ti
Yu Nu, Goddess of Leo China
Yu Te, God of vaccination China
Yu Tzu, Rain god China
Yuki Onne, Goddess of death by freezing Japan
Yum Cimih, God of death Mayan
Yum Kaax, God of agriculture and maize Mayan
Yun T'ung, God of clouds China
Zaba, God of war Hurrian
Zababa, Chief of the gods Kish
Zaka, Agriculture god Haiti/Vodun
Zalmoxis See Gebeleizis
Zalmoxis, Sometimes symbolized immortality Greek
Zam, Earth spirit Persia
Zamama See Astabis
Zambi, Supreme being Angola
Zambi Bakongo See Nazambi
Zanaharibe Railanitra See Zanahary
Zanahary, Creator god Madagascar
Zaoshen, God of kitchens China
Zaramama, Grain goddess Peru
Zaria, Goddess of beauty Slavic
Zarpandit, Goddess of pregnancy Assyria/Babylonn
Zarya, Goddess of healing waters Slavic
Zashapuna, Tutelary god of the town of Kastama Hittite
Zeme Mate, Creator of earth Latvia
Zemlya Syra See Mat
Zemyna, Goddess of childbirth and life Lithuania
Zephyrus, God of the west wind Greek
Zeus, God of the sky and ruler of the Olympian gods Greek
Zeuxippe, One of the Oceanides Greek
Zhongguei, God of examinations China
Zipaltonal, Female spirit who is the creator of all earth Nicaragua
Zisa, Goddess of autumn germanic
Ziva, Goddess of long life Slavic
Ziva Siva, Goddess of life Slavic
Zizilia, Goddess of love and sexuality Poland
Zonget Khanty, Goddess of hunting Siberia
Zoria, Goddess of morning, dawn and beauty Slavic
Zorya See Zoria
Zu, God of thunder and storms Assyria
Zurvan, God of infinite time Persia
Zuzum Kafir See Nong
Zvezda Dennitsa, Morning star goddess Slavic
Zvoruna, Goddess of the hunt and of animals Lithuania
Zvoruna, God of hunting Slavic
Zywie, Goddess of health and healing Poland