Friday, 14 December 2012

I Want

I want to move like Jah people
I want to know if I should stay or go?
I want to know how much sanctuary sells for
I want to find the last piece of the puzzle just to see if it fits
I want to make it so
I want you to like it, if I make you angry
I want to see just how far the rabbit hole goes
I want to be on novelty island
I want to be somewhere else
I want to have all the time in the world
I want to know if it’s safe to surf
I want a wafer thin mint
I want purple underwear
I want spam, spam, spam, spam, eggs, baked beans and spam
I want to be a drug sniffing dog
I want to be sedated
I want to want to break free
I want to be your dog
I want to sit in the greener grass
I want my food to taste like somebody else made it
I want my glass to be more than half full
I want to be in the shade of the octupus’s garden
I want to dream of electric sheep
I want a perfect day, but not Mr Reeds’
I want that sweetest feeling
I want it to be 25 oclock
I want to be in the pond with the big ugly shark
I want to be painting a room in a colourful way
I want a get out of jail free card
I want to get down and jungle boogie
I want to have something I should know
I want a pot to piss in
I want a constant plank
I want to invert reality one molecule at a time
I want to be cooking on gas
I want to be out for lunch
I want a devil in a black dress to watch over
I want to be found wearing clean underwear
I want more willpower
I want just one more day
I want to be dancing bearfoot, heading for a spin
I want it to be snowy in the pond
I want a bippity boppity hat
I want a mystery magical tour
I want to see the bigger picture
I want to see if the grass is any greener
I want to break on through to the other side
I want to kiss the big ugly shark
I want to read Father Mackenzies sermon
I want to tick where it's not applicable
I want to touch without looking
I want brown sauce on my bacon butty
I want THE grand scheme of things
I want to know why Charlie don't surt
I want the return of the los palmas seven
I want black ink on white paper
I want to know if Sgt Rock is going to help me
I want more of what I don't have
I want groove in my heart
I want to strip down the barriers and get to know the real you inside
I want to turn it up to 11
I want my pot to piss in
I want to go home
I want to teach the world to sing in diatonic harmony
I want to be sitting on the rock in the hard place
I want to git down
I want to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight
I want that one