Friday, 14 December 2012

I Want

I want to move like Jah people
I want to know if I should stay or go?
I want to know how much sanctuary sells for
I want to find the last piece of the puzzle just to see if it fits
I want to make it so
I want you to like it, if I make you angry
I want to see just how far the rabbit hole goes
I want to be on novelty island
I want to be somewhere else
I want to have all the time in the world
I want to know if it’s safe to surf
I want a wafer thin mint
I want purple underwear
I want spam, spam, spam, spam, eggs, baked beans and spam
I want to be a drug sniffing dog
I want to be sedated
I want to want to break free
I want to be your dog
I want to sit in the greener grass
I want my food to taste like somebody else made it
I want my glass to be more than half full
I want to be in the shade of the octupus’s garden
I want to dream of electric sheep
I want a perfect day, but not Mr Reeds’
I want that sweetest feeling
I want it to be 25 oclock
I want to be in the pond with the big ugly shark
I want to be painting a room in a colourful way
I want a get out of jail free card
I want to get down and jungle boogie
I want to have something I should know
I want a pot to piss in
I want a constant plank
I want to invert reality one molecule at a time
I want to be cooking on gas
I want to be out for lunch
I want a devil in a black dress to watch over
I want to be found wearing clean underwear
I want more willpower
I want just one more day
I want to be dancing bearfoot, heading for a spin
I want it to be snowy in the pond
I want a bippity boppity hat
I want a mystery magical tour
I want to see the bigger picture
I want to see if the grass is any greener
I want to break on through to the other side
I want to kiss the big ugly shark
I want to read Father Mackenzies sermon
I want to tick where it's not applicable
I want to touch without looking
I want brown sauce on my bacon butty
I want THE grand scheme of things
I want to know why Charlie don't surt
I want the return of the los palmas seven
I want black ink on white paper
I want to know if Sgt Rock is going to help me
I want more of what I don't have
I want groove in my heart
I want to strip down the barriers and get to know the real you inside
I want to turn it up to 11
I want my pot to piss in
I want to go home
I want to teach the world to sing in diatonic harmony
I want to be sitting on the rock in the hard place
I want to git down
I want to dance with the devil in the pale moonlight
I want that one

I Am

I am contrary to popular opinion
I am always always found above sea level
I am an understudy for myself
I am who I am, not who I am wearing
I am indifferent, yet compliant
I am the universe made manifest, trying to figure itself out
I am one small piece of a larger puzzle
I am me, not you
I am pink, fleshy and taste of pork
I am my father
I am scared of nothing, yet apprehensive of change
I am a traveler in both space and time
I am carbon based, yet mostly of water
I am Pope Bibbletang the first
I am not always here
I am a fan, not a fanatic
I am improbable
I am not the Anarchist, nor the Antichrist
I am immortal til I die
I am capable of many things, yet incapable of writing all of them down
I am not my fucking khakis
I am the result of millions of years of evolution
I am a number, many numbers
I am a punchline in the joke of life
I am in practice for the real thing
I am my own worst enemy
I am a maker of lists
I am the Donkey Headed Advissary Of Humankind (sometimes)
I am not always who I appear to be
I am attempting to invert reality with an egg whisk and string
I am now, not then
I am morefishlike than my parents
I am playing fatty’s game
I am a meaning of life
I am Spartacus
I am the other in which the town is not big enough
I am guilty of some things but not others
I am subject to my reality
I am not who I was to grow up to be
I am participating in my future self
I am in the past, present and future
I am black with one sugar
I am conscious of my subconsciuos
I am subtextual
I am simultaneous
I am freeing radicles
I am starting so will be finishing
I am uncertain about Heisenberg
I am thinking about the box
I am Wally, so where am I?
I am a godless heathen
I am something but mostly nothing
I am within accepted parameters
I am intolerant of intolerance
I am a tiny part of the universe, trying to figure itself out
I am a remnant of the big bang
I am available in HD by subscription only
I am stepping cautiously into an assumption
I am wondering if that's the way we all go
I am making way for the big ship
I am making notes for future reference
I am capable of so many things, but cannot be bothered
I am repeating myself, repeating myself
I am dreaming of solar powered sheep
I am in my own DRS activation zone
I am not sure if I am evolving or revolving
I am devoid of voids
I am plural in my singularity
I am playing all the right notes, but not necessarily in the right order
I am dipping my foot in the pool, but not wanting to swim
I am a replica of my former self
I am an Egyptian, walk like me
I am waiting for the hammer to fall
I am the product of a million years of evolution, and an act of love
I am fully able to flush a toilet, why can't you
I am Death By Osmosis
I am marinating in my own juices
I am my own personal Jesus
I am filling my own shoes
I am wearing odd socks and have another pair just like them at home
I am eating the sandwich that my makes my picnic one short
I am starting, but not always finishing
I am on a black list of my own making
I am making it up as I go along
I am in need of a thneed
I am testing
I am reading the riot act to myself
I am not the eggman nor have i ever been the walrus
I am a former vegetarian.......hmmm bacon
I am the owner of a portable smile